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The Legend of Shenli / Yu Feng Xing 与凤行 [2024]

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The Legend of Shenli / Yu Feng Xing





The ancient gods died, and there is only one last god in the world - Xingzhi. Rumor has it that this God of Action has lived alone in the heavens for tens of thousands of years, ruthless and lustless. In the battle of the immortals and demons, he turned the tide by himself, and since then, Du Men has been swept away, and his traces are hard to find.


Hundreds of years are just a click away. As the queen who was born with a pearl in the devil world, Shen Li's life was bright and dazzling. But on the occasion of her thousand-year-old birthday, the claws of political marriage were scratching their heads. On the way to escape from the marriage, Shen Li was beaten back to the original form of a phoenix and fell to the world with injuries. When she was seriously injured and comatose, the mortal hawker treated her as a fat chicken, plucked all the hair from her body, and locked her in a cage for sale.


The fate of the two is tightly kinked by a seemingly casual transaction.

(Source: Mandarin = Goodreads || Translation = Google Translate)

~~ Adapted from the novel "Yu Feng Xing" (与凤行) by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang (九鹭非香)


Native Title: 与凤行

Also Known As: Yu Feng Xing , 與鳳行

Genres: Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy

Tags: Xianxia, Martial Arts, Adventure, Action

Country: China

Type: Drama

Episodes: 40


Duration: 45 min.




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So Shenli or ZLY character seems to be quite powerful in demon world. She ran away to reject betrothal to grandson of Sky Emperor. He was well known of his playboy way and apparently was a bisexual. 


Shenli was hurt and returned to her form of phoenix ? Or peacock ? Haha... Anyway she got sold in the market and LGX character bought the bird. He like to tease the bird and make her angry, but she can only preserve because she lost her power. 


They eventually get along well. But Shenli got captured by demon world and got arrested for 1 month. When she finally escaped and return to human world to find him (LGX character) he already died. She's very sad and return to demon world. However she found someone look similar to him there. 


The novel have a happy ending. Hope they follow the story there. 


Source :





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Zhao Liying Looks Stunning in “The Legend of Shen Li” Costume Stills 





Zhao Liying (趙麗穎) and Lin Gengxin (林更新) are currently filming wuxia romance The Legend of Shen Li <與鳳行>. A high-budgeted project drawing great attention and excitement from fans, it has recently released new stills which reveal Liying’s seven unique looks as a Demon Queen.


Since filming started, Liying has been spotted in various outfits ranging from fierce red coats to pale pink costumes. Each image styling is unique and especially tailored to reinforce Liying’s different character changes throughout the drama.

Such styling details reflect the costume team’s dedication to developing Liying’s character.


Particularly, they sought to illustrate how even two red costumes can radiate contrasting vibes, as there was a bright red costume with no accessories that exuded a determined warrior aesthetic and an exotic blood red suit that accentuated her dominating Demon Queen temperament. Liying radiated beauty and a powerful aura in both costumes.


Having deliberately gained weight for her earlier project Wild Bloom <野蠻生長>, Liying made huge efforts to quickly lose pounds for The Legend of Shen Li. Knowing she needs to look fit during fight scenes, Liying exercised and practiced martial arts every day to attain a strong physique.

Impressed by Liying’s professionalism and dedication to perfect her craft, fans are eager to see her in the upcoming historical drama.



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24 minutes ago, 40somethingahjumma said:

7 blooming years... for this pairing to see the light of day again


The CGI actually looks half decent and it sounds like that they're using their own voices.

Calling @OsmanthusTea here. It's her (maybe ex) favourite lols. I haven't talked to Osmanthus for ages omg... 


I didn't expect it airing so fast @NiteWalker

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