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K-Ocean Pathfinders 바닷길선발대 [Ongoing]


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Station: tvN

Broadcast Schedule : (Korea Broadcast) Sundays, 10:50 PM October 18-TBA

Genre: Variety



K-Ocean Pathfinders


After the successful travelling blog 'Trans-siberian Pathfinders', Kim Nam Gil is back with a new set of gang to venture the islands from West to East sea of South Korea  ! Earning the monicker of Daengil (puppy Gil), Kim Nam Gil will be joined by best buddies Park Sung Woong and Ko Kyu Pil , and to complete an almost Life of Mars reunion with Go Ah Sung. 


Last summer [Siberian Advancement Team] ran to a 9,288km trip from
Vladivostok to Moscow.

Now, this is a trip to Korea! The 1st member Kim Nam-gil, with bestfriends Ko Gyu-pil's and Park Sung-woong, and Go A-seong are leaving together with [Sea Road Advancement Team].

In fact, the K-Ocean Route project is being prepared by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries with the goal of completion in 2025. 

 It is expected that it will be possible to travel around the country using small ships such as yachts along the sea road. 

Sunrise and sunset in the great sea! 

A feast of colorful meals made with local specialties on a yacht and freely enjoyable recreation and marine leisure.

A 24-hour onboard life between romance and survival of (by cooking yourself) eating (on a roaring yacht) and sailing (against the fierce waves) !

 A new 'Untact' tour where the way to go is the road ahead, once again!



(Untact = new  slang for contact less meeting/gathering)


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Member's Introduction Free Animated Boat Gifs - Boat Animations - Animated Ships




In the words of Lee Sung Kyun, he is an easy-to-watch (?) entertainment rookie on a Siberian train !

But if you get to know him,he is the lead role of a drama that exceeds 20% of the viewership rating! 
Acting Awards, Baeksang Arts Awards-
A trust and watch box-office actor who won various acting awards such as Best Actor Award !

Strangely, whenever he travels, he is sloppy cute ~
For him, loyalty is the best thing until he dies. 
This time he's the leader. 
He will lead the sea road advance party holding the key to the yacht!

Would it be okay for the sea road advance team with him




A natural impressionist!
Park Sung-woong comes to mind when it comes to "Noir."
Rough words, intense eyes...
What is hidden behind 'The old man?"

The image on the screen shows that
He's 180 degrees different elder hyung Park Sung Woong!
A big leap between noir and comic
Ready to be blown away by his magical charm!

"It's the perfect day to ride a yacht."
The oldest member of the 2nd team, who is reliable by his existence!
The more you know,  the deeper you get!--Yoo Jin Gook character ! (from his drama "The Smile Left In Your Eyes")




Not only in a TV drama! Even in variety shows too!
Irreplaceable, indispensable character!

Variety rookie 'Go Kyu Pil', born in the first season advance team.
With cuteness that sparks your instincts and make viewers laugh!

Full of variety sense, plus sea sailing trip (?!).
Looking forward to Go Kyu Pil's yacht life !











25 years of acting career, regardless of genre or role.
Go Ah-sung piling up a colorful filmography!

Something we've never seen before.
The plain daily life of Go Ah Sung!

Ah-sung is the best!
Staying calm under any circumstances. A very brave person!

The youngest member of the advance team who doesn't mind to do any work,
The unexpected charm of Go Ah-sung, perfect for reality!







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'Sea Trail Advancement' Kim Nam-gil and Park Seong-woong → Goa-seong, sailing for 12 days



Two teaser videos of the tvN entertainment program 'Sea Road Advancement' were released.


On the 29th, tvN's new entertainment program 'Sea Road Advancement Team' released two teaser videos that raised expectations. 'Sea Road Advancement Team' is a 24-hour onboard life program that will feature travels around hidden islands by sailing from the West Sea to the East Sea with best friends.


