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Law Cafe [법대로 사랑하라] [2022]

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Name: Law Cafe [법대로 사랑하라]

Alt name: Love according by law 

A law romance drama that depicts the story of Kim Jeong Ho, a former prosecutor who is now a building owner, and Kim Yu Ri, a lawyer with a 4-D personality. The story will focus on the events surrounding a law firm that also runs as a cafe. Kim Jeong Ho is a former prosecutor and current building owner who used to be known as a "monster genius". Kim Yu Ri is a lawyer who has a beautiful appearance but is not hesitant to show her fiery personality when witnessing injustice.  


Lee Seung Gi

Lee Se-Young


Airdate: August 2022


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“A romantic who likes flowers.”



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I never really check its webtoon @Darkarcana it is the first time I see those pictures, 😄 I know, he finally took a romance as his current project. At least it will be a happy one after the last one was really heartbreaking. And I think it's getting trending recently, many kstars are taking this kind of genre too. Anyway, looking foward to this. Even it's romance hopefully we'll get a good quality storyline to enjoy. 

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Reporter Kim Soo Jin.


"let's date", Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young's heart-fluttering moment under cherry blossoms in ‘The Law Cafe’.




Photo courtesy of KBS 2TV 



Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young met under the beautiful cherry blossoms.


KBS 2TV's new Monday-Tuesday drama 'The Law Cafe', scheduled to be aired for the first time at 9:50 pm on August 29th, is a 4D drama with Kim Jeong Ho, a former prosecutor, and Hanryang Gatmulju. The Law Cafe tells the “law-mance” story of a prosecutor turned landlord and a whimsical lawyer. It’s a drama adaptation of the web novel of the same name that accumulated 25 million viewers. The show comes from My Lawyer, Mr. Jo and Good Manager co-director Lee Eun Jin.


Lee Seung Gi steps into the role of Kim Jeong Ho, a prosecutor turned landlord who bums around all day long. Lee Se Young plays Kim Yoo Ri, a whimsical lawyer with beauty, a great taste in fashion, and an excellent sense of justice.


On Thursday, pictures capturing the heart-fluttering moment between Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young were released. Under falling cherry blossom petals, they exchange adorable conversations – “You want to ask me out?” “I’m asking you out.” – raising questions as to what happens to the two in law school.


This scene was shot in April, and the two actors, who reunited four years after A Korean Odyssey, showed off perfect chemistry. The production team shared, “The moment Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young walked in for the first ever scene shot under the cherry blossoms, we thought they were Kim Jung Ho and Kim Yoo Ri. Please watch the drama so you can see if their relationship will become as beautiful and dazzling as the cherry blossoms.”












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Donga.com Reporter Jeon Hyo Jin.






KBS 2TV's new Monday - Tuesday drama "The Law

Cafe" Lee Seung Gi released the first teaser.


'The Law Cafe' (script written by Lim Eui Jung, director Lee Eun Jin) is a raw romance drama by Kim Jeong Ho a former prosecutor, Hanryang Gatmulju and Kim Yu Ri, a tenant in a 4D lawyer. 


In this regard, the first teaser video of Lee Seung Gi transformed into Kim Jung Ho in 'The Law Cafe' was released. The first teaser video, conducted in the form of an interview with Kim Jeong Ho (Lee Seung Gi), a pure man who has been in unrequited love for 17 years, captures the charm of Kim Jeong Ho has five colors that contains all of joy, force, heartbeat and vagueness while bursting with cute emotions for 32 seconds.


[Photo=Teaser= Courtesy of KBS 2TV 'The Law Cafe']



'click on the link.'





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My Daily Reporter Myung Hee Sook. 




The passionate scene photos of cast Lee Seung Gi, Lee Se Young, Kim Seul Gi and Oh Dong Min have been released.


On the 26th, the production team of KBS 2TV's new Monday - Tuesday drama 'The Law Cafe' revealed behind-the-scenes cuts from the filming set of Lee Seung Gi, Lee Se Young, Kim Seul Gi and Oh Dong Min.


'tap on the link'





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Reporter Jin Joo Hee for MK Sports.


Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young released the '1st trailer' in which Tiki-taka exploded.


KBS 2TV's new Monday - Tuesday drama 'The Law Cafe' is a raw-man drama about Kim Jeong Ho, a former prosecutor, and Kim Yoo Ri, a 4D lawyer, tenant. 'The Law Cafe' is a drama adaptation of the original web novel by Noh Seung Ah, which has recorded more than 25 million views.


It is a collaboration between Director Lee Eun Jin, a master of sensuous videography and Writer Im Lim Jeong, who has brilliant writing skills. The first trailer for 'The Law Cafe' has been released.



Photo=KBS 2TV.


Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young are attracted viewers by showing the 'First Trailer' of 'In-depth Interview Version'. In the '1st trailer ', which shot the taste in 34 seconds, Kim Jeong Ho (Lee Seung Gi) and Kim Yoo Ri (Lee Se Young) in the role are contained their thoughts and related to '17 years of unrequited love' are amplified the excitement.







'a link from a source'









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Osen, Correspondent Kang Seo Jeong. 






KBS 2TV's new Monday - Tuesday drama 'The Law Cafe', ahead of its first broadcast on the 5th, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young and Kim Seul Gi and Oh Dong Min released a 'special poster' that showed the freshness itself.



'tap on the link'














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Ep 0 started with good introduction of the filming sets and the characters of the drama. And I just realized KSG is also here playing tue second lead. This time she's a married couple and I think she's quite cheerful and cute. We have two dofferent love lines is a good news.


