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New Life Begins 新川日常 [2022]


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Title: 新川日常 / Xin Chuan Ri Chang
English title: New Life Begins
Genre: Historical, life
Episodes: 36

Original Writing: Qing Chuan Ri Chang (清穿日常) by Duo Mu Mu Duo (多木木多)
Director: Zhao Qi Chen (赵启辰)
Screenwriter: Ji Sang Rou (纪桑柔), Ding Lu (丁璐)
Broadcast network: iQiyi
Broadcast period: November 10th, 2022



Bai Jing Ting as Yin Zheng
Tian Xi Wei as Li Wei
Chen Xiao Yun as Hao Jia
Liu Guan Lin as Yin An
Liu Ling Zi as Yuan Ying
Zhang Xiao Chen as Yin Song
Chang Long as Yin Zhi
Liu Mei Han as Song Wu
Fan Shuai Qi as Jing Jing
Liu Meng Meng as Dong Haitang
Wei Zi Xin as Su Shen
Chen Zi Han as Zhao Fangru
Zhao Ke as Madame He
Qiu Xin Zhi as Master of Jin Chuan
Wang Yi Yao as Bai Lu
Ji Xiao Fei as Yin Jun
Tang Meng Jia
Gao Shu Guang as Master of Xin Chuan
Yu En Tai
Hu Ke
Hu Dan Dan as An Xiyuan
Hou Chang Rong





Additional Links: Weibo l Baidu l Douban





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8 minutes ago, Tofu said:

@OsmanthusTea What? Dating, you mean not in just their drama? WOW! I stayed away from entertainment news this week and also dramas because I was so overwhelmed. I feel like I missed so much. :shocked2:


Wait, there's a kiss scene in this? Should we expect kiss scenes from BJT going forward? :PsyWhat:


A real life dating news between Bai JingTing and Song Yi :GengarCool: Apparently they started dating before the drama.


I really like New Life Begins, the leads are awesome, BJT is cute and attractive with his micro expression and subtle movements. Leading lady is super easy on the eyes. I'm up to the latest eps and craving for more.....:PsyWhat:

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This drama is hilarious!! :PsyWhat: The funny sound effects, the talkative and lovely Butler Su and all of the harem ladies plus some of the princes especially Prince Yin An (the one with Solar Term Harem) and Prince Yin Qi (the one with macho weapon wielding wifey). I'm up to the latest eps, there will be a new formidable lady, Princess YuanYing (I won't spoil who is she) :GengarCool:Love her a lot too.


So far there is no major villain...yet. I really love this light funny drama especially after all of those heavy dramas like LLTG and CLJ.  BJT has a natural comedic timing, he is naturally awkwardly funny without even trying. The comedy points in this drama hit me in all the right spots....:PsyWhat:


@IpohBanana @Yana @NiteWalker

Wanna join the fun?


I got @SilverMoonTeato watch it too :smug:

Edited by OsmanthusTea
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3 hours ago, OsmanthusTea said:


I got @SilverMoonTeato watch it too :smug:


This other tea very good at selling drama. :smug: She just casually mentioned how BJT looks similar to CY, which I agree. And I miss CY, so BJT fill his position 😅



Tofu did mentioned this drama couple of times too. But not succesful in selling 😆


At first I was a bit not sure because I never seen the FL. But she's pretty and most importantly not annoying. There's plenty FL C actresses with too much cutesy that I hate, and she ain't belong to that club. 


This drama attraction not just solely on the romance. But like OT [Os Tea] said, the relationship with all other characters are just a pure joy to see. I have good hearty laugh, which is what I exactly need now. 


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14 hours ago, Tofu said:

- I'm really bad at selling dramas. LOL!! I'm glad OT is better than me. :laugh:


On 11/14/2022 at 7:21 AM, SilverMoonTea said:


This other tea very good at selling drama. :smug: She just casually mentioned how BJT looks similar to CY, which I agree. And I miss CY, so BJT fill his position 😅




:zzzz: In order to be a good sales representative, we need to find out what our customers like and not like. I can't offer a Wang HeDi to @SilverMoonTeawho has no love for him but love a Cheng Yi so much :CharmanderYay:

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