This is a new project by the production crew of the Trans-siberian Pathinders Team, which ran 9,288 km on a trans-Russian train last year. Kim Nam-gil, Park Seong-woong, Ko Gyu-pil, and Go A-seong were confirmed to appear as the 2nd members of the advance team who will travel through sea, causing a big buzz.

In the released teaser video, the first appearance of the members leaving the sea road with tagline of 'eating, sleeping, and sailing' is attracting attention. It is a glimpse of the journey of making a 1,094km sea road from Mokpo to Dokdo for 12 days. Above all, the appearance of crossing the middle of our sea with the power of four people with minimal contact with the surrounding environment heralds the 'un-tact sailing reality'. In particular, as all of the cast members worked hard for nearly a month to obtain a yacht license, the members directly faced the sea and grabbed the steering wheel and sailed to attract attention.


Another teaser video contained the scenes of members enjoying themselves as if riding on a ride to the rumbling waves. The boat that naturally shakes according to the waves and the members moving left and right because they cannot hold the center on it causes laughter. It raises the question of what kind of episodes they have built up between like high school students with beautiful memories.


PD Lee Chan-hyun, who was in charge of directing, said, "Even though life on the sea for 12 days is not an easy task, I hope you can look forward to seeing four starters looking for things to enjoy and making the joy of travel on their own."


Meanwhile ,'Sea Road Advancement Team' will be broadcast for the first time on October 28th.


source / verbatim/auto translated

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Kim Nam-gil x Park Seong-woong x Go Kyu-pil x Go A-seong

'Sea Road Advancement Team's official poster released



tvN's new entertainment program 'Sea Road Advancement' has released official posters of Nam-Gil Kim, Seong-woong Park, Gyu-pil Ko, and A-Sung Go with the blue sea in the background.


The show will have its first broadcast scheduled on the 18th of October at 10:50 pm.  'Sea Road Advancement Team' is a 24-hour onboard life program that will explore hidden islands by sailing from the West Sea to the East Sea with best friends.


It is raising expectations as a new project by the production crew of 'Siberian Advancement', which ran 9,288 km on a trans-Russian train last year. Kim Nam-gil, Park Seong-woong, Ko Gyu-pil, and Go A-seong are the members of 2nd squadrons who will make a 1,094 km sea road journey from Mokpo to Dokdo.


The released official poster contains the refreshing atmosphere of the four selected members Kim Nam-gil, Park Seong-woong, Ko Gyu-pil, and Go A-seong. Above the blue sea, where the boundary with the sky is unknown, only four people can be seen, predicting true untouched sailing reality.


In particular, the bright smiles and the appearance of those wearing comfortable outfits remind us of a warm chemistry.


In the teaser video released so far, the members are eating, sleeping, and sailing against the waves creating attention.


In the newly released teaser video, the members were amazed in earnest as they were drawn with the eye catching storm yacht. Since the four have obtained a yacht license for the 'Sea Road Advancement', they can drive and make their own sea route.


Park Seong-woong shouting "Preparing for the sail " and Kim Nam-gil, Go Gyu-pil, and Go A-sung holding the steering wheel of the yacht in accordance with the wind wave are shown one after another , gathering curiosity. Attention is drawn to the 24-hour onboard life of the four actors on the sea that unfolds day and night.


On the other hand, tvN'Sea Road Advancement' will have its first  broadcast  at 10:50 pm on Sunday the 18th.




/verbatim translated by bluepebbles


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Episode 1 trailer of  "Sea Route Advance Corps" starring  Kim Nam-gil is released !


Kim Nam-gil, sea route starter


"Sea Route Advance Corps" has released the first episode trailer that raises anticipation.


The tvN variety show "Sea Route Advance Corps", which is scheduled to start broadcasting in South Korea on the 18th, will showcase travelling to the hidden islands through Korean sea route from the West Sea to the East Sea with best friends. It's a 24-hour ship life program. Starting lineups are Kim Nam-gil, Park Sung-woong, Go Kyu Pil and Go Ah-sung who will make a 1094km itinerary from Mokpo to Dokdo.


