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❤   How it all started

❤   Close friends (The Negotiation Promo Period)

❤   Grocery shopping in LA...

❤   They decided to work together again (CLoY)

❤   After CLoY

❤   Match made in heaven...


❤   After confirmation



❤   After the wedding


❤   The original BinJin LOL

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How it all started


Jun - Aug, 2017


They met to work together for the first time in their career, filming "The Negotiation" movie.



Photo Credit: binjinsgrocery2 - thanks for the brighter & sharper photos


In the movie, they had only one scene together. However, it was reported that they often met for meals and drinks, together with the Director, to discuss their ideas for the movie and to build rapport. During an interview, HB said it was a pity that filming was mostly done via a monitor.


"Because of this, we could only meet during lunch time, so it seemed like I was always looking forward to lunch time. (smiles)"

- Hyun Bin, Single List Sep 19, 2018





Source: mr_mrsbinjin via instagram



They got to know each other. They clicked.


"We are the same age and we have similar debut periods. There were things we knew without having to talk to each other... we could act well because of our trust in each other. It was great."

- Son Ye Jin, The Negotiation Press Conference Aug 9, 2018


"I think we share a lot of similarities. As a result, we have many things we can talk about and we share similar views about a lot of things."

- Hyun Bin, Esquire Korea with OMEGA Aug 21, 2019



"But because I know very well that she (SYJ) can fully lift these factors, and an actor who can make up for those deficiencies, that’s why I got so comfortable when I first heard that I was working with Son Ye-Jin. It’s a lot easier...


But there’s a scene where Chae-Yoon meets Tae-Gu in the second half. That’s the only scene. When it come to that scene, hmm… I think it was a good scene. She took great care of me. I think it would be nice to have more of a scene like this." 

- Hyun Bin, The Negotiation DVD Commentary


The Negotiation DVD Commentary with English subtitles & Transcript





Credit: Binnie Jinnie Couple on facebook

First the cast introduced themselves. Ye Jin greeted Director but Hyun Bin. Then later when Tae Goo live-streamed the kidnapping scene, Ye Jin said there was also a similar scene like this in Jennifer Garner’s Peppermint, asked Director whether he’s seen that movie, again she didn’t ask Hyun Bin. I found it odd, as normally she should have greeted and asked all.

Scene when Chae Yoon negotiated in English, Ye Jin said she practised with English teacher to have precise pronounciation, but compare to that, now hers is better, such a pity. Hyun Bin then asked “ Now you can show us how you talk”, Ye Jin was taken back “ Huh? No I can’t”. All laughed. Through the next scene inside when Chae Yoon continued talking in English, Ye Jin kept sighing “ Now my pronounciation is much more better, such a pity” made Hyun Bin and Director giggled.

Thailand car rushing scene, Bin said it was so hot. Director remembered the part when Tae Goo got out of the car, he leaned on the car, Hyun Bin had to utter “Aw, so hot”. Ye Jin laughed so hard.

Scene after Chae Yoon showering, her colleague came to her house. Hyun Bin said “Now as he comes in, shouldn’t you do something to him? Shouldn’t you capture him? Isn’t it a habit”. I have no idea why they laughed so hard at this joke.

Hyun Bin had never forgotten how Ye Jin could film in a huge, clean, neat space. When Director and Ye Jin talked about how her set was set up he sighed in grief “Yes, your set was too good” then she laughed “Tae Goo’s set is…?” he continued “ Huh? Tae Goo’s set was good too…. except there was no space to run”.

Monitoring scene between them was filmed in a month. She said for all that time, they just acted through the monitors.


The first scene when they met through monitors, he threatened to shoot but there was no bullet until the third try, Hyun Bin giggled then Ye Jin asked why. He said in real life ,the sound was so loud, there was lots of dirt then she asked “Weren’t you startled too?” Then both of them kept making the sound “Like this… like this... bbang” (to mimic how Hyun Bin reacted. The commentary is sound only, invisible).


Scene when she took off her police uniform to negotiate, Director said the real negotiator he asked for advice told him wearing uniform was really uncomfortable and they wanted to show their sympathy for the criminal. Ye Jin laughed and said “That was why you made them (Chae Yoon and Tae Goo) wear couple white T shirt".

Hyun Bin had to smoke a lot for this movie, there was scene he had to smoke repeatedly for 7 takes. He said normally he didn’t smoke. Ye Jin was listening and humming “Hum, uhm” beside.


When he called her bit*h, both of them at the same time, said it was the worst curse toward women. I like this part as it showed they shared same thoughts. He said it first: “This was a harsh curse, women when being cursed like this will think “If only he didn’t say that” and Ye Jin said the same “For women perspective, they will think “If only he didn’t say that”.


When Tae Goo shot her colleague, Ye Jin said it was the start of climax, then both again, commented simultaneously “because it was an unexpected situation”.


After Tae Goo killed her colleague, Chae Yoon called him a psycho, Ye Jin revealed after that part, whenever they met at the set, Hyun Bin will mimic her voice “a psycho”. He said because when he read the script, he didn’t think his partner will act like that, he thought the partner would have screamed out loud, that was why he was impressed.


When Tae Goo threatened to kill the bureaucrats, Director commented that the actors will somehow showed parts of their characteristics, and he said “When I looked at Bin-ssi acting, hum…” and he stopped. Ye Jin and Hyun Bin was laughing so hard. She imitated Director’s thought “Hmm, this man just thinks of how to kill people, huh?” and he told Director “Can you finish your sentence? You stopped there would make other misunderstand me”.


The last part when he cursed the bureaucrats with very hash words in Korean, Director asked “Normally you don’t curse right”. Hyun Bin responded shockingly “Yes, I do it occasionally when I’m alone”. Both Bin and Jin laughed very hard after that. She continued his words “You cursed constantly when you are alone”. “Yes, whenever I’m alone, I curse” he replied.

[Comment by Binnie Jinnie Couple: Overall I think the commentary was very hilarious, talking was mainly director, Ye Jin was little more than Hyun Bin but compare to other commentaries of his movies, I think he was so talkative here, his voice was like an octave higher than normal lol.]



In the DVD Commentary, after Tae Gu killed her boss, Chae Yoon called him a psycho. SYJ revealed after that part, whenever they met on the set, HB would mimic her voice “a psycho”. HB said because when he read the script, he did not think his partner will act like that, he thought the partner would have screamed out loud, that was why he was impressed.

Credit: Binnie Jinnie Couple on facebook


In the Esquire Korea with OMEGA interview on Aug 21, 2019 (English translation), HB said that he was first amazed by SYJ's acting in that scene. Instead of exploding, she restrained her strong emotions. It was very different from what he expected.


"...sometimes, if you encounter an unexpected acting from the other party, you will also feel a sense of thrill. When you are not able to predict how the other person will act or express herself, and you find yourself responding in an unexpected manner to complement or to react to the other person, it is very charming and thrilling. I think I saw that from Ye-jin.


So I had wished to work with her again. I thought when that time comes, I want to be able to do so by being in the same space, looking at the eyes and breathing in the same air."


They filmed for about 2 months from Jun to Aug 2017. Then SYJ went on to film "Be With You" and HB "Rampant".


[Comment: You can feel the professional admiration that HB has for SYJ and the regret he has with the filming method. He is a sincere person so we can believe the things he says are his real thoughts and not for marketing. There may not be anything romantic at that time, but he probably realised that he was meeting an actress of an entirely different caliber and was looking forward to talk with her and learn from her. Just imagine him being excited to go for lunch every day... we would only be so fortunate if we also looked forward to lunch as eagerly every day 😉]


Apr, 2018


In Apr 2018, the production had to replace one of the supporting actors [ref]. Thus, they met to re-shoot then.


Jun, 2018


[Comment: Did they meet up in Europe in Jun 2018? 😉

A BinJin fanfic author had a very interesting idea on this which I love - read Chapter 5 Seafood bouillabaisse of 'Best Thing Ever - A Binjin Love Story' by GroceryGirl.]




Overseas filming for Memories of the Alhambra took place in Spain from late May to Jun 2018. SYJ was in France in Jun, 2018 for a Harper's Bazaar Photoshoot [Source: Naver & Couch+Kimchi]. After the shoot, she enjoyed a holiday with her staff. Thereafter, she continued her holiday on her own. She had posted photos of the trip on her instagram.


In an interview in May 2019 during a fan meeting in Hong Kong, HB was asked what was "the most romantic thing you have done". He replied that he "once brought a camera to Europe, to take photographs... that seemed pretty romantic".


Source: van binxjin



Aug 9, 2018


Vogue Korea's Photo Shoot took place on Aug 9, 2018 [credit to @balmaincouple] and was published in Sep 2018.
















Behind The Scenes






Scanned Images of the Printed Vogue Article by @sonyejinpics







Source: @sonyejinpics


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Close friends - work in progress


Aug 9 - Sep 30, 2018


The promotion period for The Negotiation was gold.


The Schedule




Hyun Bin confirms they are close


MC: But you must be close in real life [Comment: Hear that little lilt at the end? 😉]

HB: Sure, we're close


Credit: #edelweiss2511 on instagram

[Comment: This period shows their closeness. Are they flirting or just friendly? What we can see is how happy they are, how much laughter they share and how they touch/lean against each other so naturally. It is rare to see HB like this with another female co-star.]




Credit: #binjinshearteu on instagram


"Even if we could realize they were sending hints to each other, how could they didn’t get it😌🥰"


Credit: #beanhandhk on instagram



Credit: #mr_mrsbinjin on instagram



The way they look at each other


One of the first things that people observed was how often and long HB stares at SYJ. But there are times when SYJ can't help herself too 😉


[Comment: In an interview done with tvN Taxi in 2011, HB had mentioned that he was taught from young to look at the person speaking. But the way he looks at SYJ is different. He seems especially smitten when she laughs.]



19 seconds, he stares at her


Credit:  @binjinshearteu via Instagram

"She laughed so hard (with those cute feet and shoulder movements. 🤣😍)
He looked at her so they can laugh together. but at first, she did not look back. instead, she gave a side glance (notice her pupil lol) so she knew.— He looked at her again. she felt from her peripheral that he really wanted to laugh with her. so she looked straight into his eyes and they lived happily ever after. oops. i meant, they laughed so hard together. 😁"


Credit: @eonjinhand via Instagram


"I'm like a statue, stuck staring right at you"


Credit: sonyejintingz


"Sometimes, even YJ can’t hold herself..."

Credit: #beanhandhk on instagram



How they tease each other


SYJ has great wit and is fun. This can be seen from her appearances in variety shows and interviews over the years. During this period, we can see that SYJ often makes him laugh.




MC: HB and SYJ first acted together in the film. How did it go? Please express it as a score (perfect score is 100).

