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Ning An Ru Meng / Story of Kunning Palace 宁安如梦 [2023]

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Ning An Ru Meng






Native Title: 宁安如梦
Also Known As: Kun Ning , 坤宁 , 寧安如夢 , 坤寧
Director: Chu Yui Bun
Genres: Historical, Romance
Tags: Adapted From A Novel 
Country: China
Type: Drama
Original Network: iQiyi
Duration: 45 min.


~~Adapted from the web novel 'Kun Ning' (坤宁) by Shi Jing (时镜). 



Bai Lu as Jiang Xuening
Zhang Ling He as Xie Wei
Wang Xing Yue as Zhang Zhe
Zhou Jun Wei as Yan Lin
Liu Xie Ning as Shen Zhiyi
Wang Zi Teng as Zhou Yanzhi
Dai Yi as Yao Qingyu
Ye Xi Yue
Fan Jing Wen as Zhou Baoying
Tang Meng Jia as Fang Yin



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19 hours ago, IpohBanana said:

@NiteWalker @SilverMoonTea @Tofu unless this is faked, they answered the same for 9 out of 10 questions!

I can believe they are dating. :love:


they caught a picture of a short vid of how LingHe took care of BaiLu while she was eating...wiping her mouth for her.....and also there a part where they caught the video from behind that BaiLu learn on LingHe.....of all people hahaha

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20 hours ago, SilverMoonTea said:

I have the thread @IpohBanana feel free to update or talk about it haha... I don't think I'm going to watch? Unless you convince me to? 😂

Thank you for opening it up @SilverMoonTea   Are you watching this drama too.


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Drama watching now: Plot Love,  Chimera ,The Psychologist, Always have,Always will , Show Windows: Queens House

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