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The Justice 光芒 [2021]


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gwGoLra.jpgChinese title: 光芒
English title: The Justice
Genre: Business, Republican Era
Episodes: 48
Broadcast Date: Sept/08/2021



Steven Zhang XinCheng as Cheng YiZhi

Elvira Cai WenJing as Wu LiZi

Gu ZiCheng as XuShu

Zhang ZhiJian as Huang RuHong

Wang ZiJian as ChaLi

LiangJie as Xiao LingDang


Zhang XueHan













Set in 1930s Shanghai, Cheng Yizhi who comes from a poor family meets Wu Rufu, a banker and his daughter Li Zi. Inspired by Wu, Cheng Yizhi quits his job as a businessman and enters the finance industry; and becomes bank owner Boss Huang's closest confidante. However, he finds out that Boss Huang caused the death of Wu Rufu, and also colluded with various forces to build a black money empire.


Cheng Yizhi decides to leave Boss Huang, and teams up with Li Zi to create a new bank industry. However they face opposition from Boss Huang and the Japanese. With the help of the underground party, Cheng Yizhi works together with the industry people to revitalize the republican.  


(Source: DramaWiki) 


Official Sites:

Weibo l Baidu

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3 hours ago, Alice Wonderland said:

They're destined to be so! But I like these two. Their bromance is just really so family. 


Wait wait.. why they really love to make this type of drama genre lately? No romance huh?


er dont ask me....i think they release them together in bulk....


its not like they dont have other genre stock up lols

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On 9/10/2021 at 4:57 AM, SilverMoonTea said:

The problem will it have sub or no :lmao2:

There are subtitles! They've released up to episode 8 and it seems like the leads get together quickly because there's going to be some angst coming up. I heard some pretty good things about it but I haven't watched it yet. 



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