[Comment: As HB answers earnestly, SYJ thinks "there's my opening!"😆]



[Comment: HB thinks "I've learnt my lesson. This time, I will give her 100 marks."]

But here comes a witty SYJ again! 😂



More 😎




Their desire to work together again


They filmed the movie mostly by looking at each other across the monitor. Further, this was a crime thriller. They wished for an opportunity to act together physically and in a melodrama or romantic comedy. HB especially had repeated this desire several times.


[Comment: We can also see how HB is fascinated by the real SYJ ("outgoing"and "bubbly") whom he is discovering is unlike the melodramatic roles she has portrayed so frequently.]



 HB worries her dress is too short 😉


 Director Lee: "Hyun Bin seems to like more"




Even the MC seems to be flustered.


Son Ye Jin posted several photos and videos with Hyun Bin on her Instagram


On Sep 22, 2018, SYJ posted her first photo with HB on her instagram, taken backstage during the Seoul Stage Greeting, and a video with a heart filter - The Negotiation is a crime movie where they play enemies.


Source: yejinhand via Instagram


She posted 4 more videos over the next few days. This created the "Wall of Hyun Bin" on her instagram. Though she had posted of her other co-stars previously, it is usually only one or two or group photos. The videos also show that they sit together on the bus.








Source: yejinhand via Instagram



Hyun Bin grabbed her hand


HB had a prior engagement and would not be taking the bus back on this day. But he waited for SYJ by the bus and held her hand to say goodbye, before he left.




[Unverified comment from  #ri_seri82: His bodyguard asked him to get inside the car but he looked back to see Yejin and waited for the chance to say goodbye again.]

Credit: #binjin1919 on instagram



They left together in a car in Daegu


This was the last day of stage greeting. Instead of taking the company arranged bus like they usually do, on this day, they left together in a private car. Daegu is SYJ's hometown.


[Comment: It is highly likely that SYJ visited her parents while in Daegu. Did she bring HB with her? Did she show HB around her hometown?]




There is a video. Trying to find it again... If anyone has this, appreciate if you could DM me. Thanks.



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Grocery shopping in LA...


Dec 30, 2018 - Wrap-up party for Memories of the Alhambra


Jan 10, 2019 - Denial #1


A fan spotted them travelling together and eating with her parents in LA. There were no photos. SYJ's agency responded that she was travelling alone and her parents were in Korea. HB's agency said that he was on a business and personal trip and they were not travelling together.




Jan 10, 2019

Son Ye Jin’s And Hyun Bin’s Agencies Deny Rumors Of Them Traveling Together




Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin have been swept up in dating rumors.


On January 9, a post on an online community claimed that the actors are currently traveling together in Los Angeles.


The post said, “The two are affectionately traveling together, and I spotted them eating together with her parents in the United States.”


In response, Son Ye Jin’s agency commented, “This online post is not true,” and explained, “Son Ye Jin is currently traveling alone. She usually enjoys traveling alone.


The agency added, “Son Ye Jin’s parents are also currently in Korea, so it does not even make sense that they ate together in the United States.”


Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin previously co-starred in the 2018 film “The Negotiation.”


Updated January 10 KST:


Hyun Bin’s agency has also released a statement regarding rumors of the actor traveling with Son Ye Jin.


His agency shared, “Hyun Bin went to the United States for business and his personal schedule. It is not true that they are traveling together.”


Source: Soompi



Jan 11, 2019 - Son Ye Jin's Birthday


Jan 21, 2019 - Denial #2


Photos were released showing HB and SYJ grocery shopping in LA. Both agencies responded that they are checking if the photos are real.


6 hours later, Vast replied that the dating rumours are not true, that they are close friends and HB heard that SYJ was in LA and met up together. There were other acquaintances with them at the supermarket.


MS Team further clarified with more details, including that they had "spontaneously decided to meet and went grocery shopping together" and that their acquaintances were in another section of the supermarket at the moment that the photos were taken.



Photo Credit: @Binjin27 via Twitter



  • Hmmm... The photos show them in 4 different sections of the supermarket. Are they playing hide and seek with the acquaintances? 😉
  • Shippers have analysed the contents of the cart and determined that it is suitable for movie night and feeds 2 🤣. Edit: Apparently, there is breakfast cereals too? LOL]




Jan 21, 2019

Hyun Bin And Son Ye Jin Spotted Grocery Shopping Together + Agencies Respond




Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were reportedly seen shopping together at what appears to be a supermarket outside of Korea.


On January 21, photos of two individuals who appear to be Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were shared on online communities and social media. Both actors are wearing caps, and Son Ye Jin is also wearing sunglasses.


Sources from both Hyun Bin’s agency VAST Entertainment and Son Ye Jin’s agency MS Team Entertainment have responded by saying, “We are looking into whether the photos are real and how the photos were taken. We will give out an official statement at a later time.”


Meanwhile, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were caught up in dating rumors on January 9 as well. Both agencies denied the rumors on the next day.


Jan 21, 2019

Son Ye Jin And Hyun Bin Deny Dating Rumors For The Second Time




Hyun Bin’s agency has once again denied rumors of him dating Son Ye Jin.


They were previously reported to be spotted together in the United States earlier in the month, but their agencies denied the reports.


Then on January 21, photos were released of the two grocery shopping together.


In response, Hyun Bin’s agency VAST Entertainment commented, “We checked with him personally, and the dating rumors are not true. He heard earlier that Son Ye Jin is currently in the United States, so they met up together with acquaintances and went grocery shopping together, but it seems like this was misrepresented. There were other acquaintances with them at the grocery store.”


The agency continued, “The misunderstanding seems to have occurred as the two are close friends of the same age, and it was magnified more because Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are famous figures. The dating rumors are not true.”


Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin previously co-starred in the 2018 film “The Negotiation.”


Jan 22, 2019

Son Ye Jin’s Agency Further Clarifies Dating Rumors With Hyun Bin




Son Ye Jin’s agency has spoken up about the recent dating rumors sparked by photos of Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin grocery shopping together.


On the day the photos were released, Hyun Bin’s agency denied the rumors and explained that the two actors are close friends and were accompanied by other acquaintances at the grocery store.


On January 22, a source from Son Ye Jin’s agency MS Team Entertainment stated, “We are very troubled about the dating rumors [of Son Ye Jin] with Hyun Bin. We have already confirmed with the actress twice and stated that the rumors are not true. This fact has not changed, but the interest [of the masses] has still not subsided.”


The source continued, “Son Ye Jin has mentioned at several interviews that she has a close [older female] acquaintance living in the United States. On one occasion she visited the United States to attend her wedding, and she was visiting the same acquaintance through this trip as well. We cannot reveal personal information such as where the acquaintance lives, but [Son Ye Jin] was visiting her while traveling in the United States. Meanwhile, she heard that Hyun Bin was also traveling, so they spontaneously decided to meet and went grocery shopping together. The two of them were only left together at the moment they were pushing the cart, and their other acquaintances were in another section of the grocery store.”


Regarding Son Ye Jin’s return to Korea, they responded that the date has not been confirmed and that they cannot reveal it even if it were. “Normally she would return in time to attend her scheduled activities in Korea, but she does not have any official activities scheduled so far. In cases like this, she will decide when to return and let her manager know. We only find out whether she needs to be picked up [at the airport] or not on the day of her return or a day in advance.”


Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin previously appeared in the 2018 film “The Negotiation” together. They were swept up in dating rumors earlier this month as well, but both actors’ agencies denied the rumors.


Source: Soompi




  • It is worth noting that SYJ has never admitted a relationship publicly in her long career. HB has confirmed 3 relationships, which have not worked out. In such a scenario, since the female would be most affected by these rumours (considered a "scandal"), it would be understandable for them to decide to keep the relationship private.
  • Both have said several times that they wished to work together again. It seems K-ent frowns upon couples working on the same project. Thus, they could have issued the denial to preserve the chance to act together again.
  • It is also common for celebrities to deny their relationship until they get married. An example is Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung.]



May 2019 - "I am not quite sure as to whether I will remain a 'public property'."


While in Hong Kong for a fan meeting, HB was told he had been voted as the top 4 'public property' (like eligible bachelor). His answer? "I am not quite sure as to whether I will remain a 'public property.'"


[Comment: Does that mean he was seeing someone at that time? 😉]


Source: van binxjin


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They decided to work together again - work in progress


They made the hit drama, Crash Landing on You. There were rumours again.


Mar 8 - May 22, 2019


On Mar 8, reports surfaced that HB was in talks to meet screenwriter Park Ji Eun ("My Love From The Star"). SYJ was reported to be in talks on Apr 3. Both confirmed for drama "Crash Landing On You" on May 22.




Hyun Bin In Contact With “The Legend Of The Blue Sea” Writer Regarding Potential New Drama

Mar 8, 2019 by J. Lim




An amazing collaboration may soon be on the way!


On March 8, it was reported that Hyun Bin is in talks to meet with screenwriter Park Ji Eun. The screenwriter is responsible for many hits like “Queen of Housewives, “Queen of Reversals,” “My Love From The Star,” “The Producers,” and “The Legend of the Blue Sea.” She has worked with some of Korea’s biggest stars in the past like Jun Ji Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Min Ho, and Kim Nam Joo.


A source representing the screenwriter stated, “We don’t have any details to share yet, but it is true that we contacted Hyun Bin to check his schedule.” Hyun Bin’s agency VAST Entertainment also confirmed that the two sides had talked about the actor’s schedule but added, “However, we haven’t met to discuss anything yet.”


The screenwriter is currently working on a new drama that is set to air in the second half of the year. As of now, everything from the title to the genre and storyline are all being kept under wraps, but it appears that Park Ji Eun may be eyeing Hyun Bin for the leading role.


Stay tuned for more updates!



Son Ye Jin And Hyun Bin In Talks For New Drama From “The Legend Of The Blue Sea” Writer

Apr 3, 2019 by D. S.kim




Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin might reunite in a drama!


On April 3, a source from the drama industry revealed that Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin are in talks for an upcoming tvN drama, which is written by Park Ji Eun and set to premiere sometime in the latter half of this year.


In response, a source from tvN revealed, “[tvN] is planning to add a drama that is written by Park Ji Eun of ‘My Love From The Star,’ ‘The Producers,’ and ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea‘ and directed by Lee Jung Hyo of ‘Romance Is A Bonus Book’ to the drama schedule for the second half of this year.” The source also stated that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are in talks to star in the drama.


Son Ye Jin’s agency MS Team Entertainment also confirmed that the actress received an offer for the drama, and she is currently reviewing. Hyun Bin’s agency VAST Entertainment said, “It is true that Hyun Bin received an offer to star in writer Park Ji Eun’s new drama. His appearance is not yet confirmed, and he is still in the process of reviewing the offer.”


On March 8, it was reported that writer Park Ji Eun contacted Hyun Bin to check his schedule. At the time, VAST Entertainment clarified that although the two sides did talk about the actor’s schedule, they hadn’t set up a meeting nor did Hyun Bin receive an offer.


Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin worked together in the 2018 film “The Negotiation” together. The two got swept up in dating rumors twice in January 2019, but the actors’ agencies denied both times.



Hyun Bin And Son Ye Jin Confirm For New Drama From Writer Of “The Legend Of The Blue Sea”

May 22, 2019 by R. Jun




Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin have both confirmed for the drama “Crash Landing of Love” (tentative title) from writer Park Ji Eun, who penned “My Love From the Star” and “The Legend of the Blue Sea.”


The drama is about a wealthy heiress named Yoon Se Ri (played by Son Ye Jin), who, while paragliding, is forced to land in North Korea due to high winds. A North Korean officer named Ri Jung Hyuk (played by Hyun Bin) hides and protects her, and in doing so, comes to love her.


In addition to the unique story from the hit drama writer, the casting of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin — who previously worked together in the 2018 film “The Negotiation” — already has viewers excited. Hyun Bin will have no shortage of heart-pounding, charismatic scenes as an elite officer, and Son Ye Jin will be putting her rom-com sensibilities on full display.


Joining the drama is director Lee Jung Hyo of “Good Wife,” “Life on Mars,” and “Romance Is a Bonus Book.”


“Crash Landing of Love” is set to air sometime in the second half of this year on tvN.



"She's a great partner. Filming on the same set with her makes me learn more in terms of acting. She inspires me with her wonderful ideas. I enjoy working with her..."

- Hyun Bin, CLoY Press Conference, Dec 9, 2019


"It's rare that actors/actresses work again as partners. It's meant to be in a sense... For "The Negotiation", we barely met each other that it's hard to say that we worked together."

- Son Ye Jin, CLoY Press Conference, Dec 9, 2019


[Comment: It shows how much they really wanted to work together again. Both know very well that dating rumours would arise again. And yet they do not seek to avoid it.]


Jul 31, 2019 - CLoY script reading








Aug - Sep, 2019 - Overseas filming


They left for Switzerland at the end of August.


[Comment: 😏 Do we see 

  • how comfortable SYJ is jumping on and hugging HB?
  • the part where she almost drops and wiggles?
  • HB hugged her tight and swung her around even after the director yelled "cut"? They are being playful... so sweet 🥰]



They left for Mongolia on Sep 16, 2019. They arrived at the airport at around the same time but checked in separately. There was a photo that showed them together after check in.






Credit: @mimihanne on twitter






Dec 9, 2019 - Press conference


At 29:50

Reporter: This drama is receiving a lot of attention for having two superstars as the leading roles, but there were also two dating rumours which you both denied. I'd like to know if it is any burdensome to be on a romance drama when you have denied your dating rumours.


MC: Many of us are curious about this too.


"It just happened that way. As you can see now, we just laughed it away. The rumour didn't affect our decision to be on the show or make us uncomfortable. We've built friendship since our first work together. As I said, she is one of my seniors whom I'd wanted to work with. I was given the opportunity and happy to choose this drama."

- Hyun Bin


"I have the same answer. Hyun Bin has answered the question really well. I'd also wanted to do another melo or romantic comedy with him... I wasn't (hesitant). I loved the script and just thought that it'd be nice to work with him again."

- Son Ye Jin


A Taiwanese reporter who was present said that their interactions backstage were very natural and that there were a lot of "pink bubbles".






"See how extremely careful SJH is when she is giving her speech😂🤭🤣🤣
Especially when talking about being Ri JungKyuk’s fiancée🤣 (each of their facial expression seems reveal a lots🙊 YJ😏)
After SJH had immediately stated that’s only her character, YJ changed her poker face to a smile and she was like ahh I’m satisfied with your ans🤣🤣🤣
SJH’s strong survival instinct & KJH‘s shady mocking 😂😂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Omg all of them are too cute when trying hard to hide sth.😂💕"

Credit: beanhandhk on instagram



Kakao Live Chat & Mini-Interviews


"I think all of our lives change and sometimes lead to regret, due to destiny and serendipity... I personally think about these things quite often in life. Everything just might be destined..."

- Son Ye Jin, spot.ph interview


"I think destiny, coincidence, serendipity, these things are always very near us, but whether it will lead us in a positive or negative direction, only time will tell."

- Hyun Bin, spot.ph interview




Kakao Live Chat





Mini Interviews (International)







Dec 24, 2019


Christmas in South Korea is celebrated more by couples than family. It is almost like Valentine's Day. This photo was taken in Aug/Sep 2019 when both were filming in Switzerland and posted on SYJ's instagram on Christmas Eve.



Credit: #yejinhand on instagram


tvN/Swoon Videos & BTS


[Comment: This is about two years since they filmed The Negotiation. Their friendship seems to have grown and they look even more comfortable together now. They still sweetly gaze at and play with each other. They are laughing and enjoying themselves. HB seems to have opened up when with SYJ and is more expressive.


And look at this back hug. What "manner hands" 😉]




Couch Talk

Question: What is your definition of a happy life?

Hyun Bin: I think it's something that is so close yet so far. It's something you can find with a little tweak of your thoughts or in the smallest things in life. It's something that's right there, but it's hard to catch. Something that I always want yet isn't easy to get. (Turns and looks at SYJ).




tvN Videos







Swoon Videos








Behind The Scenes


BTS for Episode 10.5






Jan 14, 2020 - Vast issues statement


Vast announced that they will be taking legal measures to deal with the spread of malicious and false rumours about their artistes.


[Comment: To put this in context, HB's name came up in JJM's phone hacking incident [ref] earlier in the month. It was later clarified that HB had been mentioned in other parts of the chat relating to golf and had nothing to do with the scandal.


It is unlikely that Vast's statement was targeted at dating or marriage rumours. Both HB and SYJ have openly acknowledged that they are close friends and taking legal action in such circumstances is overkill. The statement also refers to "artistes" and not HB alone. In addition, HB is close friends with JDG and JJM - he was likely already concerned for their families and would not want to add fuel to the issue by issuing a direct statement.]




Jan 14, 2020 by C. Hong

Hyun Bin’s Agency To Take Legal Action Against Malicious Rumors


Hyun Bin’s agency has announced that they are taking legal measures to deal with the spread of malicious and false rumors about the actor.


On January 14, VAST Entertainment released a statement through their official social media account. It reads, “Hello, this is VAST Entertainment. The agency is currently collecting evidence of false facts and malicious rumors in order to protect our artists’ rights and interests. We ask fans to directly send us information if they come across malicious rumors about our artist. Thank you.”


Other actors at VAST Entertainment include Lee Jae Wook and Kim Yoon Ji.


Hyun Bin, who is currently starring in the tvN drama “Crash Landing on You,” has been swept up in dating and marriage rumors twice with his co-star Son Ye Jin. They are known to be close friends and addressed the rumors directly in their press conference for the drama.

Credit: Soompi



Feb 12, 2020 - Last filming day




 Feb 16, 2020 - CLoY wrap party


Again, they sat together. After they watched the end of the drama, HB turned around and reached for SYJ to hug her.




Feb 18, 2020 - Denial #3


Vast issues statement "It is not true that Hyunbin and Son Yejin held hands under the table. Looking at the making film video, Son Yejin is holding her own hand. Both actors are professionals, it makes no sense to hold hands while filming. Hyunbin and Son Yejin are not dating."

Source: Naver


[Comment: This rumour was sparked by overzealous fans. It questioned their professionalism which is important to them, and they had to protect the drama which had just aired its last episode. Thus, a firm statement was issued. Of course, all these statements shook the shippers. But we only have to see what has been happening after CLoY to know the ship is sailing smoothly.]




Feb 18, 2020 by S. Nam

Hyun Bin’s Agency Denies Dating Rumors With Son Ye Jin Sparked By “Crash Landing On You” Making-Of Video




Hyun Bin’s agency has denied dating rumors with Son Ye Jin again.


Recently, dating rumors between Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin from tvN’s recent hit drama “Crash Landing on You” resurfaced. On February 18, an online user posted a screenshot from a making-of video for “Crash Landing on You,” pointing out a scene in which Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin are seemingly holding hands underneath the table.


To clarify the rumors sparked by the post, Hyun Bin’s agency stated, “Son Ye Jin is holding her own hand.”


In the screenshot, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin are filming the scene where their characters go on a chicken and beer date in Pyongyang. The scene aired on the December 29 broadcast of “Crash Landing on You.” In the screenshot, it is unclear whose hand is holding Son Ye Jin’s right hand. However, Hyun Bin’s agency clarified that Son Ye Jin is holding her own hand.


Previously, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin already denied dating rumors twice in 2019. When rumors surfaced that the two were traveling in the United States together, both Son Ye Jin’s and Hyun Bin’s agencies denied rumors of them traveling together, and they denied the rumors once again when photos of the two grocery shopping together with other acquaintances surfaced.


“Crash Landing on You” recently came to a successful conclusion with the series finale overtaking tvN’s “Goblin” to achieve the highest ratings in tvN history with average nationwide viewership ratings of 21.683 percent.

Credit: Soompi



2020.02.18 by Osen Reporter Kim Bo-ra

[Exclusive] Hyeon-bin's aide "I'm embarrassed from the morning when Son Ye-jin and Son Ye-jin are dating again" (Interview)

[Translated by google]




Actors Hyun-bin (39) and Son Ye-jin (39) are experiencing another perplexity over the dating rumors raised by foreign netizens.

Two times before, the agency of both sides denied that they were dating, but the dating theory raised today (18th) was due to a post posted by a netizen, not a captured photo of the two's sightings or appearances.

Recently, tvN posted a behind-the-scenes video on its official YouTube channel, regretting the end of the drama'Crash Landing on Love' (played by Park Ji-eun, director Lee Jung-hyo). It was titled'Hyunbin children → to Godsuk... chemistry + excitement'. In addition, several making videos have been uploaded containing the filming of'Crash Landing on Love'.

A netizen raised the brightness of the video and suspected that Hyunbin and Son Yejin were holding hands under the table at the drama shooting site. I directly adjusted the brightness of the dark video, but since the two actors are holding hands, they are giving an opinion to acknowledge the relationship. As such claims spread around the online community, Hyunbin and Son Yejin were engulfed in a third dating rumor on the 18th.

On this day, the management companies of both sides dismissed that there was no word to give as an official position, saying that it was not an eyewitness account and had nothing to explain.

On this day, Hyunbin's close friend told OSEN, “I am embarrassed from the morning when I have a relationship with Son Ye-jin again.” “The two are not dating at all”.

Earlier, when Hyunbin and Son Yejin were caught shopping in comfortable clothes at a foreign mart, rumors of dating were raised. At the time, the two agencies denied dating, saying that the two people accidentally stayed in the US and went to a mart while hanging out with acquaintances. 