The teaser footage released so far shows the members eating, sleeping and sailing on the ship while facing the waves. While keeping contact with the surrounding environment to a minimum, four people were seen working together to drive the yacht directly, sleeping in the ship and crossing the middle of the sea, Untact (No Face-to-face). The set up attracted attention as a voyage reality program.


In the first episode trailer released, new interesting points have appeared. It seems that the members who embarked on their first departure cannot hide their enthusiam saying "I'm very excited" and "The sea is amazing." On the way to their first destination, Hatae Island, it seems that they are traveling to a unique sea route while cooking and eating eggs and sausages. However, seasickness, which is a usual challenge during sea trips, attacks the members before they can enjoy the sailing properly. Unlike the exciting beginning ,  the voyage of the sea for the first time is not easy, so the slapstick hardship episodes of the members are foretold.

"Sea Route Advance Corps" is scheduled to start broadcasting from 10:50 pm on the 18th in South Korea.



Photo courtesy of: tvN



Korean entertainment and trend information site KOARI




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@bluepebbles I will check this out to for KNG and Go Ah Sung . Yes @SilverMoonTea she was in Radiant Office and also Life on Mars - both dramas I love. She's a good actress.

The other guy is in the Fiery Priest too right and also in the train one? 

I just wish KNG would do a drama!!!

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9 minutes ago, abs-oluteM said:

@bluepebbles I will check this out to for KNG and Go Ah Sung . Yes @SilverMoonTea she was in Radiant Office and also Life on Mars - both dramas I love. She's a good actress.

The other guy is in the Fiery Priest too right and also in the train one? 

I just wish KNG would do a drama!!!


Yep Go Kyu Pil also was also in Life on Mars 😍 (the dude in the red room aka bar )


Captain Chef Kim 🥰



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[ENGSUB] K-Ocean Pathfinders 바닷길선발대 Long Teaser :yee:


I want to pinch Namgil’s cherub cheeks 🤣🤣


and it was impressive to watch the four of them sailing. They even took yacht driving license to participate in this show 😍


Also Namgil finally fulfilling  his dream now that he is capable of doing this. He really likes to travel . I am glad his hyung park seung woo took care of him . He even encouraged Namgil to transfer to CJeS 😭😭 and good projects like this one came! 

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'K-Ocean Pathfinders', Kim Nam-gil-Park Sung-woong-Go Kyu-pil-Go A-sung's first meeting video released


The curiosity is getting higher as there are two days left until the first broadcast of tvN's new entertainment program 'K-Ocean Pathfinders' ! The first meeting video of sailors namely Kim Nam-gil, Park Seong-woong, Ko Gyu-pil, and Go A-sung is released, raising more anticipation. 


With the first broadcast on the 18th at 10:50 pm, K-Ocean Pathfinders is a 24-hour ship life program that travels through the hidden islands of Korea by sailing from the West Sea to the East Sea with best friends. 


Sailor captain Kim Nam-gil, Park Seong-woong, Ko Gyu-pil, and Go A-seong departs from Mokpo, will pass through Hatae-do, their first destination. They will sail through the beautiful islands in Korea such as Chuja-do, Jeju-do, Maemul-do, and Ulleung-do, and to their last destination,  Dokdo.


In the video of the preliminary meeting of the selected members, the four people were together for the first time before departure . In particular, the chemistry of Nam-gil Kim and Sung-woong Park has caught attention. 


Despite their usual busy schedule, the two are showing off their friendship by making special appearances in each other's movies and fan meetings. As soon as they meet, their best friend chemistry while bickering makes everyone laugh. Kim Nam-gil said, "It's very comfortable because others may think ,'Are you two fighting?', but we don't have such a thing at all."


