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365: Repeat the Year  [2020] by @40somethingahjumma

Alice [2020] by @40somethingahjumma

Bad Guys [2014] by @40somethingahjumma

Beyond Evil [2021] by @stroppyse

Chief Kim (aka Good Manager) [2017] by @stroppyse

Chocolate [2019-2020] by @40somethingahjumma , @SilverMoonTea

Circle [2017] by @40somethingahjumma

Dinner Mate [2020] by @SilverMoonTea

Crash Landing On You [2019] by @stroppyse @Chocolate

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol [2020] by @stroppyse

Doctor Prisoner [2019] by @40somethingahjumma

Faith [2012] by @mademoisellesia

Flower of Evil [2020] by @bluepebbles and @Darkarcana, @40somethingahjumma

Goddess of Revenge [2020-2021] by @stroppyse

The Good Detective [2020] by @40somethingahjumma

Happiness [2021] by @stroppyse

Hell Is Other People 타인은 지옥이다 [2019] by @Darkarcana

Hospital Playlist Season 1 [2020] by @Phikyl, @40somethingahjumma

Hot Stove League [2019-2020] by @40somethingahjumma

It's Okay To Not Be Okay [2020] by @stroppyse, @TiNaDo

The K2 [2016] by @40somethingahjumma

Law School [2021] by @stroppyse

Lawless Lawyer [2018] by @40somethingahjumma

Life on Mars [2018] by @40somethingahjumma

Matrimonial Chaos [2018] by @SilverMoonTea

Melting Me Softly [2019] by @stroppyse

My Country: The New Age [2019] by @mademoisellesia

Mystic Pop-up Bar [2020] by @40somethingahjumma

Once Again [2020] by @LaLa

Personal Taste [2010] by @stroppyse

Prison Playbook [2017-2018] by @40somethingahjumma

Racket Boys [2021] by @stroppyse

Remarriage & Desires [2022] by @stroppyse

Romance is a Bonus Book [2019] by @stroppyse

Second to Last Love [2016] by @stroppyse

Shopping King Louis [2016] by @stroppyse

Sohn: The Guest (aka Hand: The Guest) [2018] by @Darkarcana

Special Affairs Team TEN [2011-2013] by @40somethingahjumma

Stranger Season 2 [2020] by @40somethingahjumma

Taxi Driver [2021] by @stroppyse

Train [2020] by @40somethingahjumma

When the Camellia Blooms [2019] by @stroppyse

When My Love Blooms [2020] by @stroppyse





#Alive #살아있다 [2020] by @stroppyse

Confidential Assignment [2017] by @stroppyse

Midnight Runners [2017] by @stroppyse

Peninsula 반도 [2020] by @stroppyse

Rampant [2018] by @stroppyse , @Chocolate

Seoul Vibe [2022] by @stroppyse

Space Sweepers [2021] by @stroppyse







@bluepebbles and @Darkarcana


















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    • mademoiselle

      I wanna see previews of Cho Seung Woo singing Phantom of the Opera / Music of the Night / Point of No Return!
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    • wink_

      "why do some people mock other people when they are happy and think they're always right, when they know that person is suffering?" , "too much drama,  curse and mock a lot" ~ dialogues in 'Pandora'
      "instead, bottling up emotions can be unhealthy for your mind" ~ dialogue in 'Big Bet 2'
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    • wink_

      "too much lies until become wild liar to copy others"
      "it's not good to mocking every time..." 
      "were you looking for me" ~ dialogues in 'Pandora'

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    • wink_

      "what does being a lurker mean?" 
      "they never give up to give us an attention" ~ dialogues in 'Pandora'
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    • mademoiselle

      Suddenly misses uri Happiness couple (Yi Hyun + Sae Bom) so I spent all morning FF through some scenes of Happiness.
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