Then, on December 14, last year, when Hyunbin and Son Yejin were cast as male and female protagonists in the drama'Crash Landing of Love', a second dating rumor arose.

However, Hyunbin's close friend drew a line today saying, "As the drama is going well, many people want Hyunbin and Son Yejin to actually date."

Source: Naver



Feb 18, 2020 by Katie Kim

Hyun Bin Responds To Latest Dating Rumors With Son Ye Jin And Their Video Of Allegedly Holding Hands

They were allegedly holding hands in secret.




Crash Landing On You co-stars, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, were once again wrapped up in dating rumors after fans pointed out that the two were allegedly holding hands underneath the table during their drama filming.


This is already the third time that dating rumors arose after it all started when they were reportedly spotted vacationing together abroad. But the agency had denied then and they continued to deny it now.


"We were surprised this morning to hear another dating rumor with Son Ye Jin. They’re not in a romantic relationship at all."

- VAST Entertainment


The agency pegged it up to the fans of the popular drama who wish it were true that the two are dating in real life.


"Since the drama did well, it appears that many people wish Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin would date in real life.


Unfortunately, the two actors were never dating before and aren’t dating right now."

- VAST Entertainment

Source: Koreaboo



Feb 24, 2020 - Statement from CLoY representative


'Crash Landing of Love' side replied to OSEN, "(The picture that Se-ri Yoon seems to be pregnant) seems to have come out due to a lot of interest from viewers. It is a ridiculous story."

Source: Naver


[Comment: This statement is self-explanatory. It is clarifying whether Yoon Seri was pregnant at the end of the drama. Nothing to do with BinJin's relationship in real life.]






Feb 24, 2020 by S. Park

“Crash Landing On You” Reps Respond To Fan Speculation About Son Ye Jin’s Character Being Pregnant In Drama Finale


tvN’s “Crash Landing on You” may have ended its run last week, but the drama is still causing buzz with fans’ theories about the finale!



On February 16, the romantic comedy ended on a heartwarming note and achieved the highest viewership ratings in tvN history.


The next day, tvN shared behind-the-scenes photos of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, writing, “Next year and the year after that will also be good days, because ‘Crash Landing on You’ will be thinking of you.”


After seeing the photos, fans began speculating that Ri Jung Hyuk (played by Hyun Bin) and Yoon Se Ri (played by Son Ye Jin) had gotten married after reuniting in the drama and that Yoon Se Ri was pregnant with their child. Fans flooded online communities and social media networks with their theories, keeping the story alive even after the drama’s finale.


However, on February 23, a source from “Crash Landing on You” shut down the rumors, telling OSEN, “I think this [the photos leading to speculations about Yoon Se Ri’s pregnancy] is something that came about simply because viewers have a lot of interest in the drama. It’s nonsense.”

Credit: Soompi



BinJin humour :lol:


"Director, where's my bed scene?" - Another hilarious one from beanhandhk on instagram!






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After CLoY


1.  Baeksang

They won the Popularity Award for male and female, and made their way on stage to accept the trophy. He gestures for her to walk ahead, she does. He follows, watching her steps, always ready. They step onto the stage. She turns her head a little, to see if he is still close behind her. He was looking straight ahead but notices. He looks at her, and smiles. She smiles.
Credit: binjindiary

The Popularity Award is a separate award for male and female. Winners can be from different categories and receive their own individual trophies. It is not a best couple award. HB & SYJ posed for photos sharing a trophy. In his speech for TikTok, he said "We".




They were dressed in Ralph Lauren Purple Label and Collection, in matching blue and gold.


The BTS was released over the next few days. They show:

  • Both had their make up re-done at the same time during the break. The timing seems to have been pre-arranged by both teams.
  • They were walking together during a break/when the show ended.
  • Despite the seating arrangement for social distancing, they were aware of each other and communicated with looks.




"Both getting their makeup touched up at the same time and walking around together 😍"

Credit: @binjinshearteu via Instagram

"Yejin turns around to see all these cameras on them and then subtly hinting binnie 💕💕"




Thank you speech for winning the TikTok Popularity Award

Credit: @binjinshearteu via Instagram & @withbinjin



BinJin humour :lol:




"This is us during the Baeksang Awarding!! Hahahaha!! 🤣 A simple gesture makes our heart go wild! 😍😍😍😍😍😍"

Credit: @binjinshippersph via Instagram


"baeksang winners looking at their trophy" 

Credit: @sonyejintingz via Twitter




2.  Son Ye Jin ‘Liked’ 40 Instagram Photos including those of her with Hyun Bin


In the early morning of Jun 9, 2020 (~12mn to 2am), SYJ went on a ‘liking’ spree on Instagram. What was surprising was that she also 'liked' the posts that mentioned dating HB.


To put this in context, Baeksang was on Jun 5, 2020. The following few days, there were observations that HB seemed aloof and cold during the awards show (this was before the photos and BTS were analysed). There were also photos & video circulating of her chatting with JHI before the show started.







Credit: #callmebymyrealname IG and all the IG accounts that were liked by SYJ



3.  Metro.Style Interview


HB did an interview with Metrostyle released on 1 Jun 2020. This was one of the questions:


At 3:49

Interviewer: You are known for your beautiful skin and silky hair. What is your secret?

Hyun Bin: (laughs and smiles) I think this question is asked because of the interview that was done by Yejinssi in the past...


That interview was almost 2 years ago in Sep 2018 during The Negotiation promotion period. That was his first thought. He remembered.






4.  Smart Commercial


“She knew of Smart because her friend Hyun Bin is an endorser.... I guess she trusted the brand because Hyun Bin trusted the brand.”

- Jane Basas, SVP and head of consumer wireless business for Smart






When Smart unveiled Hyun Bin’s Giga Life campaign two months ago, excited netizens asked if there were any plans to reunite Se-ri and her beloved Captain Ri on Philippine shores. This prompted Smart president and chief revenue officer Al Panlilio to say “Captain Ri would be lonely if he’s alone so…”


“That line was picked up by the press, by the fans over social media and we knew that we had to get her because of the positive reaction to that one statement,” says Jane Basas, SVP and head of consumer wireless business for Smart.


That served as the team’s go signal to pursue the Crash Landing on You star and sign her up for an endorsement deal. Negotiations started in June and by July 16, Ye-Jin was in front of the cameras.

Credit: PeopleAsia








Behind the scenes





Source: sonyejinluv

Source: vast.ent via instagram

Click here for translation




Joint CF coming?

Brilliant edit by @binjinsgrocery




[Comment: Despite the dating rumours and knowing that fans are rooting for them to be together in real life, they have continued to pursue projects even if these link them together. They know their actions are scrutinised and will encourage fans.


SYJ's liking of the instagram posts is a clear statement. So is accepting Smart CF. She is a very private person who has never acknowledged a personal relationship. She would not risk her reputation to do so now if it is untrue or if the relationship is not stable.


At the same time, what their actions show is that even if they are not together, they are not seeing someone else (credit: lovelyz). Both are honest and caring. They will not continuously do things that encourage rumours with a colleague as it will hurt their real life partner, if there is one.]


5.  SYJ posted cakes and flowers from BinJin Shippers on her instagram


On Sep 21, 2020, SYJ posted several photos of the gifts that she had received and thanked her fans. Of these, there were 2 cakes that were clearly from BinJin Shipper fans. These cakes were on page 1 of her post.


Later, one the fans who sent flowers updated that the florist had made a mistake and printed the wrong message on SYJ's card - they had printed the message for HB on her card. The card reads "You are our forever CAPTAIN RI JEONG HYEOK, Hyun Bin...". She posted the photo of these flowers too.








Actual post by SYJ


Source: yejinhand








Source: binjinsigriswil






Source: Iseltwaldph









"My translations of YJ’s recent post and HB’s letter from June. They are both so similar in the way they appreciate and thank their fans." - celest1al1


[Comment: This does not add to our receipts, but it's a nice thought. They say couples get more similar over time...]


Source: celest1al1






[Comment: She said she couldn't take photos of all the gifts. But she found space for the 2 cakes from shippers. She posted the flowers that came with a message for Hyun Bin - either she did not read the message in detail or... 😆


It's unlikely that SYJ chose the gifts to post without thought. That photo of BinJin on the cake is very clear. Is this post one step further after her IG likes?]


6.  Japanese Magazine "ANAN" Interview


On Sep 23, 2020, Hyun Bin's interview with the Japanese Magazine "Anan" was released. It included his thoughts on CLoY and Yoon Seri.




For details of the article and translations, click here.


Cover Celebration 25th Anniversary! V6
Men with 25 Years of Enthusiasm!










He described Yoon Seri:


"Seri is honest (frank) about her feelings (emotions) and strives to be loyal (resolute, ambitious) in both work and love without hesitation. Moreover, she thinks about (considers) others and possesses warmth. I think she is the ideal (perfect, excellent, most wonderful) woman." - translated by celest1al1




Japanese meaning of「素敵な女性」is the meaning as the lady that the inside and the appearance are both beautiful. It is happiest for women to be told so in Japanese, I suppose. It is very sophisticated praise. - daidai281


There are other translations of this important sentence like "I think Yoon Seri is the most beautiful (most wonderful) woman in the world[by syjadvocate] and "I think she couldn't be more wonderful" [by Yoshi].




Source: yejin_unnie


Yoshi also makes a good point that the Japanese article had originally been translated from Korean, thus only HB would know the original intent of his words.



Nevertheless, all these show that HB was extremely complimentary of Yoon Seri. He admired the type of woman Yoon Seri was.


Most importantly, HB has also said that Son Ye Jin and Yoon Seri are 70-100% similar.


[Comment: Can we take his remarks during the press conference as the more accurate version since that was after the swoon interview and they have had more time to film and get to know each other? In this case, 100% it is! 😆


So, to HB, SYJ is beautiful/wonderful inside and out and his ideal woman 😄😍]







[Comment: SYJ's Japanese fan meeting was yesterday, on 27 Sep. Considering that Ri Jeong Hyeok/Yoon Seri was the core of CLoY and CLoY is well-loved in Japan, it would have been perfectly natural for there to be questions on RiRi. Instead, RJH, the character, was barely mentioned and the top 3 fan favourites leave fans scratching their heads LOL. The avoidance seems contrived and makes it more obvious than if there had been a 'normal' discussion. (That said, the interview touched on several subjects lightly and was not meant to be in-depth.)


It is perfectly understandable that SYJ would not want to discuss personal relationship/rumours. After all, this is her fan meet and the focus should be on her work. That has been the way she has managed herself for the last 20 years. When she decides it is time, she, herself, shuts down dating rumours. Thus, as one shipper [leona] says, no denial is good news! 😆.


From this week's activities, it seems that at least privately, they are comfortable to do what they want, say what they feel, without being overly wary about fueling rumours. Our ship is sailing well!]