Park Sung-woong joined the 'K-Ocean Pathfinders' with the suggestion of  Kim Nam Gil . Kim Nam Gil said, "Only (Park Seong-woong) hyung came to mind," and directly explains the strength of Park Sung-woong, who is the eldest and acts as a mature adult, but can give comfort to those who gets acquainted with him. 


Park Sung-woong is also seen taking care of his loyal brother Kim Nam-gil, saying, "He's the exact opposite of me," . He also jokes comfortably, calling Kim Nam Gil an "unfriendly brother." Even though there are challenges  like sea sickness that emerged before the start of the long journey, expectations are high for Park Sung-woong's full-pledged tikitaka teamwork, who believes in Kim Nam-gil and follows the journey of 'K-Ocean Pathfinders'.


tvN 'K-Ocean Pathfinders' will be first aired on Sunday , October 18 at 10:50 pm. 




Translated using papago .


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K-Ocean Pathfinders Q & A


Q. What made you decide to appear in the "K-Ocean Pathfinders"

Kim Nam-gil: When I first heard the title, I wondered " how about going on a trip like "Siberian Advancement Team" that everyone would like to go on a trip that is unfamiliar and difficult to experience, but will fill in your bucket list? I decided to accept the project and have a good time with my close friends, and not just do it alone.


Park Sung-woong: Actor Kim Nam-gil's constant love call helped me to decide to appear. I thought it would be nice to take this opportunity to fix my seasickness (laughs).




CJeS IG Update 10.18.20


Ko Kyu-pil: The filming of  "Trans-Siberia Pathfinders Team" previously remained such a pleasant and rewarding memory to me that I thought I would like to appear again in the next one if I had the chance.


Go Ah-sung: I missed travelling, and I thought I could see the sea to the fullest. Also, I was glad to be on the show again with Sungwoong.


Q. I heard that the four sailors were excellent. What role did you play on your 12-day journey?


Kim Nam-gil: Driving a ship from starting point (port in Mokpo) to Dokdo . Sailing can never be done alone. The ship could only sail if each crew had a role to play. Each of us cooked and sometimes grab the steering wheel. And sometimes, the crew joined forces together to sail.



Park Sung-woong: First of all, I left the port and couldn't do anything for about three days because I was so seasick. So I tried to do a lot of things that I could do on my own when the ship was anchored. I think each of us knew our tasks and were more harmonious because we were faithful to our duties.



Ko Kyu-pil: Sung-woong was in charge of navigating, Nam-gil was in charge of cooking and cleaning, and Ah-sung was in charge of dessert, coffee, music, etc., I usually had chores...For example, "martial arts"? I did something that others didn't do very well. And people don't make me do anything special because they know what I'm capable of (laughs).



Go Ah-sung: seems to have done a good job of organizing the ship (protecting the ship when sailing or docking with a boat wall buffer). I'm most confident in keeping the stockroom organized and neat.




Q. After a month's effort, you got your license for yacht driving.  How do you feel about driving a yacht?


Kim Nam-gil: I had a lot of worries before I got on the yacht myself, but as I learned one by one while I was being educated, I gained more confidence. Sailing with the members and experiencing ship life on the sea, where unexpected things such as weather and environment took place, it was more difficult than expected.


Park Sung-woong: The boat was more sensitive than it looks. A slight change of direction made it difficult to go as it was controlled by the waves. However, my mastery was acquired later, and I remember the main producer playing "Thumbs Up" when I arrived at Ulleungdo Island. By the time the shooting was over, I remember having so much fun riding the 3-meter-tall wave for two hours. It was a fun filming.


Ko Kyu-pil: When I meet people these days, I recommend them to get a license to drive a yacht if given the chance. It is because I think it will be a great experience if I follow the safety rules well. I want to drive back to the sea right now.


Go Ah-sung: The idea of 'Am I controlling this big thing?' was the pleasure. It was not an easy course, but I was really proud when I acquired it.


