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My Man Is Cupid 내 남자는 큐피드 [2023-2024]

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English title: My Main is Cupid

Hangul: 내 남자는 큐피드

Director: Nam Tae Jin

Writer: Heo Sung Hee

Streaming Platform: Amazon Prime

Episodes: 16

Schedule: 1 December 2023

Websites: Official website | NamuWiki |


Plot Summary


A fairy is hit by an arrow he shot himself. He falls in love with a woman.


Cheon Sang-Hyeok (Jang Dong-Yoon) is a charismatic fairy, who easily makes woman fall in love with him. 500 years ago, his wings were burned. To restore his wings, he went through 27 metamorphosis. On his 28th time, he gets involved with Oh Baek-Ryun (Nana).


Oh Baek-Ryun is a veterinarian and she works at an animal clinic. She is a pretty woman. She has had many men fall in love with her because of her attractiveness. Whenever these men got into a romantic relationship with her, they always had a near-death experience and would then runaway from her. Because of the bad luck, Oh Baek-Ryun is not dating anyone, but she badly wants to meet a man of fate (source: AsianWiki).



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Jang Dong Yoon And Nana Confirmed For New Fantasy Romance Drama By “Lovers Of The Red Sky” Director



It’s official: Jang Dong Yoon and After School’s Nana will be starring together in an exciting new romance drama!


On January 7, it was confirmed that the two actors would be playing the leads in the upcoming drama “My Man Is Cupid” (literal translation). Helmed by “Lovers of the Red Sky” and “Switch” director Nam Tae Jin, the drama will tell the story of a fairy who falls in love after being shot by his own arrow.


Jang Dong Yoon will star as Chun Sang Hyuk, a fairy who is stuck on Earth after having burned his own wings 500 years ago. In his attempts to recover his lost wings, he has taken on 28 different forms during his time on Earth. Unable to forget his first love, the frosty Chun Sang Hyuk has built an impregnable wall around his heart that no women can get through—but all that changes when he accidentally shoots himself with his own arrow.


Meanwhile, Nana will star in the drama as Oh Baek Ryun, a veterinary surgeon whose beauty has tons of men falling for her at first sight. However, whenever she gets involved with someone, they seem to wind up facing a life-threatening crisis—which leads her to eventually swear off dating altogether.


The producers of the upcoming drama commented, “‘My Man Is Cupid’ will be like an oasis for viewers that have been thirsting for a character-based fantasy romance that they can fall head over heels for.”


They went on, “Please show a lot of interest in ‘My Man Is Cupid,’ a romance about overcoming destiny that will make viewers’ hearts flutter as it sweeps through the desolate everyday lives of 2022.”


“My Man Is Cupid” is currently scheduled to premiere sometime in 2022.





@Tofu Our boy is returning! :heart:

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Nana & Jang Dong Yoon confirmed for new romance drama 'My Man is Cupid'



Singer and actress Nana and actor Jang Dong Yoon have joined the cast of the new drama 'My Man is Cupid'.

'My Man is Cupid', scheduled to premiere later this year, depicts a dizzying romance story of a fairy who falls in love after getting hit by his own arrow, and a women who gets entangled in his love story. 'My Man is Cupid' is expected to tell a fresh, new love story that was inspired from the thought, "If there was a 'love icon' in the year 2022 in South Korea, what would it look like?"


Jang Dong Yoon will be playing the role of Chun Sang Hyuk, a fairy who falls in love after being hit by an arrow that he himself shot. Chun Sang Hyuk is a fairy who is currently undergoing through his 28th metamorphosis on earth in order to restore his wings, which had been taken away 500 years ago. Nana will be playing the role of Oh Baek Ryun, a veteranian who works at a 24-hour pet hospital. Oh Baek Ryun has the nickname "Jun Ji Hyun of Gugi-dong", known for her outstanding beauty. Many men fall in love with her, but they all face near-death situations the moment their relationship with Oh Baek Ryun begins to develop. Because of this, Oh Baek Ryun consistently rejects the men who fall in love with her.


The production crew stated, "'My Man is Cupid' is a fantasy romance that will act as an oasis for viewers. Please give a lot of attention to 'My Man is Cupid', a destiny romance drama that will likely stir up your hearts amidst the dull life today in 2022."



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@mademoiselle Same, I'm happy to see him back in dramaland again too. It was a nice pleasant surprise to see him in that episode of I Live Alone. He can come over to my place any time to celebrate or eat. LOL! I would really like to hear about a YSJ drama, but maybe he's feeling a bit underwhelmed by the drama script -- like me when I read the synopsis for many of the upcoming dramas. HAHA! 

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@Tofu It's been so long that I couldn't find it in my saved list of threads I started! For a moment, I thought you guys may have hid it. :laugh:

From my previous entry on first post, SBS was supposed to air it. I think the show suffered a little to find broadcast platform. This explains why so little promotion. Seriously, SBS owed it to Jang Dong Yoon for axing Joseon Exorcist! :cry:

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22 hours ago, SilverMoonTea said:


@ktcjdramaI guarantee you will like this. FL is vet surgeon, which is many doggos here. The ship surprisingly have an amazing spark.

:smug: I finished 2 episodes today.... :laugh: Yes, it's quite engaging which is why I couldn't stop watching. And then there's mysterious murders too. Of course I'm all the more on board to watch. I like the characterization of FL here, though she could be a bit narcissistic about her beauty. Their banter at the exhibition... But really, I find Nana is so beautiful here. However, I can't say the same about the amazing spark... I actually don't really feel any chemistry yet between the two.


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Currently watching: Kidnapping // Dog Day // Lovers // Vote

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1 hour ago, mademoiselle said:

Have you watched episode 4, @SilverMoonTea?


Did the Killer kill the lady with the flower umbrella too? And what's that ending scene? Is that another victim who owned the umbrella?


The police seems have problem with their umbrella record 😅 The flower special pattern seems not that special and they miss other purchase record. I think the killer just follow police or might be someone in the force that knew JH was visiting umbrella lady house and mistakenly killing her. Good question I didn't noticed it seems other girl, as the one found by the mom is not bloody. Or is it same girl? I wasn't too sure either. 


1 hour ago, mademoiselle said:

The introduction of Samshin confuse me now. He is the one who created the threads of fate, then why the need for Cupids, when they are bound to get together?

Yes the concept becoming a bit confusing for me too. Cupid seems needed to connect the red thread, but they can't anyhow shoot anyone too. Which the rule become a bit unclear even for them too, isn't it? And our cupid actually quite questionable, he seems doesn't really know all the basic romance stuff 😂 Or is it just when it's applied to him, he became blur? 

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