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Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 [2020]

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Autumn Cicada 



The year is 1941 and East Asia is being torn apart by war – on land, at sea, and in the air. Imperial Japanese forces have occupied Hong Kong and work with native collaborators in a bid to impose strict Japanese martial law.

Into this lethal fray steps a young man named Ye Chong a fierce patriot and a devoted communist. Recruited by Chinese communist forces, he agrees to go undercover as a double agent. His role will be to infiltrate the collaborators who are helping Japan tighten its grip on Hong Kong.


The role involves becoming the “Autumn Cicada,” a spy who will relay information back to his communist comrades who are still plotting to throw off the Japanese yoke.

The role is perilous, and beset with danger at every turn. When Japanese intelligence officers learn that a mole has infiltrated the military ranks, a deadly hunt begins – in an effort to expose, capture, and torture the Autumn Cicada.

Fortunately, a handful of sympathetic freedom fighters is ready to help Ye Chong complete his mission – including the beautiful He Ying.

(Source: Viki) 


Native Title: 秋蝉
Also Known As: Qiu Chan , Cicadas of Autumn , Cicada of Autumn
Director: Li Ang
Genres: Action, Historical, Drama, War
Tags: Nationalistic, Gun Violence, Historical Fiction, Revolution, Chinese Republican Era, Costume, Hidden Identity, Spy, Death, Agent 
Country: China
Type: Drama
Episodes: 49
Aired: May 4, 2020 - May 30, 2020
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Original Network: Hunan TV ZJTV iQiyi iQiyi Mango TV Mango TV
Duration: 45 min.

Cast :




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I watched this last year up until ep 6 only. I thought the pace was very slow and the story not moving. Hence I dropped it. But Miss Crow & Miss Lizard rekindled my love for Allen Ren. So I decided to continue from what I left behind. 


And it didn't dissapoint. I like it a lot now. Especially after the trip to Saigon, Vietnam. There is budding friendship blossomed between Ye Chong & Chi Cheng. But since both under camouflage, they still haven't come clean on whose side they are in. 


He Ying also start to grow on me. At beginning she seems just a very reckless girl who just tried to get revenge without any plan. But in later episode, she did well and tried her best not to disclose Ye Chong identity. 


Allen Ren for sure cry beautifully too in this drama, he's for sure one of the best C actor out there. He can convey the feeling of lost his comrades very well. 


The drama already finished airing and I think maybe not many watched it. But I just want to share, that this is a good drama and a meaningful one. 

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Starting around ep 20 onwards, Chi Cheng & Ye Chong often being suspected and always in trouble with Miyamoto. I always so worried they will get caught & tortured by Japan 🥲


There is also new lady, Junko who is sister (not by blood) to Ye Chong. Her father adopted Ye Chong and held high position in Cabinet. She's so in love with Ye Chong, and I can sense a tragedy coming from this. She helped Ye Chong deal with Miyamoto but expecting love from him in return. Actually the actress of Junko doing pretty good job. She's passionate for her work in Telecom department, eventhough she's just there for the man she love. 


Had she's not Japanese, I wonder if Ye Chong will he like her? And her father also kill his mother, so I think eventhough he care for her as sister, there is always badblood between them. I can sense Ye Chong is with He Ying is because they held same nationalist view. So far, he haven't showed he's really in love with He Ying too. Maybe in later episode. 


Junko Koizumi





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The relationship between Ye Chong and his adoptive father is quite complex. He did raised him well until he become what Ye Chong now. 


Also I was surprised when he let Ye Chong go to Shanghai, when he was caught with his spy activities. 


But he indeed very cruel with the poisonous gas plan to kill the innocent citizens during war. In the end Ye Chong shot him. But he also released the gas in the warehouse and affecting Ye Chong.


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Spoiler Ending:



- Chi Cheng proposed President Jin 


- Ye Chong took train to meet He Ying to Yan An, but he's in very bad shape because of the gas. And even vomit blood. 


- He Ying was left alone and looking at the qipao he bought for her. And in the qipao, he left a letter for her. Asking her to continue for her dream and sorry for making selfish decision for her safety. 



I have to say this drama lasting a very deep impression for me. And I won't ever forget it. 



Drama which have bad ending tend to last in my memory for very long. 



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6 minutes ago, SilverMoonTea said:

@Alice Wonderlanddo you continue this? 😆

I havent give up on this. It's just I still watch for other dramas. I will tell you my thougjts once I really watch it. 

Even theres not romance I probably will still watch, i have told you, RJL looks much better with serious character. I mean not the other one bad, it's like his handsome level exceeds to :1000: % haha

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1 minute ago, MayanEcho said:

@SilverMoonTea Autumn Cicada is an awardee of 2nd Global Film and Television Culture Communication Summit Forum as one of the "Excellent International Communication Series" last May15th.


Wow thanks for sharing this. I didn't know.:heart:


But indeed it have a good storyline and meaningful. So no surprise with the award. 

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On 5/23/2021 at 11:47 AM, Alice Wonderland said:

I havent give up on this. It's just I still watch for other dramas. I will tell you my thougjts once I really watch it. 

Even theres not romance I probably will still watch, i have told you, RJL looks much better with serious character. I mean not the other one bad, it's like his handsome level exceeds to :1000: % haha


yes he does look best with the serious and dark looks whenever he was deep in thought....

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