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:nya: Welcome to the Other Dramas & Movies Directory!:nya:





Bright [US - 2017] Written By @Darkarcana

Fractured [US - 2019] Written By @Darkarcana

The Tomorrow War [US - 2021] Written By @UnniSara @stroppyse

The Empty Man [UK - 2021] Written By @UnniSara

Dune [UK - 2021] Written By @UnniSara


Hua Jai Sila [Thai - 2019] Written by @Tofu

My Husband in Law [Thai - 2020] Written by @Tofu

Ru : Taiwan Express [JP - 2020] Written By @SilverMoonTea

The Hippocratic Crush [HK - 2013] Written By @Darkarcana



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“A romantic who likes flowers.”



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