When they talk about ex-lover reunite at the present day directly connects me to OBS. This one also gives a slightest vibes of it. Well, hopefully this one will go with different story telling. 

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Reporter Kim No Eul. 



Photo = KBS.


'The Law Cafe' Lee Seung Gi, Lee Se Young, An Dong Goo and Kim Do Hoon meet at a part-time job interview.


Above all, the actors who take on the popping character of 'The Law Cafe' are scheduled to perform, and are attracting attention. The fantastic breathing of Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young had previously they met in the drama Hwayugi which aired four years ago and the freshness of new actors such as An Dong Goo and Kim Do Hoon are expected to enhance the role.



'click on the link'





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Good start so far in episode 1.    I think coffee represents important links that occurred in SY life. Her father is one. Not sure exactly, but it was something about coffee I think. Later  JH walked out of her life in a coffee shop.  

So her idea of giving legal advice over coffee is her safe haven.  Otherwise I agree with JH it’s a bad business plan.   

looking forward to more episodes.  I forced myself to stop rewatching LLTG and pick up a new drama.   Going to try  Little Woman next.

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House of Dragons: Sun 😀

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AKP Staff Posted By Yaki Jones.


Lee Se Young and Lee Seung Gi's 'The Law Cafe' premieres with a viewership rating of 7.1%






Lee Se Young and Lee Seung Gi's new drama series 'The Law Cafe' is off to a good start.


According to Nielsen Korea on September 5th, the first episode of KBS 2TV's new romantic comedy series 'The Law Cafe' recorded an average nationwide viewership rating of 7.1%. It topped its time slot across all channels, including public broadcast networks. 


KBS 2TV's 'The Law Cafe', starring Lee Se Young, Lee Seung Gi and more, tells the story surrounding a former prosecutor and a current landlord Kim Jung Ho and a quirky lawyer Kim Yu Ri wants to open a cafe.  


Meanwhile, 'The Law Cafe' airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:50 p.m KST.













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Episode 1


  • I already love Kim Yuri, finally a drama starting with a normal, non corrupt lawyer that isn't arrogant or so confident and sassy, that it's kinda uncomfortable. She just seems to be a nice, good lawyer, who knows she's good. 
  • Lee Se Young looks absolutely stunning as always :pandablush: Totally also here for the eye candy.
  • Kim Seul GI!!! :pandawhat: What a nice surprise. First role of her I see in years, and then she surprises me as a bride. She has so many great roles, but didn't seem very active recently. Glad to see her in exactly the one drama I watch this year. 
  • I love the vibe the drama has so far. The chemistry between the OTP is already present. I hope they find to each other again. 
    This could be really nice love story wrapped in an interesting drama. 
  • Kim Seil GI, I mean Seyeon eating chips casually on the sofa is the sexiest thing I have seen :laugh:
  • Absolutely loved every single second of the first episode. Totally hope they get back together and work cases together at the law cafe. They both seem to be made for each other. They are good people. Cant wait to watch the second episode tomorrow.
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Episode 2


  • Soo Ri is so amazing :pandablush: It takes so much courage to walk towards your seemingly biggest rival and ask for help if you don't understand something. It was nice and sassy how she treated the dumb guys who made fun of her. But to go back and ask the one who surpassed you, is such a nice character trait. So clear why Kang Ho fell for her.
    The perfect example of how to swallow your pride.
  • There is nothing more wholesome than friendships between guys who have each others back when it comes to having a crush on a girl. 
  • The law wars between KH and SR are so hilarious :laugh: Their banter is on such another level. 
  • Worried Soo RI is so :pandablush::love: KH should totally have accepted her help from the beginning. Especially if you love someone. 
  • Just a great episode overall again. Can't wait for episode 3. I want them to get back together so much. Such a beautiful love story so far. I love the elements where they talk directly to us at the camera and explain their thoughts and behavior. Such a nice touch. 
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Done watching 2 episodes. I think the story is just okay. So far it is interesting to watch. But personally I think if not because of the cast, mostly I like all the cast and the main leads are not newbies too. So even the plot and lines are not that impressive they make it very good. Let's say if it's not LSG, I don't think I can feel for Jung Ho. I like seeing him making all those tacky training suits looks vintage and elegant. Hahaha, it reminds me of HB in sega early episode. And his expressions and his face is getting younger and handsome here. Oopps, sorry I cant hold myswlf for him. Lols.


Btw I think some of the scenes from ep 0 preview were taken out from the actual episode. Like in ep 1, when YR followed JH to the rooftop and her heels stucked on the staircase and he stopped for helping her. It's not there anymore in ep 1. And the lines are slighly changed too. Then the partof YR confronted the prosecutor after the trial was also edited out. Hmm, will we get this part only as their teasers or they will be shown as flashback later on? Well, those are just minor details but I would be happy to see it as they have showed it before. 

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I enjoyed episode 1 and half of episode 2. I was particularly amused when Yuri lost it and yelled at Jung Ho to cut it out! LOL. I also thought they were cute (past & present). I was very curious why all of a sudden Jung Ho decided to break up with Yuri. But was disappointed it was revealed so quickly that he did it out of guilt (due to his dad). I would have thought the show could keep this cat in the bag a bit longer. Now the mystery is gone so what else left is there interesting enough to watch, as I can't say I'm interested in the law cases Yuri and Jung Ho will face. At present, I'm more interested in their banter and bicker... and watching them being attracted to one another yet resisting.


@SilverMoonTea Are you gonna sue the construction company of your apartment now? Or need a few more lessons? xD

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