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Crush 原来我很爱你 [2021]

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Crush 原来我很爱你



Chinese title: 原来我很爱你 / Yuan Lai Wo Hen Ai Ni
English title:  Crush

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 24

Director: Yu Cui Hua

Novel: So I Love You Very Much by Mu Fu Sheng

Screenwriter: Mo Li (莫荔), Yang Yi Xun (杨意寻)

Broadcast Network: iQIYI

Broadcast Period: TBA



Lin Yan Jun as Su Nianqin
Wan Peng as Sang Wuyan
Li Jia Hao
Niu Yu Kun
Li Jia Qi
Chen Mei Yi
Zhao Xin



Singer-songwriter Su Nianqin has an elusive and cold personality due to his broken family background. He meets Sang Wuyan, a bright and cheerful television station assistant who aspires to be a broadcaster. They thus begin a journey of love and healing, as they thread through obstacles in their life. 





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Whoa! All the Nine Percent guys are getting into acting now! :btsjinok:


Here are some fanmade posters for the drama (credit is on the image):





The music video for the main song was released not too long ago. 


And then this clip of them was released around Lunar New Year.

Watch the clip on iQIYI for English Subs: https://www.iq.com/play/1vi7oe4zjkw?sh_pltf=4&lang=en_us



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This drama is adapted from the novel, Yuan Lai Wo Hen Ai Ni (原来我很爱你) which translate to So I Love You Very Much by Mu Fu Sheng. She is the novelist behind two other adaption hoping to air this year too (Lie to Love and Sweet Teeth). 


The premise of this drama, a college student falling in love with a blind man was really intriguing to me. I tend to find interest in dramas that does not have your typical female and male leads. I ended up reading the novel and wanted to share some things I enjoyed and some things that I hope the drama change. 


Things and moments I enjoyed from reading the novel:

  • I love how confident Sang Wuyan (played by Wan Peng) is. She's not afraid to make the first move or at least try to. She's honest with her feelings and genuinely want to be with Su Nianqin because of how much she loves him. Even when her mom disapproved of the relationship because he's a blind man, she stood her grounds. Wan Peng has always played this type of role in her previous dramas -- someone that's strong and independent. I love that she's the one behind Sang Wuyan. I also don't mind Lin Yanjun as Su Nianqin either. 
  • The moments that Wuyan and Nianqin spent together at the beginning of their relationship were sweet and cute. Nianqin really loved her. 
  • The poster and also in the music video, where both of them were underneath the umbrella, that part happened before they got together. It was raining and Wuyan noticed that Nianqin didn't have an umbrella. She shared her umbrella with him and while doing that, she talks about the tree by them. She noted it's a privet tree but he said that it's a holly tree because someone had previous told him that. She jumps and grabbed one of the leaves. Wuyan gave him the leaf and have him touch the outer edge of the leaf -- privet leaves' edges are smooth while holly leaves are jagged. 


  • There was a part where she wasn't sure of the severity of Su Nianqin's blindness. After attending an event at a children's school (it's a school for students with impairments, he was a substitute teacher and she was some type of assistant), she invited him to go to the amusement park. He declined at first but one of the student urged him to go because the ticket was originally bought for them but they couldn't go. Su Nianqin is really careful about not going to crowded areas because he relies on his sense of smell and his hearing to navigate. Since the request is from one of the student, he decided to go with Sang Wuyan. She suggested the ferris wheel. While they are inside, she takes notice of how beautiful he is -- his skin is delicate and pale and his eyelashes long. As she is eyeing him, she had the sudden urge to want to kiss him. Wuyan started moving closer to him goes as close to being inches apart from him. She stops and he makes a comment along the lines of, "usually the man makes the first move." This makes her jump and she asked him how he can see. He tells her, "Did I ever say I was blind?" It turns out, he can still slightly see slightly but it's usually blurry. Later on, Wuyan was watching Nianqin sleep and got close to him again. He was aware of this and pulled her down closer to him while teasing her by saying, "I won't miss two opportunities in a row." Nianqin was just messing around but Wuyan took advantage of this and kissed him. :eeeee:
  • Not so much what I liked but I think everyone would be glad to know that in the novel, there are a lot of kissing scenes in the novel. 

Things I hope the drama change:

  • There were little communication between them. Wuyan did her best to always express herself but Nianqin struggled with that. When Wuyan would ask for clarification on things, he kept silent. The novel said something along the lines of Nianqin was afraid to lose Wuyan the more she knew about him and his family dynamics. To me, this was just a bunch of excuses because he never tried. I don't like it when there's a lack of communication. I understand if a misunderstanding happen once but to happen multiple times, it got me a bit frustrated. 
  • Nianqin's temperament was really hard to digest at times. He would get upset at Wuyan for little things and it took a lot for me to continue reading the novel when it got to this point. Even when three years had passed (three years because of the misunderstanding Nianqin never cleared up and was later cleared up by someone else!), he hadn't grown up and was still as temperamental. The drama talked about psychological things that Nianqin is expressing, but at this point, I was already so frustrated with him. I remember a part when he stopped bringing his keys so she could open the door for him when he came home. There was a few times when she was in the middle of something, so she would unlock the door but wouldn't open it -- he would stay outside until she opens the door even if it meant staying outside for hours. The first time it happened, he yelled at her, went outside again and had them go through the motion again (him ringing the doorbell, her answering it, etc.). He became a bit neurotic and I did not like that at all. I hope that the drama does not have this be part of Nianqin's personality throughout the entire thing because I don't think I will be able to watch it if it does. I believe in growth and characterization and if Nianqin is written like this in the drama too that means he had neither. 
  • I really liked it when he was producing music and writing songs, but Nianqin stopped doing this halfway through the novel -- maybe even before. When they separated/broke up, he stopped and took over his family's business. He continued working in the family business until the end. I hope the drama continues to have him producing music or at least go back to that at the end.

By the way, in the novel, Nianqin does not regain his eyesight. I noticed that in the drama's music video, it seems like he does which I'm completely ok with. On the drama's Weibo, they also said something about losing his memory too. :idk:


I just saw this on a FB page dedicated to the drama: (FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/wanpengandlinyanjunofficial/)


They have a baby at the end of the novel and it seems like she's going to appear in the drama too!




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4 minutes ago, Tofu said:

It's why I'm hoping that the drama doesn't really include all of his personality from the novel. If they did, he would be a very dislikeable person. Haha!



i just hope it doesnt turn out like Mr. Gu who always act cool and strict with the girl he like however very flexible with another girl...


not a character i will admire in any guy

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47 minutes ago, NiteWalker said:

i just hope it doesnt turn out like Mr. Gu who always act cool and strict with the girl he like however very flexible with another girl...


not a character i will admire in any guy

In the novel, Su Nianqin was all about Sang Wuyan. He didn't dare look at anyone else. He loved her so much that it drove him crazy and he got possessive.


However, anything is possible in dramaland. :eeeee:



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