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Match made in heaven... - work in progress


The future is happier

Q: Do you ever want to go back to the past?

HB: No, I don't.



Q: Do you ever want to go back to the past?

HB: No, I don't.


Q: You are so decisive about that.

HB: I think I am the type that prefer the future to the past. Rather than going back to the past, I prefer to go to the future.


Q: When I asked if you wanted to go back to the past, I thought perhaps, there could be regrets which make you think you want to do differently. Or alternatively, it could be that at that time, there was happiness that caused you to want to go back. But for Hyunbin, even though you could think of regrets in the past, you still don't think you want to go back.

HB: I see. Yes, I think so. I did my best at that moment. Of course, there were times when I was happy. It’s the same now, there are times when I am happy. But I think the future will be happier.


Q: The future is happier?

HB: I hope so.


- Hyun Bin, Esquire Korea on Aug 21, 2019



Their Thoughts on family, marriage and ideal partner


In 2005, Hyun Bin was 23 years old. Yet he was so clear on the kind of marriage he wanted. We have read that he has a happy family life so this could be the influence of his parents. He also has progressive views of women who continue to work and seems like he would respect his wife and her decisions.


It is no wonder that Kim Sung Ryung, who plays HB's biological mother in 'The Fatal Encounter' says:

"I would date Lee Min Ho and marry Hyun Bin," she said. "I want to give love to Lee Min Ho but I want to be loved by Hyun Bin."

Source: Kdrama Stars





Source: TV Entertainment



- Work in progress -


Why they are good for each other


- Coming soon -


What Hyun Bin Says About Son Ye Jin





The Negotiation DVD Commentary

"But because I know very well that she (SYJ) can fully lift these factors, and an actor who can make up for those deficiencies, that’s why I got so comfortable when I first heard that I was working with Son Ye-Jin. It’s a lot easier..."


2018.09.03 | Showcase

"I would rather meet Son Yejin in a Melodrama or Romantic Comedy instead of this genre movie."


2018.09.03 | Leaving Work with Stars

"Since my co-star Son Yejin is so popular, I can lean on her star power a bit" (laugh)


"Sure, we're close."


2018.09.10 | Media Presscon

"Firstly, not meeting Yejin-sshi through melo/romance, it's a bit unfortunate."

"Because she is an actress that can express many things through her eyes, I look forward to looking into her eyes and trying different ways of acting. I get more and more curious in having another project, meeting her again in a more lively themed way."


"There's something different than what I think about her. She is more outgoing/bubbly than I thought (laugh). There are more bright looks and eye smiles like this. So I really anticipate working with her in a more lively project."


2018.09.10 | 


"You can see Son Yejin. What else would we need to say?"


2018.09.18 | CGV Star Live Talk

"So we talked about acting again in other genre movies. For example melodrama or romantic comedy."


2018.09.19 | Single List

"It is an honour to be able to work with a great actress...Yejin-ssi is a person with a lot of passion. Hence, I am very curious to know what kind of passion she will show and which side of her will I get to see if we are to meet in another project."


2019.08.21 | Esquire Korea Interview

"I think we share a lot of similarities. As a result, we have many things we can talk about and we share similar views about a lot of things."


"...sometimes, if you encounter an unexpected acting from the other party, you will also feel a sense of thrill. When you are not able to predict how the other person will act or express herself, and you find yourself responding in an unexpected manner to complement or to react to the other person, it is very charming and thrilling. I think I saw that from Ye-jin.


So I had wished to work with her again. I thought when that time comes, I want to be able to do so by being in the same space, looking at the eyes and breathing in the same air."


2019.12.09 | CLoY Press Conference

"I thought it would be great if we could film a lighter, brighter and more cheerful drama/movie that would make her look more charming."


"She's a great partner. Filming on the same set with her makes me learn more in terms of acting. She inspires me with her wonderful ideas. I enjoy working with her..."


"She innately has many different sides that are rarely shown to the public."


2020.06.01 | Metro.Style Interview

"Based on my observation as an actor, she had a huge passion for acting. She was also an actress who had the interpretation and various ideas about the scenes. That was somehow astonishing to me as an actor. And it stimulated me and I learned various things from her... that is what I liked in acting with her."


Work in progress...





Observations from the industry








See the difference :lol:






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BinJin confirms! ❤❤❤❤❤


On Jan 1, 2021, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin became Dispatch's 2021 New Year Couple. This is when Dispatch reveals a couple who has been quietly dating.



If you have been a fan of K-pop or K-drama for a while, you must be familiar with the "tradition" of Dispatch revealing new celebrity couples on New Year's Day. Fans have now been speculating which couple Dispatch will announce this time—if there's any. A lot of fans have named several possible idols and actors on social media and online communities. However, nothing is sure until the real announcement is out. 


Dispatch has started the "tradition" since 2010, when they first announced actor couples Kim Hyesoo and Yoo Haejin. In 2013, Dispatch went for Kim Taehee and Rain. Girls' Generation's YoonA and Lee Seunggi made headlines in 2014, while Im Saeryung and Lee Jungjae followed in 2015. In 2016, Dispatch opened up EXID Hani and JYJ Junsu's relationship. In 2018, the media outlet made a report of former After School member Lee Jooyeon and BIGBANG's GDragon. However, both of them denied the rumors. As for 2019, Dispatch made a shocking revelation of BLACKPINK Jennie and EXO Kai's relationship. 


Source: kstarlive on Dec 14, 2020




[Exclusive] "This romance, it's real."...Hyun Bin ♥ Son Ye-jin, No. 1 Lovers in 2021


The article stated

  • The previous dating rumours were not true
  • Their meet-up in US in Jan 2019 (grocery photos) was coincidence
  • In reality, their relationship had progressed over time
  • They have been dating for about 8 months, after CLOY
  • They have a common hobby - golf



Source: Dispatch


Several close acquaintances to the two actors have commented on their relationship.

  • “Honestly, during the filming of Crash Landing On You, they were so into their roles. I don’t know their feelings, I can’t tell if it’s acting or real love.”
  • “I think Hyun Bin had developed feelings after the drama finished and when they had to separate, he developed that feeling of longing for her.”
  • “It wasn’t easy for Son Ye Jin to change her relationship with Hyun Bin. But, the busier they became, the more affectionate of each other they became.”
  • “They have filmed two projects together now. They have been watching each other for a long time, and even at their age, they have been carefully starting to date.”

Source: koreaboo


A few hours after the Dispatch article was published, both agencies released a statement. And this time, it was a confirmation!!!



Source: koreaboo


Subsequently, on the same day, Son Ye Jin posted a heartfelt message on her instagram. It is significant that this is her first time publicly acknowledging a relationship in her 20 year career.


"I'm thankful to have been able to meet a good person, and I'll will work hard to tend (the relationship) with care." - Son Ye Jin on Hyun Bin, Soompi Jan 1, 2021




Source: Soompi


News, TV, Radio


News Break


Agencies Confirm


Son Ye Jin's Instagram Post


Other News


BinJin's Timeline [We know LOL!]







Miscellaneous, Art, Humour, Viewpoints


While We Were Waiting 😢😂




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@chocolate First of all a huge THANK You to you for starting this thread. Love love love ❤️ it so mucho!!!! This is the best forum ever and you are so detail-oriented. Great job.

BTW heard the original BinJin will have their CA part 2 shooting by March-April of 2021. Latest news is that HB and the rest of Bargaining team is at Aquaba. Hopefully they will be headed back home in the next few weeks. The second wave of Covid 19 has started it course in Jordan, so I hope they get home safe and sound. Meanwhile since Aug 1st no updates from @yejinhand. We hope to see her at Seoul International Drama Award night on Sept 10 and then she has a Japanese FM on Sept 27th. No other news other than possible periodic drama script she is reviewing and the male lead being KHN from “When the Camelia Blooms” and winner of best male actor for drama series BAA 2020. If I hear anything related to BinJin I will def update here (which is a nontoxic place to speak your mind). Thank you again for the wonderful thread you initiated 



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BinJin Fanfiction ❤


One of the best things about the BinJin fandom is the amazing fanfic authors. Their talent is unbelievable. The stories are so well written and the emotion that come through... just wow. Some are better than professional writers whose books are available on Amazon. Some can be plots for a movie/drama. The only thing with the fics that are "ongoing"... it's really hard to wait 🥺😅!


I like stories with good plots and which are well written/edited. Here are some of them:


❤   Stories within BinJin Timeline

❤   Stories within CLoY Timeline/CLoY Sequel

❤   Alternate Universe Stories

❤   Featured Authors


These sections and the features will be continuously updated as I explore the wide world of BinJin fanfics. [Janghaven has a rule that limits images to 3 per post - thus, the stories featured earlier will be moved into the spoiler box.]


🔺Write responsibly, but do write! Advice from @rulesthegalaxy🔺



Hi friends! 👋


As the #Binjin/#CLOY fandom grows, it's important that readers know what they are getting into when they are reading stories. Just borrowing from things in the Star Wars fandom, it would be great if we can all tag our fics and one shots, even on Twitter. THREAD.


Tagging is like a mask - it protects you and the reader. I can see what I want to read ahead of time, and you are protected from flames from people who got into something they didn't expect.


It also helps writers reflect on what we're writing, and if it's responsible to put out into the world, especially with many young readers.


Examples of things to be tagged are: abuse, medical death/disease, character death, violence, suicide, infidelity, ANYTHING nonconsensual or even borderline nonconsensual, dom/sub, & even pregnancy (some people don't want to read!)


Again, NOT a comprehensive list, but examples.


You can put a tag in your tweet, like cw: tag1,tag2,tag3 (cw stands for content warning).


You can also consider moving anything with many tags to AO3, which has a great tagging system already in place.


Mature content should definitely only be on AO3 or Wattpad.


Aside from tagging, please be conscious of what content you are putting out in any fanfiction that uses any real life names.


People spend lifetimes building reputations, and they are not just characters in our stories to be played with at will.


Also, there are many young readers who will take your fic as examples of real world relationships. Please be cognizant when writing blatantly misogynistic characters.


And consent for smut in fanfics should be verbal, enthusiastic, & ongoing, just like consent in real life.


Write responsibly, but do write! Please just tag it so everyone can enjoy it. 👍


XOXO, your local CLOY authors


Source: @rulesthegalaxy




@ Feb 8, 2021








Another great recommendation on twitter. Was just about to start serious work when I got distracted by this fic and binged 5 chapters! An enjoyable read. Their attraction was instant and the tension sexy ❤


Quoting a reader on AO3, wntrgrdenholic, “This AU fic has all the elements of the CLOY we all know and love: two lonely souls seeking a home; a family found in the most unlikely place; palpable tension between the two leads; and family dramas getting in the way.”





