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Dark Night and Dawn 暗夜与黎明 [Pending]

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Dark Night & Dawn



In 1943, a shocking explosion rocked Shanghai, bringing together Lu Zhengyang, an underground member of the Chinese Communist Party, and Lin Shaobai, an old police officer, in their first confrontation, each showcasing their skills.


Six years later, when Shanghai was liberated, Lu Zhengyang became the backbone of the frontline anti-special operations of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau. Former police officer Lin Shaobai was known as the "Shanghai Knower of All Things."


They worked together and successively uncovered major cases such as the "safe robbery case," "counterfeit currency case," and "radio station espionage case" planned by Zheng Lanting, a veteran agent of the Shanghai Special Station of the Secret Service Bureau.


They completely defeated enemy agents hiding in the darkness, unraveling intricate conspiracies. In the process of handling these cases, Lu Zhengyang and Lin Shaobai transitioned from constant friction to gradually building trust, eventually becoming comrades-in-arms who shared life and death.


Source : Movie Time










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3 minutes ago, Alice Wonderland said:

Oh he looks nice with that short hair @SilverMoonTea when will it air? The summary sounds heavy, lols. If the story will be the long talks over and over even gege wont make it for me. So hopefully they will have good story quality this time. 


I thought xingfei will have drama with RJL? Or this one is another project she has. 

Probably only will be in 2024 or 2025. Republican drama normally also have lengthy episodes with a lot of plot twists, and most of the time don't have happy ending 😅


Yes she also have project with Allen. 

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