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  2. I couldn't get an appointment. It needs booking way in advance. Some people say the food is not worth it.
  3. I wished I could go to Japan and visit the HP theme park.. When the video and teaser was released last month, it looks so exciting.. Sadly I could only visit through video.. You planned to go to the theme cafe when u visited Japan before?
  4. Harry Potter Theme Park Tour Another version The headband, LOL! Only Japan would do this! @Jane @LaLa @im0202 Are any of you going to Tokyo this year and visiting the HP theme park? There's also a theme cafe which I couldn't get in already before I even went.
  5. I forgot to say, the Qilin looks like a deer xD Oh yes, now that you mentioned, there was discussion between me and friends about Dumbledore's age. Maybe he aged more when he battled Grindelwald. In HP, they never did confirm Dumbledore's age, did they? It was just mentioned as "said to be over 100". It also feel weird in the sense that in Harry Potter (the original), everyone's clothings is more in an oldern age era whereas in Fantastic Beast, it's so much more modern. True. I think they should branch out for the Fantastic Beast. Let the prequel of Harry Potter be another storyline instead. I noticed in the 3rd movie, the font size of FB was shoved to the left top corner LOL.
  6. The first wizarding world war was said ended in 1945, which was also the year that Tom Riddle Jr aka Voldemort was born. I guess the war affected Dumbledore so much that he aged soo much less than 20 years since the first war lol. I'm quite agree with your comments about Johnny's Grindelwald version is better. Maybe because he impressed me from the first 2 movies that it got stuck in my mind haha.. I'm not following his case, but now that it was over, unless they have signed with the current actor for the remaining 2 movies maybe there's a possibility? Movie 4 has yet to be filmed.. probably still WIP from JK for the script. I wish to see more creatures and possibly knowledge about it from Newt tough. If they just use the magical creatures as mediation for the plot like in Movie 3, I also think it's better to not use Fantastic Beasts as part of the tittle because their role isn't as significant like it did in movie 1
  7. @LaLa@im0202 I've watched the 3rd instalment, and agree that they should change the title for Fantastic Beasts as it has deviated so much from the first movie. At first I thought Credence was going to be an interesting character but now... he barely did much and he's a Dumbledore... so random! I forgot about this piece of information in 2nd movie. Also agreed that the Kama guy was extremely random and useless in the grand scheme of things. What exactly was he for in Dumbledore's plan? Planting him on Grindelwald's side seems futile. Grindelwald is not going to believe him since he's sent by Dumbledore. His character as a spy looks like a fool beside Snape. I can't get into the young Dumbledore played by Jude because my image of Dumbledore is forever stuck with old but wise Richard Harris version, neither was I convinced of Johnny's Grindelwald but I feel at least Johnny's version would be more menacing and interesting than this actor who took over the role. And now here's the question: will 4th and 5th movies be played by Johnny again or this actor is reprising the role?
  8. This was trending on Twitter and I thought it's really cool https://www.buzzfeed.com/alexalisitza/harry-potter-ai
  9. @LaLa @mademoiselle I’m waiting for the day when WB announce they will cover the Marauders’ Hogwarts era... I shall continue dreaming😂 @LaLa
  10. Since Marvel and DC headed towards making seasonal series, Harry Potter could totally do the same. Making it into a drama would cover more details from the books as well. Fans would be happy to have 7 seasons [=7 books] of HP to watch
  11. For me, It's quite okay.. or maybe because I lowered my expectations before watching it? hahaha The CG is cleaner and although again the focus of the story is not about the fantastic beasts themselves, every time Pick and Teddy made appearance I can't help but focus at them. hahaha Teddy and Pick got their own promotional poster after all xD @bai @Tofu @SnowBlob @stroppysehopefully all of you will have the chance to check it out :) I was excited because it has been awhile since I'm entering the wizarding world again and I was kinda excited when it got released.. but now that the hype moment has gone, I am more chill about it and waiting for the upcoming movie.. Hopefully the waiting time won't be as long as the movie 3 @im0202
  12. Haven't watched it, though I'll probably have to watch FB 1 and 2, before I even attempt to watch it. I honestly don't remember the plots and characters that well. I do hope Newt is given something more substantial to do in the latest movie. Covid restrictions. Haven't been to the cinema yet because too many people are acting as if covid is a thing of the past, even as numbers continue to go up in my area. I'm happy to read spoilers, though, so please feel free to post some.
  13. @LaLa I’ve just seen Secrets of Dumbledore! I think I’ll rank it Hidden my thoughts in spoiler as many have not seen the film!
  14. @LaLa Will be watching it once I get less busy. I hope by then it's still out in the cinema. I love Eddie Redmayne!
  15. I didn't realized it came out! No wonder I've been seeing Eddie Redmayne on a lot of shows. I'll have to find time to go see it now!
