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No Buy / Low Buy / Money Management

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I watched this one video once about impulsive buys due to social media influence. There's this fear of missing out so people end up buying things they do not necessary need. I'd admit I've definitely given in to the hype on many purchases, but lately I've been more mindful of what I'm buying. 

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Hahahaha I probably need money management help! Things are so expensive in my city!!! 


I use to spend like this :pandatakeit: but now my usually state when I see the cost of things is this :psweatduck:


My tip is, if it's safe and easy to use Facebook marketplace, it's worth trying to look for things you need there first before buying new. Many times I've found books and clothes there, brand new with tags or original packaging for only 20%/ 30% / 50% of the original price. Sometimes you have to travel a bit to pick it up. But it was so helpful the other day when I needed to get something to wear for a wedding with a colour theme (pink). I didn't have any clothes in that colour but found a decent formal dress, originally $120, for $30. It was brand new with tags and the girl only lived 1 street away from me. It helped to save money and was good for the envrionment :wow:

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