Q. Kim Nam-gil and Ko Kyu-pil joined the crew following the "Trans-Siberia Pathfinders." How was your teamwork? If you could explain what new adventures there are in this show compared to the previous one.


Kim Nam-gil: After the "Trans-Siberia Pathfinders" , I became more comfortable and closer to Kyu-pil, so many interesting things happened during this voyage. If the Trans-Siberia Pathfinders had a limited number of images that could be shown because we are inside the train all the time, the K-Ocean Pathfinders seems to have more freedom and more active journey by operating the yacht in person. In addition, unexpected things are likely to occur due to the different behaviors and circumstances of each member.


Ko Kyu-pil: Maybe because I had experience in the previous season, I talked with Nam Gil a lot more than before and spent much longer time together. The staff members were the same as the previous season, so they worked well together and tried to make it more fun. Furthermore, the new members are so great that I wonder if our efforts will pay off. Compared to the previous season, we had more work to do because we had to sail the ship by ourselves, unlike the train. If there were a lot of conversations in the train, there were a lot of things to do on the ship. But it was memorable because there were a lot of interesting episodes. Please look forward to it.


Q. Park Sung-woong seems to have had a refreshing time on this "Uncontact Navigation" trip with his close friends who also worked with him. Have you found anything new about the members you didn't know before?


Park Sung-woong: Actor Kim Nam-gil was like my youngest brother, but he is surprisingly responsible. He played a good role as a younger brother and like an  older brother. Ah-seong had a delicate and vigorous side, and Gyu-pil was very adept in his movements. All four members were worried and scared because it was our first time to go to the sea, but later we even wanted to get on a boat. The four of us were able to get through it well!


Q. Ko Ah-sung seems to have had several episodes while she was the youngest of the team. Was there  something memorable during this voyage.


Go Ah-sung: the night time at sea is the most memorable. Also the end of our trip where we get to see Dokdo upclose. I wasn't able to see the island 's landscape if not for this show. 



the translation is based on papago~


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Preview of K-Ocean Pathfinders reveals 'Untact Travel'

PD Lee explained, “The relationship between Kim Nam-gil and Park Seong-woong is like'Tom and Jerry' which shows a relationship like a brother who expresses love and distaste with honesty and not sugarcoating."


He said, "The eldest brother, Park Seong-woong, and the second oldest and team leader, Kim Nam-gil, can be seen as commanding the overall team atmosphere. Their modest atmosphere made the whole journey comfortable."

The teamwork of Gyu-pil and Ah-Sung was also extraordinary. PD Lee said, “Go Gyu-pil and Go A-seong showed a good brother and sister chemistry with Tikitaka*, who know each other for 10 years. The two became closer by preparing a boat license and scuba diving license together before they went filming."


PD Lee said, "This program is an unfamiliar trip with your close friends. Please continue watching and learn the excitement of the trip, teamwork, and witness yourself discovering joy.


“We will deliver emphatic satisfaction”


Kim Nam-gil said, “I hope that viewers' feelings of frustration will be invigorated while watching the refreshing sea.

Meanwhile Park Sung Woong said ,  "I have a lot of time at home these days, but this program will show you nature and delicious food, including scenery of the West Sea, Namhae, and East Sea."


Go Gyu-pil said, “I had a lot of unfamiliar, strange, and interesting experiences that I couldn't express in words while traveling on the sea ” he said.  "There are many scenery that can only be seen in our program." , Go Ah Seung said on a final note. 


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Highlights of episode 1 :


They called Kyungho !!  :wow: . Like Gyupil mentioned before during Trans-Siberian pathfinders, Namgil - Kyungho  duo must happen because they can be a good match in variety / project !


@abs-oluteM @SilverMoonTea 




They really worked hard in obtaining their yacht driving license. The dedication they made for this show is impressive !



Namgil is toning his muscles :Ghastlel: 





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