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[C-Artist] Seven Tan Song Yun 谭松韵

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5.12 Wen Chuan doesn't believe tears 5.12汶川不相信眼泪


A Recording Pen's Confession 一支录音笔的自白Republic of China's Police民国警花Caught in the Web 搜索


Switch富春山居图Silent Witness  全民目击
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Nice to Meet you再见路星河
Endless Summer八月未央


Live Your Days Peacefully 好好过日子


I'll Wait for You at Heaven 我在天堂等你


Wild Chrysanthemum山菊花


Lohas Family乐活家庭


My Passionate Youth我的燃情岁月
Empresses in the Palace甄嬛传


Master Lin at Seoul 林师傅在首尔The City of Fog 雾都We Love You Mr. Jin 金太狼的幸福生活
Happiness Attack 幸福攻略


Mother's Glorious Days 妈妈的花样年华


The Master of the House大当家
Happiness Please Wait For Me幸福请你等等我


Warm Men's Love and War暖男的爱情与战争
The Whirlwind Girl 旋风少女


With You 最好的我们 


The Whirlwind Girl 2 旋风少女2


The Fox's Summer 狐狸的夏天
My Mr. Mermaid 浪花一朵朵
Faceoff 特化师


Under the Power 锦衣之下


The Eight 外八行
Go Ahead 以家人之名

Dear Mayang Street 亲爱的麻洋街


Jin Xin Si Yu锦心似玉


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35 minutes ago, Lynne said:


I heard about this incident from @themarchioness at the time. IIRC it happen when Ms Fox was airing / just finished airing. I really feel sorry for her. 

Glad to see something is being done to the hit and run driver. 


Edit : My 200th post.. LOL


the worst is that the paparazzi mix the times lines up to make it sound like SongYun was un-filial, it was during the filming for 'The Eight' i believe

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7 hours ago, Lynne said:

Yup, I read about it this evening.. i pity the family.. its already hard enough to loose the member of your family like that, and the responsible party is not feeling remorse at all... 


feel like slapping that guy......if he had at least appear sober and sorry...it wont be that bad......


the guy's parents that hit my brother in an accident came and apologize......we were like.....its alright and let it go since he only suffer abrasion & scraps only.....no major issues.......so we were like its okie since you're taking responsibilities and let the insurance settle the rest...


at the very least the guy's parent came forward to say sorry.....the guy that hit my brother is a youngster so i think he didnt appear cause he scare however the parents came forward.....to me that is enough cause they are really sorry

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SongYun's statement in the court, and also from another.....accident victims that ended up with a limp forever, stating how the accused didnt seems to regrets his action and the accused's father blame the 3 families for putting his son in the lockup over the new year....


gosh..... @OsmanthusTea this is what u call real life selfishness of a parent!!!



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7 minutes ago, OsmanthusTea said:


In China because of the one child policy, it's created plenty of monsters. The parents spoil their one and only child rotten and the child can do no wrong.


Btw, why there is no angry reaction option?? Something like this  😤


i know right


however right now they allowed 1 family to have 2 children....


they are now only selfish being that only think of themselves.....really break for those victims relatives....cause it had put to 2 other ppl in critical conditions......and 1 casualties which happen to be SongYun's mother......she made times to attend the court where she need to rush to the airport right after the court hearing......

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