This is a new author recommended on twitter. The more you read, the story seems to get better. The plot is intriguing and the writing is good. The emotional bits are wow. The author does not have any other work published on wattpad but I found it hard to believe that this is her first. And indeed, it is not – she had written fics for Star Trek and X-files on another platform. It’s no wonder that the set-up was detailed and the story is flowing so well.


What is the story about? It is about Son Ye Jin and Kim Hyun Bin, who were housemates while at school in the USA. They were lovers during this time, but it seems did not know much about each other outside the bedroom. Son Ye Jin is a poor student, working hard to do well in school and support her family. Kim Hyun Bin is a grandson of a rich family and destined to help with the family business. Many years later, they find each other again in South Korea. I don’t want to write too much here as it will become spoilers. Suffice to say, the story is like a drama serial with a large supporting cast (celebrities galore!). It is engrossing and makes you excited to continue reading (I binged 10 chapters on discovery).


***WARNINGS*** | ***Spoilers***


1. The opening scene may be a turnoff for some. If this is a trigger, just drop the story. If you can keep an open mind, then continue. Much is explained in the later chapters.


The sex was hot! But he was forceful and this may be an issue for some. Did it cross a line? To me, it did not. Yes, she told him to “wait” when he was pulling her into the room and kissing her. But she stopped asking when they got on the bed and he started to give her oral. Before penetration, he waited for her to consent. The part that is doubtful is that he did not pull out as she requested. But as you read on, there is a background to their relationship that we do not fully understand yet at Chapter 1.


2. I was conflicted about Kim Hyun Bin’s character at the start. It's a first time I have wanted to read a story where he is not nice.


To me, using his real name was a problem (albeit he is Kim HB here). In doing so, there is an expectation for the characterisation to follow more closely to his real self. So it was quite a shock when his portrayal at the start of this story was downright awful. It took awhile to get my head around it. It helped that the writing for the other parts was good. So I decided to trust the author and see where she is taking us. I'm glad that after a few chapters, we are shown that there were reasons and he is redeemable.


I often wonder how fic authors decide whether to use HB/SYJ’s real names or a name from one of their movies/dramas. There seems to be no specific rule and is chosen depending on the author’s preference. Thus, I decided to not judge a story solely on this.


Boxing the authors into what we know of their characters or the roles they have played in their past limits creativity. Just as both HB & SYJ would like to try new roles, I would like to read new stories too, as long as it is done well. Of course, the story cannot be so outlandish such that they are no longer recognisable.


Sometimes I look at the character and plot and think "will they take on such a script"? If yes, then I will read on. Not all characters need to start with them being the good people we know they are, just like not all of their acting roles are angels. It's difficult to say exactly what would make a fic acceptable, but I think if it ends with them doing the right thing, I can live with it, if the story is good and the problematic bits are not gratuitous.


Episode Reactions | ***Spoilers***


Chapter 1

She has kids????? With “s”? Is this a typo error?

She has 3 kids!!!!! All by Bin! How did that happen?

A reader mentioned she had triplets?

Love the description of the kids.


Chapter 2

Oh so that’s how she had 3 kids.

Oh problematic again...

Oh no, Bin is an awful person here! Don’t do this to him - should I continue reading???


Chapter 3

Who’s that mysterious man on the plane?

Poor girl. She’s had a hard life. But so courageous and strong to do it all alone.


Chapter 4

He obviously loves her! So what happened???

Wow the setup of the Kim family is like those family saga dramas.

Celebrities galore!


Chapter 5

The number of supporting characters is staggering.

The author keeps dropping hints. I have many questions!


Chapter 6

His parents have a loving relationship. He can’t be so bad.

Realization hits! There’s hope for him!


Chapter 7

This chapter is painful!


Chapter 8

The children 😍


Chapter 9

She is in a group chat with Bin's mother 👀

Oooh Gong Yoo sounds really good here...


Chapter 10

He's found her. What now.


Chapter 11

Oh good. He makes his intentions clear.

[R/29Jan21; E/1Feb21]

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BinJin Fanfiction ❤ BinJin Timeline







Thank you @andperil! This is the first story I’ve read that addresses the exhilarating news on Jan 1. We all have thoughts on the 8-month timeline and it is great to read the author’s interpretation. One of the readers, PrettyRory says "eeek i feel like a teenager smiling over this lol" - me too lol! ❤


One of my Janghaven mates said I can stop reading fanfics since BinJin have confirmed 😆 But no, we love the fics and the authors too! There's no stopping this love story, real or au ❤ [R/6Jan21]


By @chumchururum on Jan 8, 2021

While I’m team late 2018, I leave 5% open for the 8 months narrative since I don’t actually know them personally. 2/3 chapters in & I’m in love with this story. It’s v. well-written & portrays a plausible story on what could be if we were to take their word on the timeline.





BinJin’s friendship, attraction and how they fell in love is probably one of the most beautiful stories ever. Something we are all dying to know but likely never will.


The author gives us her version, weaving her imaginations around the facts from the media. And we are so thirsty that we lap it all up! This fanfic follows BinJin’s timeline in chronological order, starting from when they first meet for ‘The Negotiation’ script reading. Though the writing is a bit staid, there are several sweet moments and BINJIN-FAN has been consistent in documenting the major events.


This is the most comprehensive fic in this category and is popular. As at Nov 7, 2020 it has 110 chapters and 367K views! And it is still continuing! Kudos to the author for the effort. [R/7NOV20]


A to E [alphabetically by author's name]



















F to Z [alphabetically by author's name]






This fic is creative and fun! Great for those who wonder about BinJin in their early days. It starts and goes straight into the rumours with the ex, on HB watching SITR and the classic, HB’s birthday! There were some parts I didn’t agree with (when they quarrel) but just skip those if you don’t like it too (I think the author has also removed some of it). It doesn’t spoil the rest of the fic.


My favourite is Chapter 5 – Seafood bouillabaisse (yes, all the chapters are named after food or drink) where we imagine HB and SYJ met up in Europe when he was filming MOTA and she was on holiday – it was so romantic… swoon ❤. I've re-read it numerous times lol.


GROCERYGIRL has grasped their personalities fairly accurately and so the stories seem almost real. Very well done. [R/15NOV20]















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BinJin Fanfiction ❤ CLoY Timeline/Sequel







I love romance stories with the male POV. “On quiet nights, he likes to watch her sleep.” And while he watches her with tenderness, the author describes Ri Jeong Hyeok’s thoughts and feelings and we see how he falls in love. It’s such a bonus to read these insights especially as RJH hardly expressed his feelings in words in the drama. It’s like getting additional scenes in CLOY.


This is a short story, just 10 chapters and each chapter is not too long. But you have sweetness, some domesticity, some humour and of course, heartbreaking moments. The writing is simply wonderful. An enjoyable quick read. [R/27NOV20]





“Because I wish it was you.” So poignant. And it asks a difficult question. I have always thought that RJH would never defect because it would harm his parents – his sense of responsibility will not let that happen. But I’ve never thought about it from Seri’s perspective, which “Sanctuary” brings to the fore.


The story focuses on the days when Seri and Jeong Hyeok are first reunited in Switzerland, 3 years after separating at the border. It is sweet, sometimes sad and of course sexy because yes, there is smut. I love that we get to hear the thoughts and feelings of both. And I love that Seo Dan is here too and has become friends with Jeong Hyeok. Her role is a crucial one, supportive and makes so much sense.


WINEANDPERIL writes beautifully. The longing and anguish are palpable. Plenty of angst but a happy ending nevertheless. Very nicely done. [R/24NOV20]





If you're suffering from CLoY withdrawal symptoms, read this! This fanfic is hilarious - the laugh out loud, clutch your stomach kind. And at the same time, tender. The author's descriptions of these moments in RiRi's daily life within the drama is so real and their essence is captured so accurately. It's like watching additional scenes in CLoY. A truly fun read. Too bad there are only 4 chapters. Edit: Author has responded that she has several half-finished chapters 😱👀❤️ The big question is, will we ever see it? 😆 [R/4NOV20]


A to Z [alphabetically by author's name]







Recommended by @wineandperil, this fic is found only on AO3. There is no book cover so I have taken the liberty of using the photo of the scene which led to the momentus Chapter 4. It is one year after they found each other again in Switzerland so they still have only 2 weeks.


Nothing I say here will do justice to this story. You have to read it for yourself. The writing is on a whole different level. Their sexual attraction, their yearning to be together... just read it. [R/10NOV20]





COOLISSUE needs no introduction. 'At Long Last' is one of the most read BinJin fanfic on wattpad - it gave fans who were unsatisfied with CLoY's ending, closure. And she bravely dealt with Ri Jeong Heok's virginity - what a fast learner he was LOL. I remember thinking how fortunate COOLISSUE's RL husband must be 🤭😇 [R/7SEP20]



























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BinJin Fanfiction ❤ Alternate Universe







The first time, she crashes into him. The second time, she crashes into him again but he takes off his shirt! And so it goes until... This story is about timing. STARUPABOVE is truly a master of romantic love stories. Nothing fancy, no sub-plots or intrigues. Just two people who meet and fall in love.


I found this at just the right time, on 22 Dec. Add some Christmas music and it will be like a feel-good holiday movie. Love it ❤ [R/22DEC20]


By @balmaincouple on Dec 22, 2020

One of my early forays into Binjin fanfic and a favourite. It really does have that rom com vibe including the chemistry and great dialogue. It's the ultimate meet cute! ❤


By @momlifealways (aka CoolIssue) on Dec 22, 2020

@starupabove does the best dialogues; it’s never forced, and you can pretty much see everything play out like a movie through her words. One of my most re-read chapters of hers is Chpt 3 of ‘I’ll take a bullet for you’ — the tension and growing attraction at the gym was PERFECT.





She is a lawyer on the partnership track, posted to the Seattle office. He is a social escort, due to family circumstances. She dreamt to be a baker. He has a dream to own a coffee shop.


It’s incredible that someone thought to use Hyun Bin’s character in “Late Autumn” in a story, and yet it works! It takes an open mind and a good writer.


I met TEENERS101 in the forums but did not know that she wrote fanfics. She’s humble. Her plots are different from the norm and her characters have real-life issues like financial considerations. Very interesting and daring. [R/19DEC20]





A new one from SAWYERDAVENPORT is of course a must read. No one writes this genre like her. The Prologue already has pain. Expecting lots more action and tension too. Very exciting. But does this mean that "Queen of Spades" will take a backseat? 😭 [R/1NOV20]

Edit: Chapter 1 is out and Seri is kickass! Jeonghyeok is in awe and captivated! They flirt! This is the author's version of fluff 😂. But I'm loving Seri's portrayal - feminine and strong. Written so well. Beautiful chapter ❤ [R/6NOV20]


By @momlifealways (aka CoolIssue) on Dec 29, 2020

There’s always something so romantic in the scenes S paints against a backdrop of action and amazing plot lines. In her stories, the world can be falling apart, but Dooly’s love is always rock solid. No pointless pain or problematic men, thank God. P.S. thank you for the cameo!


