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Kono Koi Atatamemasuka (A Warmed Up Love) - この恋あたためますか [JP Drama 2020]


A Warmed Up Love Poll  

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  1. 1. Will Asaba confess to Kiki?

    • Yes, he will soon.
    • No, he consider ex gf feelings.
  2. 2. Which Episode will be a kiss for Asaba & Kiki ?

    • Ep 8
    • Ep 9
    • Ep 10
    • No Kiss
  3. 3. Will Asaba able to meet Daifuku in person?

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  • Poll closed on 12/31/2020 at 10:00 AM

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@SilverMoonTeathanks for tagging me on this! It’s been awhile since I watched a J drama and this is perfect!! Will definitely check this one out. :SquirtleWonderfull:

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Ep 8

Cupid Manager 


Should we thank him? It's interesting how Asaba & Kiki both so honest with him. 


Asaba, regarding the snow globe he answer so thrutfully that Kiki return back the item. 


Kiki, when asked why she's avoiding Asaba, she also said because she's in love with him. 


And the funniest part was when Asaba actually is in the store but he was crouched down while arranging the goods.... haha... Kiki was so surprised. 


20201214-090954.jpg 20201214-090940.jpg





Only left with ep 9,10, with this slow progress, can I even hope for a kiss? 😅 Or even just hold hand will be difficult? 🙃 


I hope they make a SP edition! 10 is not enough!

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Just now, Screwdila said:

Hellloo! Loving this drama.

Hellooo long time not see, so glad you join here, tag @abs-oluteM too!! 


This drama my favourite too now. I found it by chance, the poster was not that interesting. But fell in love with Takumi and the hedgehog haha. And Kiki also so pretty & cute! 


I know some might not like Takumi's character who seems a bit confuse with his own feelings.

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22 minutes ago, Screwdila said:

Hellloo! Loving this drama.

Hello @Screwdila. This is triplem when I was on Soompi - we were both on the Lee Joon Hyuk thread during  A Poem A Day. Happy to have you join us. 


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I decided to enter 3D Kiki's room 🏠, link as below in official Koiata TBS website :



Her house is totally messy haha... see that plenty of unknown boxes on the top of her cupboard? I do like her colorful plates tho...




I can imagine Takumi's nagging and complain if he indeed enter Kiki's house someday? No? 😆


Okay I really want Takumi meet Daifuku ... 🦔


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Ep 9 Raw Live


Takumi try to ask his boss about Kiki and kind of begging to him to let her work on sweets again.


Then he meet Kiki and stare at her while remember on what Riho said about him being in love with her. Then he drag her to go BBQ lols... :psweatduck:




Kiki was allowed to continue her sweet projects. Her colleague congrats her & when she went back, her convenience store's friend celebrate for her too at home. 

She then sending Takumi text with bunny emoji to say thanks. 


Kiki back on making sweets, and let the director try. I think his feedback not that positive. Kiki, Riho & Mako seems confused what to do to improve their sweets. 


Takumi meet Riho in cafe, seems to return some of her items (?). He seems discussing about like / heart (suki, kokoro, pardon my limited understanding haha) and also talk about Kiki. Riho left him after say thanks.




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Kiki work with Riho & Mako on kitchen, while the scene moved to Takumi work on convenience store, and seems checking on some graph. 




Mako & the lady secretary discussing something in the kitchen. I think Mako got some idea from the conversation and the next morning, the team tried some new cream


Takumi also working at home with his laptop meanwhile. Takumi then go arranging the goods in the truck mobile. And he look at the crystal ball again 😅. Poor guy! Haunted by the ball! Good move Kiki return this to him 🤣


Kiki back at her house & sleepy and received text from Asaba. He looked a bit trouble with her reply and his konbini colleague seems keep teasing him haha.. Then he left. 


The director try again the new sweets. And I think this time is a green light. The team happy. They celebrate by drinking outside (Mako/Kiki/Riho). They take a picture with Kiki's hand phone. Then seems Takumi's message popped up and Kiki flustered and go outside 😅


Riho talk to Kiki and said about Takumi like her. And I think Kiki said it cannot be. Kiki going back to Mako, and seems apologise to him. Kiki hold his hand. 


The next morning Mako go & look Taku in his mobile truck. I think Mako said he won't give Kiki up (?) .


Kiki working in office and Mako look for her and they take a walk outside in the park. 


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Taku picked Kiki out with his car (his fancy car not the truck one 😅) Then they go to museum, music store, play piano together and end up eat BBQ again, OMG! 




Kiki asked if this is a date. She think a lot and he put vegetable to her mouth. They back to his car, and he tried to put seatbelt on her and I think he want to give her a kiss. But he did not 😂




Then when Kiki reached home, Taku looked troubled, alone in the dark on his car. 


The next day Kiki back on kitchen and she's working on Xmas cake. Mako go outside and look sad. Riho found him looked trouble. They talk for a while. 


Back at home Kiki look trouble too, and talk to her roommate. She ask her who she want spend Xmas with actually?


Meanwhile Takumi back on his suit to meet the director. They end up eat sweets together in his office lols. They shake hand I think they reached to mutual understanding, and Taku call Kiki.


But she's outside on bowling date with Mako. He go to office to look for her. And meet Riho instead.

Riho said something and he's rushing.


In the end he found Kiki & Mako and he's rambling to Kiki haha... Sorry no idea what he's talking about, I think about he realising that he need her next to him or something. He seems desperate. And END! Lols


20201215-220633.jpg 20201215-220622.jpg


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