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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 [2021]

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Title: 千古玦尘 / Qian Gu Jue Chen
English title: Ancient Love Poetry
Genre: Xianxia, romance
Episodes: 49

Director: Yin Tao, Li Cai
Screenwriter: Rao Jun, Li Zhen Ru, Xing Ling

Broadcast network: Tencent
Broadcast period: 17th Jun 2021



Zhou Dong Yu as Shang Gu / Hou Chi
Xu Kai as Bai Jue / Qing Xiu / Bai Xuan

Zhang Jia Ni as Wu Huan
Liu Xue Yi as Tian Qi / Jing Yuan
Li Ze Feng as Zhi Yang
Lai Yi as Gu Jun
Luo Qiu Yun as Yue Mi
Zhang Ya Qin as Feng Ran
Fu Xin Bo as Mu Guang
Huang Jue as Sen Jian
Zhang Yun Long as Jing Jian
Zhang Xiao Chen as Xuan Yi
Zhong Qi as Jing Zhao
Liu Meng Meng as Xue Ying
Hao Shuai as Jing Yang
Fan Jin Wei as Mo Yu
Dai Si as Chang Qin
Lu Hong as Sen Yu
Hani Kezi as Feng Yan
Ren Hao as Wu Xi
Gao Han as Chang Que
Ling Chao as Jia Ye
Lu Peng as Zi Han
Huang Yi as Hong Ri
Wang Mao Lei as Zi Heng



Shang Gu is the head of the four real immortals in the ancient world and the only one with pure essence energy. Because of a trial 60,000 years ago, she chose to sacrifice herself and fell into a deep sleep. She returns with another identity - Qingchi Palace's High Immortal. Despite being a high immortal, her powers are weak. Along with the loss of her former identity and powers, she also loses her memories. However, her former lover Bai Jue never forgot about her. He was the one who willingly sacrificed his reincarnation for her eternal life, and who waited for her for 60,000 years. When his soul dissipated, she vows to wait for him forever.

(Source: Dramawiki)


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8 minutes ago, NiteWalker said:

i guess this is to your taste? Since its XanXia

I was burned by the last xianxia I watched so I'm hoping this one will be good. But yeah, definitely something I'm excited for. :laugh:


New trailer.


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22 hours ago, NiteWalker said:

im thinking this will be good....however i notice there this guy from QingLuo / L&R lols....

I haven't watched L&R because love through different lifetimes, especially that many didn't interest me. I also haven't started Qing Luo too. 


Here's the new trailer uploaded on YT:


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