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Dinner Mate (2020)


Rating : (9/10)

Rewatch Value : HIGH


Story Summary : 

Adapted from webtoon "Would You Like to Have Dinner Together?", this drama is a romcom with some psychological background and healing theme that will warm up every watcher's heart.




The female lead Woo Do Hee (Seo Ji Hye) is traumatized by her failed first love, and her subsequent 2nd relationship end up with her boyfriend cheating with the flight attendant that she met on the trip to Jeju Island. In that flight she also met stranger whose actually a psychiatrist named Kim Hae Gyeong (Song Seung Heon). He witnessed Do Hee and her boyfriend cheating drama in one of cafe in Jeju, and he comforted her following the breakup. When they back in Seoul, they kept meeting accidentally, and they decided to become dinner mate without giving each other personal information. 


Quick Review : 

This drama quite underrated, to be honest the concept of a stranger as dinner mate quite foreign for me. Hence I never picked up this drama, only until recently. I consider myself quite guarded against stranger and didn't get warmed up easily to people, so I was against this idea at first. But Kim Ha Gyeong and Wo Do Hee random meeting and almost like destiny felt very natural. And them become dinner mate without knowing each other real name and profession is something quite out of the world. Their connection is beautiful and moving. They also kind of struggle to stay as platonic friend and sometimes their imagination start running wild 😅




In the end, they become tangled in web, as they have mutual friends, their job is connected and both of their ex-es know each others and they want to get back in their life. This where the situation become quite complicated, and her ex is a level 10 clingy! Stalker who really need help and mentally unstable. I deducted 1 rating, as the love quadraple become quite draggy towards the end. Drama also have the most beautiful OST and BGM ever. 



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This BGM really beautiful and always appear at the right scenes in DM. 



Tag @OsmanthusTea@Tofu@TRaNz@ktcjdramaplease add on the review that I wrote above, if any 🙂😉. I guess I really love this drama, this is my first review in K drama section lols. 


Cc@LaLa@40somethingahjumma@abs-oluteMI recommend this drama to you guys, as I quite like it almost on par with Chocolate (2019) drama. 

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8 hours ago, SilverMoonTea said:

I guess I really love this drama, this is my first review in K drama section lols. 

O wow!! Your first drama review... yes you must really love this drama so much 😁

It’s been quite a while, so I have to rake my brain first about what to add to this review. 

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I watched Dinner Mate back when it aired and liked it too. It was a pretty underrated drama at the time. I found the concept to be interesting -- having dinner with someone (who is practically a stranger because they didn't talk about themselves) at a random place. 


I liked that the relationship between both leads started slow and matured. I don't remember anything toxic between them but it's also been a year since I last watched it so I might have forgotten too. The most toxic thing that I can remember were the two second leads. They were painstakingly hard to watch because I could not understand their reasoning for anything, even the initial break up with the main leads. The second leads were selfish and for the male lead, he was a stalker and creepy. :pandarage2:


@SilverMoonTea I'm glad you liked this drama! I didn't recommend it to you because I wasn't sure if you would like this type of story. It's not necessary in the forbidden love territory. :lmao2:



Funny story, I actually started watching this drama because of Song Seung Heon's clips in the Korean variety show, I Live Alone. He was in Jeju Island filming Dinner Mate and invited his The Players costars to join him for dinner and games. :laugh:

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@TofuThey hardly have toxic relationship, except some childish quarel as the PD and psychiatrist at the beginning, because he reject her request to appear in the show lols.


And DH did try to run away from HG without proper explanation, just because she's not confident to change their platonic relationship into something more. I found this quite hurtful for HG, especially when he also have been hurt by love before. And he was expecting not to be left alone again. 


She also rubbed it on HG by saying that eating together with him is now become a burden. While she know how hurtful this statement, as her 2nd ex also saying this to her before. But he's quite patient with her, perhaps he's also a psychiatrist and can see her issue straight away. I think its good to have psychiatrist bf lols 😅


I also found this scene of trying to win big penguin in BBQ restaurant is super cute. 


About forbidden love, its not really in that situation. But at the beginning they have rule that they will just be a stranger. So this quite limiting somehow and perhaps why I drawn to it lols. I'm quite consistent with my theme :eeeee:


Actually this drama also have high rewatch value. Maybe I will rewatching this again after more time has passed. 


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