A to M [alphabetically by author's name]





I've had this author's "Eyes On You" in my To Read folder for some time but never got past the first page, probably because the start was so sad - got to get back to it now. "First Snow" Chapter One is hilarious! Love love the banter (typical Seri style lol). Eager to see how this story develops. [R/1NOV20]

Edit: Chapter 2 is out! And the dialogue is so good. [R/10NOV20]

Edit: We've had 3 chapters and I must say, this author is good. I don't know how I've missed her works earlier. [R/18NOV20]


By @doczanahorias on Jan 16, 2021

GUYS let me tell you, this is PHENOMENAL. The prose is fantastic, the characters spot on. It is a seamlessly done AU where the truest sentiments of CLOY are transported to a new universe. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ THIS and thank you Amel for writing this beautiful piece













***Warning. Adults Only.***

Recently, some of the authors seem to be trying their hand at more heavy duty smut. It's not easy to write BDSM, albeit a very light one (so far; it's only been two chapters lol). You need to know or deeply researched to understand the intricacies of the lifestyle. COOLISSUE has done it well here. I like that the precious characters are written with respect (it could easily feel demeaning if one is not careful with d/s). This is hot and kinky and yet the romance still exists. Read this behind a locked door... or if you like some inspiration with your... ahem... lol. [R/2NOV20]





This is another fic that I like very much. Because Hyun Bin is CEO/President! And another bar scene! I am a sucker for these stories lol.


But seriously, the story is a nice romance and well written. He is smitten from the beginning and likes that she does not behave like most women just because he is rich and handsome. She is in awe because he is her CEO but her heart flutters around him. There is a backstory on HB’s past failed romance, a betrayal, and it seems like YJ’s boss may be giving her some trouble later. We are waiting to read more. Hope the author comes back soon! [R/26NOV20]





The prologue made me wary. It sounded like Ri Jeong Hyeok was a struggling painter and Yoon Seri a poor maiden. Then there was Cho Choel Gang, an art patron who seemed to have an eye for Seri. I feared that this was going to be a sad story because how will they protect themselves/each other from evil without resources? So I was going to wait until the fic ended to binge.


Then celest1al recommended it and I went back to read chapters 2 and 3. I am glad I did. “Portrait of A Swallow” is intriguing and suspenseful. This unique storyline is the first that I have come across in BinJin fanfiction, and likely can only be done successfully by a skillful writer.


I first noticed DOCZANAHORIAS during #cloytober. She wrote a prompt which was very touching. However, her fics are mostly narrative, which I find hard to follow through when it is a full-length story. But there is no denying that even without much dialogue, she is gifted and writes beautifully. It is said, a picture is worth a thousand words. For DOCZANAHORIAS, her words paint the pictures, vividly. [R/29NOV20]


By @momlifealways (aka CoolIssue) on Nov 30, 2020

RJH is a great painter here, coming alive under the pen of @doczanahorias, who, with masterful use of words and imagery, has painted a kaleidoscope of colors, pictures, emotions and tension in black and white. Do check it out, Portrait of a Swallow is worth every minute of time.


By @davenportsawyer on Nov 30, 2020

Definitely got my attention! Writing is top notch and completely grabs your emotions, leaving you wanting for more. 😭









This is a cute romcom. We have a usually smooth Jeong Hyeok flustered and playing hard to get lol. And Seri being her usual cheeky self. ITSPBJELLYTIME's humour is a tinge sarcastic which is fantastic! There are just 4 chapters so far. They are still at that ‘I am interested but don’t want to be too obvious stage’. More please! [R/2DEC20]



N to R [alphabetically by author's name]




#ASecondStrikeofLightning Outtakes





RAVENMAGUE has a new story! This fic originates from the chapter “A Twist of Fate” in “A String of Tangencies”. Read it for the backstory and Se Ri’s POV of when she meets Ri Jeong Hyeok. I love it when the author provides both POVs. Here, their roles are reversed - JH is the South Korean heir and SR is the daughter of the third most powerful man in North Korea. The premise is mighty interesting, and with parts of CLoY woven in, we are screaming lol!


The first chapter is fluffy. Will it continue to be light and romantic? I worry about melodrama from the synopsis. Excited for the next chapters. [R/16NOV20]





A beautiful story written by ravenmague, mixed with some "Goblin".

Now a beautiful video with beautiful music by clyte.







This is super hot! If you like 50 shades...

Accompanied now with a video from clyte. Love the visuals of Yoo Jin Woo with Yoon Se Ri. And the music is so on point with the story's vibes!



 There is another video from Clyte D. on Youtube

"Inspired by Falling From Grace: a fanfic on wattpad. Her story is a must read..."

Song: Crazy In Love (Cover by Sophia Karlberg) - so good! 😍







I have to confess. I LOVE the way REGINADESOLATIO writes, especially the sex. She has 1 full-length fic (this, yet to be completed) and 2 one-shots (Dangerous Liasions & Homecoming) and all of them are hot. Strangely though, they don’t feel like pure smut. I suppose the AO3 tag ‘Let's be real this is mostly smut but I promise there will be fluff and love I PROMISE’ is true.


“Falling from Grace” is one of my all-time favourites. I absolutely adore this type of story – good looking, smart, successful and rich. (Hey, it’s a fantasy world that we are trying to immerse in right?) Both are equal in status, have the same attitude to sex and when they come together, they sizzle! Se-ri is fantastic here. She’s stunning and knows it. She knows how to play the game and her moves are so sexy. A suave Jeong-hyeok, dominant, who has so far been doing the dumping, enthralled by Se-ri, is such a pleasure to imagine. And may I just say, that balcony scene… someone called it “smut gourmet”… swoon!


The minute I read the opening seduction scene in a bar, I wished this was a completed book that I could binge quickly to the end. The sparks were flying off the page. Sadly, the last update was some time ago. If this story had continued, I have a feeling that we would be seeing some light bdsm, ala 50 Shades of Grey. But to me, this story is even better, because Se-ri is dominant, and will submit to only one. [For those who are interested to explore a more hardcore version, try Joey W Hill’s “Ice Queen” and the sequel “Mirror of My Soul”.] And of course, I am also interested in the development of their love story lol. [R/22NOV20]


REGINADESOLATIO’s back! This is the most eagerly awaited fic update. Not only is there a new chapter [where things get more serious between Seri & RJH], but the earlier chapters have been tweaked too. Is it still good? Yes! The original was quick and hot. It starts out clearly as a one-night stand and is written as such with RJH’s thoughts in playboy mode. The updated one is more romantic and intimate. The feel is that they both seem to recognize from the start that this could be extraordinary. Plus two of the love scenes (chapters 2 and 8) have been extended – I don’t know if we should have a warning for the massage scene 👀 but I am really looking forward to it! And will we get to see RJH tied up in later chapters? LOL! [AR/31DEC20]


[Author’s Note] For those who have asked and/or are curious about what I meant when I said that FFG has ‘additional scenes’. You won’t be missing out on plot if you don’t reread. It’s basically the same story but rewritten with more nuance and...**detail**, iykwim


By @momlifealways (aka CoolIssue) on Nov 22, 2020

FFG for the win! I’ve proudly said it and will say it again - she is my consultant and copy editor for The Teacher’s Pet. Any writer who has tried his/her hand at smut will know it is tough stuff, and working with @psykhekatta (aka reginadesolatio) showed me just how much attention she pays to the tiniest detail. It is incredibly humbling, impressively mind-blowing and you just can’t help but marvel at how seriously she takes her writing despite how busy she is in real life with work. [Thanks JY for letting us include your comments on twitter here.]


By @davenportsawyer on Nov 23, 2020

Would like to also chime in that @psykhekatta (aka reginadesolatio) is responsible for many chapters of DA - not only in editing but ideas and plot building and in some cases - the voice of it. I don’t know what I’d do without her. She is bursting with creativity and insights. [Thanks SDP for letting us include your comments on twitter here.]







This is a ghost story. A ghost & love story. You may ask, how can there be a happily ever after between a human and a ghost? Well, I’m DYING to find out too lol! Expecting great things from RULESTHEGALAXY. Chapter 1 is mysterious and off to a great start.


There will be 5 parts and the author has promised weekly updates every Friday. There are 2 beautiful covers for this fic. It is a waste not to use the second cover so it has been added as backgound for the text - does it give a haunting illusion? It was midnight - had to scroll up to get THE EYES off-screen while typing this... shivers... [R/17NOV2020]



S [alphabetically by author's name]





A unique story in the world of BinJin fanfictions. Different from the usual romance. Gritty. The protagonists have a past that is painful to read. Never knew fanfic authors could write like this. I am in awe.

Accompanied now with another wonderful video from clyte. [The link to the original tweet from clyte refuses to embed. Thus, we are using a quote tweet instead temporarily.]


Accompanied now with art by @wwkww0728.

"I am so blessed with the best, most amazing and talented friends. @wwkww0728 to your incredible work!" - sawyerdavenport










A new one from SAWYERDAVENPORT is of course a must read. No one writes this genre like her. The Prologue already has pain. Expecting lots more action and tension too. Very exciting. But does this mean that "Queen of Spades" will take a backseat? 😭 [R/1NOV20]

Edit: Chapter 1 is out and Seri is kickass! Jeonghyeok is in awe and captivated! They flirt! This is the author's version of fluff 😂. But I'm loving Seri's portrayal - feminine and strong. Written so well. Beautiful chapter ❤ [R/6NOV20]


By @momlifealways (aka CoolIssue) on Dec 29, 2020

There’s always something so romantic in the scenes S paints against a backdrop of action and amazing plot lines. In her stories, the world can be falling apart, but Dooly’s love is always rock solid. No pointless pain or problematic men, thank God. P.S. thank you for the cameo!




Supplement: Rhythm of Love: The Social Media Receipts

Screenshots of social media interactions between and posts from the characters of Rhythm of Love.



First fanfiction by the author but doesn't feel like it at all. So well written and funny at that! Seems gay men find RJH swoony too lol! It's a unique plot with YSR as a dancer and RJH as a singer. Can't wait for the next chapters. Love a light and fun romance. [R/2NOV20]

Edit: Chapter 7 is damn good. Soooo funny. [R/15NOV20]


By @momlifealways (aka CoolIssue) on Dec 15, 2020

Started a long work day with two chapters of RhythmOfLove by one of my favorite writers here serineblack. I won’t go into plot details here because you really should be experiencing the gradual unfolding of this elegantly-wrapped gift for yourself. KM authornim’s words are meticulously crafted lines of elegance, yet retaining a simple touch that allows for most readers to enjoy the story without having to reach for a thesaurus. Her chapters are chock-full of the best ingredients for a tantalizing love story, attraction, romance, rhythm in motion and song, all presented tastefully in vividly-described scenes. Topped with a maraschino cherry of humorous touches, and rainbow sprinkles of the cutest gay bestie, this sweet treat is the lovely read your hungry BinJin/Dooly soul needs. ❤ [Thanks JY for letting us include your comments on twitter here.]





