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Mafia😎Couple (Vincenzo Cassano🇮🇹⚖️🇰🇷Hong Cha Yong)

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my first moment when I was sold on this couple.... that finger flick.... they looked good together.... but then again people will say that they are professional... that they are but still... 

their romance is very realistic... its very illogical for a person to be head over heels at first sight.... there might be admiration , attraction but that does not mean that they will feel strongly about each other... it takes time to grow that bond.... and that's the reason.. i love this couple.... she ran towards vincenzo after coming out of jail but obviously for a cup of coffee... nothing beats that and it all makes sense... ;)


I would have probably more than happe to meet a guy who will bring me coffee after a hard day.... that's caring.... its more important than a tight hug... :D

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This couple is super duper cute...What I really like about them right now is that they are on the same wave length. And they can really rule the world cause they are quite opposite in personalities but that is the charm since they do complement each other.

Gif credit :



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Hmm I hope they are not teasing us ....




kkkkk Taec feeling like the 3rd wheel in this TMI by Netlflix


Thanks to @ssteph who posted this on the drama thread

The Swoon's IG update


Caption: When you’re already a couple but you don’t know it yet 😚


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On 3/27/2021 at 11:38 PM, ktcjdrama said:

Hong Cha Young is officially declared as belonging to the Mafia by Vincenzo 😃😎😁

That is true. And actually she has already made his way to the his heart. My favourite bit was when he said he didn't want to leave her to fight this long war alone.


:HaunterOK: Chacenzo nation waiting every week for more skinship only to be duped by the writer: 

I think the BTS got more sweet scenes . LOL!


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Is this real, Is this real

What I'm feeling deep inside

How can I hide when it's everywhere

Every little breath I take, I feel


I didn't cause, I didn't call

Can't deny that it's been out of my hand


A blue bird in my heart

Why do you try to get it out

It's sad, it's sad to know you


Don't take out my blue bird

It only knows how to stay dark

Don't spoil

It shouldn't hurt no more


Have I ever, Have i ever

Touched your soul like you have mine

How can I hide when it's everywhere

Every little breath I take, I feel


I did't cause, I didn't call

Can't deny that it's been out of my hand


It's wild as the ocean

That I only knew how to watch

Not to have one as my emotion

The voice that calms me


That only embraces me hmm hmm

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2 minutes ago, Chocolate said:

This is the kind of crumb I'd be looking for if I was shipping them 😁😜🥰


ahahaha...I am not good at looking for these things...but I should start paying attention. 


Love this scene






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@ktcjdramaSo sweet! SJK sends JYB foodtruck to support her new work


Korean actress Jeon Yeo-been revealed that her co-star on hit TV series Vincenzo, Song Joong-ki, sent a coffee and bingsoo (Korean shaved ice) truck to the set of the drama she is currently working on, Glitch.

On Wednesday (Jul 7), she expressed her gratitude to Song on Instagram by posting a photo of the truck with the added caption, “The entire Glitch team was happy because our Vincenzo Cassano, Joong-ki sent a coffee and bingsoo truck!!! Thank you so, so much”.

The truck was shown with a banner attached atop of it that read: “Cheering on Glitch actress Jeon Yeo-been! From Song Joong-ki.”



Jeon Yeo-been photo of dessert truck

The dessert truck that Song Joong-ki sent to former co-star Jeon Yeo-been. (Photo: Instagram/jeon.yeobeen)


Jeon followed up by posting two photos of the coffee and bingsoo, captioning the latter, “My first bingsoo of this summer”.

What an incredibly sweet gesture.

There haven't been talks of a sequel to Vincenzo, but fans of Jeon can certainly look forward to seeing her in Glitch, a mystery-thriller series which follows her character's journey in tracking down her missing boyfriend, with the help of members of a UFO club

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