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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 [2021]

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Never Say Goodbye 



Three years ago, police officer Liu Yuan Wen sends back wrong intelligence, seemingly causing the death of his fiancée and fellow police officer Rong Yu. He also loses a friend in Rong Yao , his brother-in-law-to-be and member of the drug task force. Disheartened by all the events, Liu Yuan Wen resigns from his position and cuts off all contact.


In the present time, Rong Yao has been promoted to leader of the task force, and is ordered to provide ongoing support and resources to the sole undercover operative in Group K, a drug cartel led by the ‘Spectre’ Mr. Ou. Turns out the undercover Mu Qing is actually Liu Yuan Wen, and the pair must work together to bring the criminals to justice.


(Source: cfensi)


Native Title: 不说再见
Also Known As: Bu Shuo Zai Jian , Bat Syut Joi Gin , 不說再見
Genres: Action, Romance, Crime, Detective
Tags: Police Officer, Undercover Agent
Episodes: 47
Original Network: iQiyi iQiyi
Duration: 45 min.





Chinese Wikipedia : Link 

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So Janine Chang character is actually the daughter of the drug dealer who grew up in France and also a model & renowned fashion designer. Her father requesting her to come back China. She like Allen Ren's character and also seems there is another secret identity on her? 


While Allen Ren is undercover police agent, his identity now is senior drug dealer who is also melancholic and quiet. His background with the brother in law I think will also become highlight of this drama. 


More details of the characters :




Cr. Weibo.

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17 hours ago, SilverMoonTea said:

If the drug cartel leader look like this, I might be tempted to breaking the law 😆😅 What you say @Alice Wonderland@Tofu?

Unfortunately, this drug leader only exist in dramaland. Lols. If they're real, I think i would consider it too. Well, I'm a rightous person fyi, so this is hard for me to decide. :laugh:

Oh this one is airing now?? Ok ok, will gonna check it out. 

I guess we all got into RJL fever now. So contagious and very dangerous for your heart safety. Where do we seek for help @SilverMoonTea 🤣

Edited by Alice Wonderland
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