I don't like pure melodramas. I try to avoid it. It took awhile, but finally, I opened "Every Breath You Take".


SHUTTERBUGTRAVELER writes beautifully; definitely amongst the great authors we have in this fandom.


This story is heart-wrenching. ***Warning - tissues needed***


The writing draws you in emotionally. The scenes are not dragged out, every paragraph is necessary, concise. And yet it touches you. The jumps between past and present are written seamlessly. I think this is a good way to do it. The past tragedy is so painful, it is slightly easier to bear with a breather. Though the medical aspect is not the crux of the story, the descriptions are realistic, probably because the author is a doctor. I hope the story will be continued to completion. [R/14NOV20]





This is a story told in text messaging style. Very innovative! Ala Meg Ryan and Tom Hank's "You've Got Mail"? It begins with serione looking for the song she heard in Switzerland and mt_hawk responding. They then start to text each other - or rather, serione starts to bombard mt_hawk lol. The messages are hilarious and the romance is sweet. And what fantastic names - serione ❤ mt_hawk ❤


SOSSEU's crafting of the story and attention to detail is unbelievable. The twists are incredible! It is amazing that a few text messages can convey their feelings to us and generate this level of excitement! We wait on tenterhooks each time! This is brilliant. [R/1NOV20, E/4DEC20]







This is a good “old-fashioned” romantic action thriller, which is a breath of fresh air these days. Here, Seri and Jeong Hyeok are police detective colleagues. They meet and fall in love. They take risks to catch the bad guy and get passionate while arguing about it. Then there is the melodrama, wonderfully written, as promised by the title and also bits of humour to lighten the mood. Just like a movie, which makes the new movie poster cover so fitting.


The pace is relatively fast with just 11 chapters, so don't expect too much details on the crime. But there is classic romance which is sweet and lovely to read, and you may giggle at some parts. This was the author’s first multi-chaptered fanfiction. A successful effort. [R/12NOV20]











T to Z [alphabetically by author's name]








I stumbled across this story and was pleasantly surprised. It’s set in the era of “The Classic” and “Friend, Our Legend” – the author can’t tell us exactly which year it is but you get the idea.


I have not watched FOL. I cannot bring myself to do so because this drama seems to have only pain. To watch 16 episodes of Hyun Bin get no breaks from every obstacle, then die, is quite beyond me. So it was fortunate that this fic was already at the second last chapter when I found it. At least I didn’t have to suffer THAT cliffhanger – how cruel the author was!


TEENERS101 has a clean simple style of writing that makes the story easy to read and digest. It’s a touching story, about love, selflessness, steadfastness. Worth reading. [R/18NOV20]





This was another incredible find, a gem especially for those who love CLoY. Surprisingly, it is seemingly “undiscovered” if we judge purely by the number of views vis-à-vis the number of chapters.


The story follows CLoY closely, except that Ri Jeong-hyeok has gone to Seoul due to forced circumstances and works initially, as bodyguard to Yoon Se-ri. As Seo Dan has also followed him to Seoul, our second leads receive a fair amount of attention in this story, which is very nice as we love them too. It’s quite amazing how the author weaves many key CLoY moments into her story and yet it still flows very naturally.


If you have not read this, do give it a shot. Thanks also to celest1al who agreed for her comments on wattpad to be included here. [R/21NOV2020]


By celest1al on Sep 21, 2020

This is my first time giving a comment. I'm actually pretty new to reading fanfics, but my love for BinJin is making me do things that are out of character for me and so I've been trying out many different ones. Haha! I have to say, yours is one of my favorites so far. I found your story pretty late, but I've probably re-read it a few times. I love how you really capture the feeling of CLOY even though it's an alt storyline, and also the essence of these characters. The development of each couple is so natural, organic, and heart-fluttering. CLOY was really epic, but your story feels like a slice-of-life version of it and I absolutely love that. Not to mention, it's just very well-written and so it's such an easy read. In conclusion, I'm a huge fan! Thank you and I'm looking forward to the upcoming chapters.





***Warning. Adults Only.***

I think this was the first fic that was meant to be purely erotic (ie. don’t expect story development 🤣) and with some light domination. It's a collaboration by 3 authors. BINJINTINGZ starts the ball rolling with a spicy phonecall, RULESTHEGALAXY writes a sexy behind-the-scenes during the TN Showcase. And I love EDNAMODE_101’s sense of humour - she can’t even resist writing funny bits into a story that is meant to be pure smut! I had a hard time deciding if I should be laughing or feeling uhm... excited? LOL. [R/16Jan21]


A valiant effort. I gathered that the authors were trying their hand at writing bdsm - I read this genre so I gave this book some leeway although some of the scenes could be improved. D/s is a controversial subject and difficult to write well. Anyone who attempts to write this genre should be mindful to do so respectfully as the protaganists are our fave otp and not fictional characters.









They were together for 8 years. Then she left suddenly with no explanation. He suffered but doesn’t change the passcode to his apartment. 7 years later, she returns.


But why did she leave so many years ago?

[And if you are interested, there is a vigorous discussion in the comments at the end of Chapter 7 on wattpad.]


This was the first medical AU I came across. It’s a popular genre. The story is angsty but eventually heartwarming. A lovely touch is the bonus at the end of each chapter -  these are snippets of their time from before, while they were in medical school. Sweet. [R/29DEC20]



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BinJin Fanfiction ❤ AU - One-shots







One of my fave one-shots - "#CLOYtober - Soju (Min Tae Gu/Ha Chae Yoon)". This takes place in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She is a paediatriacian at a local shelter. Although it was short, it was 🔥. "Animal magnetism"[TEENERS101]. There are so few good TaeChae fics. This is one of the best. [R/8Feb21]


A to M [alphabetically by author's name]











N to Z [alphabetically by author's name]






Download PDF for easier format to read the screenplay.



Written as a screenplay. Extraordinary. 40+ pages of intense, raw and honest dialogue.




From the start, it was odd that they were so comfortable with each other. And the conversation seemed in-depth for strangers. As they talked, the tingling started. Parts of his ex sounded familiar. No one in this fandom would describe any other woman that way. Its all reserved for only one. But her ex didn’t tie. The timeline didn’t gel. So I hesitated. Then bam! OMG!


Mega twist. Many are traumatized. The authors left us at the point of revelation. Some are petitioning for an epilogue. But this one deserves a second read. Once is not enough to fully appreciate the details – the hints in the dialogue, in the actions, to understand and feel the sadness… Re-read and you will see that it is a happy ending. As @TEENERS101 says, "I find there’s something beautiful in what’s unsaid." I am satisfied with how the story ended. But if the authors want to provide an epilogue, I wouldn't complain either 😅.


What a brilliant collaboration between RAVENMAGUE, one of the best authors in this fandom who wrote the much-loved “Finding You”, and SOSSEU/CLOYSAUCE who has endless innovative ideas and is the queen of twists as shown in her fic “Landing In Your Inbox”.


"A true magnum opus for the fandom." - @TEENERS101



By @balmaincouple on Dec 28, 2020

Raven and sauce deserve all the accolades. They write with such detail, integrity, honesty and intelligence. They manage to always get to the heart without being maudlin, manipulative or obvious. In Turning Point, they have written a story interwoven with clues laced throughout. The biggest hint is in the title itself. Everyone will automatically reread it immediately after they finish. It is such a rich, complex and complete story.











 This needs to be more than a one-shot! Reminds me of Hugh Laurie (House, MD) and Eloisa James's "When Beauty Tamed The Beast". Except that Hyun Bin is no beast 😆!


Accompanied now with art by @wwkww0728.

"My ultra talented & good friend @wwkww0728 drew me BinJin for my “Tale As Old As Time” one shot!! Spot HB’s scar and the curve of his hair as Beast’s horn! I am in love! Thank you so much girl!!" - sawyerdavenport













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BinJin Fanfiction ❤ Featured Authors

[alphabetically by author's name]




A tribute to COOLISSUE, who recently completed 'At Long Last' at a staggering 100 chapters. One of the very best authors in the BinJin fandom, her stories range from sweet young love in 'High School Daze' to the sageuk 'Legend of Nakrang' to the erotic 'The Teacher's Pet'. No genre seems too difficult for her. Whether it is fluff, angst or smut, she writes with class. And her characterisations stay true to BinJin. Very enjoyable reads. Top-notch. [R/2NOV20]











COOLISSUE needs no introduction. 'At Long Last' is one of the most read BinJin fanfic on wattpad - it gave fans who were unsatisfied with CLoY's ending, closure. And she bravely dealt with Ri Jeong Heok's virginity - what a fast learner he was LOL. I remember thinking how fortunate COOLISSUE's RL husband must be 🤭😇 [R/7SEP20]













***Warning. For Adults Only.***

Recently, some of the authors seem to be trying their hand at more heavy duty smut. It's not easy to write BDSM, albeit a very light one (so far; it's only been two chapters lol). You need to know or deeply researched to understand the intricacies of the lifestyle. COOLISSUE has done it well here. I like that the precious characters are written with respect (it could easily feel demeaning if one is not careful with d/s). This is hot and kinky and yet the romance still exists. Read this behind a locked door... or if you like some inspiration with your... ahem... lol. [R/2NOV20]











Another one of our beloved authors. Coming soon.






Work in progress









RAVENMAGUE has a new story! This fic originates from the chapter “A Twist of Fate” in “A String of Tangencies”. Read it for the backstory and Se Ri’s POV of when she meets Ri Jeong Hyeok. I love it when the author provides both POVs. Here, their roles are reversed - JH is the South Korean heir and SR is the daughter of the third most powerful man in North Korea. The premise is mighty interesting, and with parts of CLoY woven in, we are screaming lol!


The first chapter is fluffy. Will it continue to be light and romantic? I worry about melodrama from the synopsis. Excited for the next chapters. [R/16NOV20]







And with the latest chapter of Death Angel, we see just how brilliant SAWYERDAVENPORT is. Coming soon.






Work in progress















A new one from SAWYERDAVENPORT is of course a must read. No one writes this genre like her. The Prologue already has pain. Expecting lots more action and tension too. Very exciting. But does this mean that "Queen of Spades" will take a backseat? 😭 [R/1NOV20]

Edit: Chapter 1 is out and Seri is kickass! Jeonghyeok is in awe and captivated! They flirt! This is the author's version of fluff 😂. But I'm loving Seri's portrayal - feminine and strong. Written so well. Beautiful chapter ❤ [R/6NOV20]



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