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Secret Forest Haven Ship ⚖ - HwangHan ( Hwang Shi Mok x Han Yeo Jin)

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To start the ship engines, here some quick questions for members to have fun discussing here :


• Do you think any romantic nuance happening between Shi Mok and Yeo Jin ? (Could be from S1 / S2)


• Will you love to ship them in real life too? If yes why, if no why? 


Feel free to suggest for more questions and tagged me, so I can add here. Have fun!


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@SilverMoonTea i keep typing lawyerh 😝..I feel he’s actually quite open to her . She’s got a way with him .. maybe cuz she’s a warm person. I can’t really tell if it’s gonna be romantic but this season I’ll keep my eyes open. I’m ok if there are hints of it , cuz I feel they both are kind of lonely 😆

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2 hours ago, im0202 said:


I’m grateful for this space because this ship has the least crumbs 💀

How to survive?!?! 


Tbh this ship is still better than Iksong ler (runaway from @LaLa & @SnowBlob lols. At least they don't have any competitors haha. . . Other than works & criminals between them . . . 


From S1 :

* Shi Mok is very comfortable with Yeo Jin, couple of times he touch her and vice versa. I think it's quite grand gesture for someone like him.

* He found her amusing and often smile quietly at her. 

* He also smile in the car when YJ mentioned about 'us'. I forgot the details, can you extend it @im0202

* He allowed her go into his house. It's not the same to his hoobae. He's not comfortable and the hoobae is the one insist go to his home. 

* He noticed her lipsticks.

* He kept all her drawings. 



Haha maybe this ship a bit imaginary one. But who cares, it makes me happy!! 

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@SilverMoonTea I really don't mind this ship either! They obviously are special to each other. I mean Shi Mok seems to behave somewhat more....relaxed and friendly around her so that's a good sign right? I alo like it how Han Yeo Jin isn't the clingy type FL. She's just as cool as banana being left alone to eat, etc etc...where if they happened in other dramas, we'd already get some teary and melo scenes 😁


I'm already sad that we only have 13 more episodes to go!

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It's not that I'm shipping so much, but I watched the BTS that @im0202 just posted, and did a translation, and it was just so cute! It's how he notes that Bae Doona can make any car look like a luxury car when she gets out of it, and that there must be something special about Louis Vuitton models which is a brand that BD was a muse for. So cute.  :heart:


And, really, I just want to see SM and YJ band together to take down the corrupt and selfish guys once again!

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