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Young Actor's Retreat [2022]


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Youth MT" Unveils Official Poster Showcasing Beaming Faces Of Its  Star-Studded Cast - kdramadiary



Young Actors' Retreat

aka Youth MT




Creator: Kim Seong Yoon

Writer: Ji Hyun Sook

Director: Jung Jong Chan

broadcast: TVING

streaming: Viki





Kim Seong Yoon takes cast members from three of his most popular dramas and puts them together for retreats, games, and travels.



Love in the Moonlight Team

Park Bo Gum

Kim Yoo Jung

Jung Jin Young

Kwak Dong Yeon

Chae Soo Bin


Itaewon Class Team

Park Seo Joon

Ahn Bo Hyun

Kwon Nara

Ryu Kyung Soo

Lee Joo Young


The Sound of Magic Team

Ji Chang Wook

Choi Sung Eun

Hwang In Yeop

Ji Hye Won

Kim Bo Woon



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I haven't actually started watching this, but I'm definitely going to be watching. It's totally amazing that PD Kim was able to get the casts of the three dramas, 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds', 'Itaewon Class', and 'Anamasura' onto the same variety show.


I think I'm most excited to see the cast of 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds' again. First of all, all 5 major characters are here, and they showed so much chemistry in the drama as well as in their drama bts clips that I'm very happy to see them all together again. :hearties:


Excited about the other 2 teams as well, as well as the cooperation and competitiveness of the three male leads from the dramas Park Bo Gum, Park Seo Joon, Ji Chang Wook. I have a feeling that JCW may turn out to be more heodang than expected. :lmao2:


Anyway, happy watching! :pandapopcorn: If anyone else is watching this, please let us know what you think!

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Ooo, thanks for opening the thread @stroppyse. I was thinking of opening it but didn't know how many people would actually be watching & up for discussing about it. I'm assuming you must have heard some good stuff from @Tofu 😄.


Giving you a little motivation to start with ~ :MewGiggle:



I believe @Tofu and I are currently up-to-date with this. Not sure who else is watching. And I shall tag @Alice Wonderland @SilverMoonTea and @JenL to check it out. Come guys, it's a fun watch!




I watched episode 1 and 2 together. By memory episode 1 might be the least interesting as it was mostly the leaders of each dramas (Park Seo Joon, Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung) tasked to guess where their co-stars would be waiting for them and the location was linked to the dramas. Ji Chang Wook was very unlike the Healer we see and was very un-confident about finding his co-stars. As such, he lost their lunch money when he failed. LOL. Luckily he eventually found both Hwang In Yeop and Choi Sung Eun and together, they played a game and figured out the next destination they should go get the rest of their co-stars.


Park Seo Joon also lost money as he failed the first time, but in his defence, I'd have thought the first location he picked should be the place he finds Ryu Kyung Soo and Lee Joo Young because that's where the restaurant started! Poor Kwon Nara waited for an hour for Seo Joon et al., to find her. Ahn Bo Hyun has other schedule so he hasn't appeared in the last 3 episodes. Kim Dami also couldn't come due to other work, but she made a special appearance as Nara video called her.


Yoo Jung found Kwak Dong Yeon, Chae Soo Bin and Jin Young easily. Bo Gum was overseas and on his way back so he didn't appear in episode 1. This team had the most money and had a very delicious lunch together. They also seem to be the closest compared to other teams albeit their drama was the oldest (6 years ago), and chit-chatted a lot while at lunch.


The teams settled down at their lodging and immediately had to regroup for filming. Rather than staying with their own drama team, the actors were all split up and re-team to play games. I thought it was kind of mean that the team that was in 3rd place only have white rice, dry seaweed, sesame oil and ssamjang (I think) as dinner! And very unfortunately Bo Gum was in the losing team. They even lost some seaweed because of the wind!

It was quite pitiful that they were all eyeing and drooling at other teams eating seafood ramen and pork BBQ. Luckily later on they were given a chance to play some more games and given some BBQ pork as well. I'm going to assume that off-camera the staff wouldn't be so cruel and starve the team in 3rd place.


Episode 3 was the funniest so far. After dinner they were taken to a school late at night (I really think they should have let them rest for the first day). The opposing team picks who from other teams to go into the haunted house. Bo Gum's team picked Dong Yeon in Park Seo Joon's team. Seo Joon's team then picked Chang Wook and Ji Chang Wook's team strategically picked Hwang In Yeop, with the reason that he only recently finished filming so his stamina will be low LMAOOOO.


It's quite interesting to see how all three react to the haunted house and ghosts. Dong Yeon went in first and even though he was scared but he was also very brave. In Yeop's reaction was the cutest (even Seo Joon and Bo Gum agree) and he was super duper scared. :lmao2: Like 10 times worst than Dong Yeon. However, he was also the luckiest to grab the right thing (and was smart to verify it by smelling). Ji Chang Wook appeared like he was scared but was actually the calmest of all, and got through everything really quick, only to be stuck in the last round because of bad eyesight and was disqualified. :lmao2: I just die...LOLLLLL.  And the man supposedly had LASIK done to fix his eyes but he can't see in the dark at all. LOL LOL.


@Tofu They sped through JCW's scene so much that we didn't get to see if he was spooked by the hand grabbing people's feet under the table. The cutest was In Yeop (but smart) to squat on the chair. Hahahaha I think I'd have done the same.


