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Our Times 启航当风起时 [2021]


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Our Times 启航当风起时



Chinese Title: Qi Hang Dang Feng Qi Shi / 启航当风起时

Novel: Wo Men De Shi Dai (我们的时代) by Wang Qiang (王强)

Director: Liu Chang
Screenwriter: Zhuo Yue Pao Mo

Genre: Coming of age
Episodes: 36

Broadcasting Network: Tencent Video
Airing Date: September 14th, 2021



Tells the story of 2 college students in the early 90s who becomes part of the 1st group of entrepreneurs in the Internet age. (Credit)


Official Websites: 

Baidu | Weibo | Douban



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Wu Lei as Xiao Chuang


Hou Ming Hao as Pei Qing Hua



Xiang Han Zhi as Tan Yuan


Mao Xiao Hui as Xie Hang

Wang Xin Jun as Tan Qi Zhang
Zhang Xiao Qian as Xu Yang
He Ao as Qi Rong Bin
Fang Wen Qiang as Man Huan Sheng
Ji Li
Peng Lin
Jin Shi Jia



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4 hours ago, abs-oluteM said:

OMG it is airing  ... @Tofu...tell me now how do I juggle? :eeeee:And  here I am about to start Bargain Queen before @SilverMoonTea kills me 

Haha yesss, ure the one make me excited with MBQ, then you dissapear hahaha... But relax, this is how we normally operating anyway :laugh:


Btw what drama is this? Not in my oppa radar... 

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22 hours ago, NiteWalker said:

OMG what did they do to Hou MingHao hair!!!???? lols hahahhaa

I thought his was ok. It's Wu Lei's hair that I don't like. Hahaha!


This trailer seems like fun....the energy for Wu Lei's character reminds me of him in real life. Haha!


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30 minutes ago, abs-oluteM said:

@Tofu who’s the subber? 

WeTV/Tencent is subbing! 


Based on the airing schedule, it's Tuesday-Thursday this week and then it'll be Monday-Wednesday the following weeks. Umm...why does everything keep airing on Monday-Wednesday?! :scaredpanda2:



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@bairama I already watched the 1st eps as I like Wu Lei.  Has that retro feel since it is set in the early 90s .  So far I find 1st episode interesting and very unlike the usual dramas.


The focus is primarily on the friendship between Xiao Chuan (Wu Lei ) and Pei Ching Hua ( Hou Ming Hua ) - both are from the same faculty in university majoring in IT and are roommates . XC , is the more senior of the two and also the one who is the entrepreneur. While I think his tech / hard skills ( knowledge ) may not be as good as Pei Ching Hua - he is the one with courage and is the risk taker. In business , these are the ones who often lead the team. PCH is the brilliant one who has all the ideas - the introvert and small town boy  who just wants  to do his thing and is not so concern about making money. However I think , for these very reasons XC and PCH will make a great team ( they already became quite  close during the time that they were roommates as seen in the flashbacks) . XC I can imagine will be the one who is able to drive the business and PCH will complement him where skills & knowledge are concern.



Some recaps from eps 1

The 1st eps starts off rather interestingly as both XC and PCH get expelled from the uni thanks to XC. PCH had created a Chinese language card (some IT thing) which XC ( and 3 other faculty mates ) had copied to sell. Though XC took this idea off PCH's invention , XC made sure to leave a cut of the profits in PCH's drawer ( though PCH was not aware.) XC got caught for selling things illegally and his professor realised the language card was PCH's invention. Though XC took the blame and confessed that he was the only one responsible, they expelled PCH too as $$ was found in PCH's drawer. PCH you can tell is a great kid. It was very sad since his entire future was dependent on him finishing his degree - so now that he was expelled he had to look for a job and the only one he could find was in a cement plant very far away from Beijing ( where they are).


Meanwhile XC got beaten up by thug customer whom he had promised to provide these language cards with. So in spite of XC being the reason he got expelled , PCH ended up helping XC with making those cards. XC (and the others ) then came up with a plan to get PCH readmitted back to uni. The timing was also right as their faculty was trying to get an important business contract with a big computer firm , and needed talents like PCH. So their professor / director also somewhat help to negotiate with the college President to retract PCH's expulsion. Long story short XC was able to get PCH back into college and PCH did not have to leave Beijing. And XC was also allowed to come back thanks to the director. The condition now is that they ( the faculty) must be able to secure the contract from this computer firm. 

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