  16. @LaLa oooh oh you make me want to watch it so sooooon. Seems interesting than other FB tbh, which I also think that HP >>>> FB before but I changed my mind when FB3 trailer comes. But sigh, I can't go to cinema for now hahaha. Imma be waiting its available on HBO Max~
  17. @LaLa I don't mind spoilers. But I can wait till the others have seen it. Glad to know it's normal that everyone was disappointed with FB2. I was especially disappointed because I convinced a few friends to join me in the cinema since FB1 was not bad, so I felt apologetic that FB2 turned out this way for them and myself 😅 but I'd still watch it for closure. Is FB3 better?
  18. I only went to cinema to watch for wizarding world.. because the sound effects is different while watching from home lol.. Oh well it's alright if you lost your interest.. I don't even know the actors and actresses that well so I just watch for the story lol Because there's no book about this (other than the screenplay scripts that got released later), I don't have a choice other than watching the movie.. I agree that movie 2 didn't hold the same special effects like the movie 1. Maybe because the focus shifted more into the characters rather than the fantastic beast itself. I won't talk that much about movie 3, in case you're looking forward to see it without spoiler.. but if you don't mind about it, I'll wait for others who are interested in watching before sharing my opinion about the movie. Yesterday was my first time stepping into the cinema as well since the covid outbreak. Thankfully since I chose the earliest screening time, inside the cinema there were less than 10 people including myself hahaha I think I have to rewatch the first two again before I can rate it hahaha.. but first movie will be special I think because like the first movie of HP, it will always have this special place in my preference because of the first introduction. Looking forward to see your reaction after watching the movie ;) @Alice Wonderland looking forward to hear from you too after you're done watching :) no need to rush because I understand RL might not be preferable at the moment. The reason I could watch yesterday because I took a day leave from office. I've been planning it and thankfully the released date was not that far so I could squeezed it in between my plan hahaha
  19. Thanks @LaLa I havent watcheed it yet. I saw the trailers like months ago and almost forgot. Lols. I'm too ocupied with rl and busy watching other shows. Well, it's time to check it out then. I'll come back soon with my comments once I've done watching.
  20. Haha I’m watching this sunday actually! No spoilers please!😝 I enjoyed the first one but second one was a bit meh - I don’t remember much of that one at all, except Jude Law! 😂 I’m hoping this third one will be a better movie. Where would you rank this third film among the three?
  21. Oh it's out. I actually also lost interest too, but more of because I like Harry Potter series more than Fantastic Beast. I watched FB 1 at home. Didn't love it as much as HP but didn't mind it, and FB 2 with friends at the cinema. Unfortunately FB 2 was not enjoyable for us at all, so naturally I didn't look forward to the sequel. I, too, haven't been to the cinema since COVID outbreak. I haven't even watched Batman. With Fantastic Beast, I think I'll just watch it when the DVD or web version is out.
  22. I can't remember the last time I went to cinema 🤣 I had lost interest on HP movie, an eon ago haha...
  23. Fantastic Beast : Secret of Dumbledore finally had been released! I for myself was excited of it because it has been too long since the second movie and I missed the wizarding world.. Have you watched it? I myself have watched and wow just like the title, it was really a secret that I never thought about.. Tagging several members of the club for chat : @mademoiselle @Jane @bai @im0202 @stroppyse @abs-oluteM @SnowBlob @SilverMoonTea @Tofu @Alice Wonderland
  24. yeah started from HBO go, I can access HBO max with VPN & all the things huhuhu for having stream it on my tv for having it HD, it's pretty hassle. Idk if there is an update for it 😆 I decided to marathon HP series bcs of the reunion huhuhu while wishing my bro beside meee yeah it turns to crying fest for me.. 🥲 lotsa discord fanbase have streaming schedule be it films series or what when you found it. Hahaha! That's sound awesome Lala naahhhhh yeappp where is she?? I think I should schedule soon FB series cs I forgot a bit about the whole story detailss ><
  25. Owh sorry for the late reply. I just checked my mention.. how do u know that I have watched it? @bai Hi yes I did watched it around new year. But not through HBO channel. I heard that you can access it if you have HBO Go? But I might be wrong as well and honestly I already forgot how to access about it.. sorry >< There is this discord group chat for Harmony (Harry and Hermione) shippers that I found several months ago while I was reading a fanfic and they held a live streaming for the reunion during new year. Since they held it with European Time, it was pretty late in my time, was it around 2 am? Anyway I tried to stayed up till the end of the documentary but I thought I slept for about 10 mins in the middle. I was so sleepy after I watched live stream of ending episodes of The Red Sleeve as well. I guess after crying myself for almost an hour did make me feel tired at that time. For anyone who is interested, the reunion itself basically just a talk between the casts and reminiscing the shooting days for the past 8 movies. There were also the previous directors talked about behind the scenes stories of the casts, like how the trio Dan, Emma and Ruppert got casted for the first film, the hardships and the fondness memories the cast have during those period. It was a nice to hear about it. Anyone excited for the upcoming movie of Fantastic Beasts? Finally it will soon aired this year! But I was a little bit sad for not seeing Tina in the trailer.. Will she be there in the movie?

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