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On 9/19/2022 at 3:57 AM, mademoiselle said:

Giving you a little motivation to start with ~


Thank you! I'm totally excited to start this series!


On 9/19/2022 at 3:57 AM, mademoiselle said:

They also seem to be the closest compared to other teams albeit their drama was the oldest (6 years ago), and chit-chatted a lot while at lunch.


I remember when they were filming 'Love in the Moonlight', the cast back then seemed really tight as well. Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung were the young veterans, with the Kwak Dong Yeon, Jung Jin Young, and Chae Soo Bin all being relatively newbie actors, but they were all close in age. It's nice to see that they are still close.

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I hope more people watch with @mademoiselle and me too! Hwang In Yeop is definitely my favorite so far because he's a variety show virgin and his reactions to everything is just so adorable. :heart:


I felt so bad for the Youth Is Now team during dinner time. Even some of their seaweed flew away. :letalQQ: I'm glad they were given a chance to win a bowl of meat. 


@mademoiselle I think Ji Chang Wook is his team's weakest link. He struggled with the game to win meat and the haunted school game too. :laugh:


Just so everyone know how cute HIY is (Credit):








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Episode 4


Turns out Park Seo Joon is the calmest of them all. He did not get scared by any of the ghosts! It's almost no fun for the staff dressing up trying their best to scare him. LOL!


After the haunted house activity, everyone is finally allowed to go back to their lodging and rest for the night. But a fair few of them, especially the Itaewon team, decided to stay up and drink till 4 AM. Crazy!!! So naturally, Park Seo Joon woke up with puffy eyes.


The losing team's punishment is to cook breakfast for the others. Thank god there are girls and Jin Young there because Kyung Soo and Ji Chang Wook worries me with their instant soup cooking. However, Ji Chang Wook is not as clumsy or absent-minded as I thought he would be because when the paper towel caught fire (:PikachuFacePalm:), he very calmly put it out when everyone was all :shocked2:! And I just loveeee the fact that he forced fed Seo Joon his soup via Kwon Nara. It's so something I do too . "I cooked it, so TRY/EAT it." The satisfied look on him = Me. :lmao2: He was also pretty funny with his remark when Bo Gum said he wanted to do both activities instead of choosing one...something along the lines of because Bo Gum just got out of the military so he wants to reconnect with the society . He's probably speaking from his own experience, LMAO. :laugh:


At the end, half the group chose to do zipline and the other experiencing Hanok. Not sure why In Yeop chose zipline to be honest but because of it, we are greatly entertained again! He is really hilarious~ :lmao2: It seems like every time before he does something that makes him anxious, he will leave video message to his fans (or will for that matter). I JUST DIED watching him. :lmao2:






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On 9/19/2022 at 6:05 PM, SilverMoonTea said:

Did u say u watch this @LaLa


I do ~ cause I haven't had any variety after the WSG wannabe project finished about a month ago...


I watched 2 out of 3 dramas but I think I have at least watched one projects of each actors.. it's good to see them enjoying themselves for the short vacation and reunion with their former colleagues..  

Although maybe because I watched too many old varieties that the games so far look familiar and not strange to me lol


I only watched 3 episodes so far but the one who become scene stealer is In Yeop. He just looked so innocent :laugh: Maybe because others are experienced and have visited one or two varieties at least that they feel more relax than him. 

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Currently Watching List:

K-drama: The Real Has Come, See You in My 19th Life 



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These kids screaming their lungs out coz of an insect! 🤣 JCW is scared of insects more than ghosts 🤣

Another fave scene of mine! Wookie being unintentionally funny! 😂

JCW to Nara: Please force feed Seo Joom for me. 🤣


TBH I thought Seo Joon might picked on the food coz he's a better cook (being on Youn's Kitchen and all) of them all. Haha.

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11 hours ago, mademoiselle said:

These kids screaming their lungs out coz of an insect! 🤣 JCW is scared of insects more than ghosts 🤣

Did you see the size of that moth though?! It was gigantic!! I would have screamed too! :scaredpanda2:


11 hours ago, mademoiselle said:

TBH I thought Seo Joon might picked on the food coz he's a better cook (being on Youn's Kitchen and all) of them all. Haha.

They will cook later on, right? I remember seeing a clip of them in food trucks. 


I laughed so much when In Youp and Bo Gum were talking about how they bring the sun with them wherever they go. :lmao2:


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@Tofu Hahaha I might scream from being frightened but probably not continue to scream as long as them. But if it is a huge spider then it's another story. There was once where I turn around on my desk, and on the window shield there laid a huge dark spider (Huntsman). It's on the outside but my colleague had to put post-in to cover it otherwise I just couldn't concentrate on my work. :psweatduck: The spider was there for like, 2 whole days, and wouldn't move an inch.


Honestly I Google Image it and is already creep out by the photos...


Yes, they will cook later. That might be the end of this show. I remember the setup is at the beach and they are back to their own drama team for this cooking challenge (I think).

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I finally finished the whole 4 episodes and it's so fun ! 


* ABH look so handsome here, because he's so neat & tidy 😍

* That shy guy RKS is just so funny. He want the attention off from him but everything he do is just so funny 😅

* KNR is also shining here, she's so cheerful and give very friendly vibe

* I personally love that hanok experience more, looks so comfortable. And there is macaron and tea ! 

* JJY claimed himself E , but I felt he's more like I instead.... 



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