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One Dollar Lawyer 천원짜리 변호사 [2022]


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One Dollar Lawyer 천원짜리 변호사



Korean Title: Cheonwonjjari Byeonhosa / 천원짜리 변호사
English Title: One Dollar Lawyer
Director: Kim Jae Hyun 
Writer: Choi Soo Jin and Choi Chang Hwan (Both previous work: Defendant, Heart Surgeons)
Network: SBS
Episodes: 12
Release Date: Friday, September 23rd (Friday/Saturday)
English Subtitles: Disney+ (Asia) 
Official Website: SBS



Cheon Ji Hun (Namgoong Min) is a lawyer with an unusual style. His hair has a stylish perm. He charges only 1,000 won (about $1 USD) for his service, but he is one of the most skilled lawyers around. He fights against the most expensive lawyers and their rich clients, who try to get away with breaking the law.


Baek MaRi (K im Ji Eun) works as a prosecutor’s assistant after graduating from the Judicial Research and Training Institute. She is confident and possesses high self-esteem. Her grandfather is Baek Hyun Mu (Lee Deok Hwa), who founded the famous Baek Law Firm and works at his law firm as a lawyer. Baek Ma Ri’s life goes smoothly, but her life changes after she meets Cheon Ji Hun. (Credit)




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Content Writing By Yoo Joon Ha.


S.Korean actress Lee Chung Ah to appear in upcoming drama 'One Dollar Lawyer.'



Photo=Provided by J.Wide Company.


Seoul, September, 7 (Yonhap) -- South Korean actress Lee Chung Ah will be appearing in South Korean broadcasting provider SBS TV’s upcoming drama airing every Friday - Saturday “One Dollar Lawyer.”


Upcoming drama “One Dollar Lawyer” is a court drama about lawyer Chun Ji Hoon acted by Namkoong Min, despite of Chun Ji Hoon's low attorney's fee, a dollar, he is one of the greatest lawyers and the drama unfolds as he goes against other expensive lawyers.


Actress Lee Chung Ah will act out the character Lee Joo Young. She excels in a large law firm. "One Dollar Lawyer" will premiere on September, 23 at 10 p.m.






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Look at the wacky tone of the posters... :laugh:





@Chocolate maybe you can check this show out when it airs. Not only for NGM but Choi Dae Hoon is here too. I also like him & think he's a very good actor. Here I think he will have a meatier role & may not be the villain


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8 hours ago, stroppyse said:

So, either I go to the dark side to watch. Or I wait a few years, and maybe Viki will pick it up some day?

I think you would have to go to the dark side. I don't think Viki has picked up any dramas aired on Disney Plus, have they? I guess I haven't been paying much attention to Korean dramas to notice. They could eventually pick it up since they mainly hold the license for US viewers. 

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Character chart 

ahahaha looks like Choi Dae Hoon's character has one sided love towards the FL. LOL



As NGM was tested +ve for Covid today, the press con etc has been cancelled. Hope he gets well soon


Subbed teaser


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18 hours ago, Tofu said:

I just realized this drama will air tomorrow. Since when did all of these dramas start dropping like crazy?! I went from having no dramas to watch to now having five. 

I am suddenly watching so many law related dramas. :psweatduck:...


I am rooting for Choi Dae Hoon's character to not be a sleaze ball this round. Apparently he will be a rather pure character here.

CDH for Allure Oct Issue






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I am getting pleasantly surprised by this new batch of lawyer dramas. I wasn't a huge fan of the previous ones, but between this and May It Please the Court, I can get on board this theme if they continue to be like this. I just hope they keep moving in this pace. I'll be back tomorrow to give my thoughts on both episodes airing this weekend. 



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I am enjoying this drama so much. I hope other people consider adding it to their watch list too! 


Ji Hun is a prosecutor turned attorney. It's unclear at this point why he quit being a prosecutor, but I'm assuming it'll be revealed as we learn more about him. He only accepts one dollar as payment from his clients which is why he's behind in rent for his office. I'm actually curious how he can afford to buy all his fancy suits when he only charge one dollar for his services. :thinking:


Ma Ri was finishing up the training program for prosecutors when she first meet Ji Hun. They get off on the wrong foot when Ji Hun suddenly acted as the lawyer for the owner of the office she was trying to search and seizure. She's not able to finish out her duty because Ji Hun pointed out that she's outside the timeframe specified on the search warrant. Ma Ri and Ji Hun meet again when he takes on the case of a man who has been wrongly accused of attempting to steal someone's wallet. I don't have the right words to describe this court hearing (sorry, I am horrible at summarizing what I watch), but I thought it was done so well. 


At the end of episode two, Ma Ri shows up to Ji Hun's office wanting to be a probation lawyer for him. Ma Ri is the granddaughter of the owner of a big law firm. Her grandfather tells her he's unable to accept her into the firm until she works for Ji Hun. She has to work with Ji Hun for at least two months. She doesn't understand why and he tells her it's because he doesn't have anyone like Ji Hun in his law firm. Ji Hun has a way of approaching cases that's so unique to him and it gets him the edge in the court room. 


For Ji Hun to accept Ma Ri, he hires her as his lawyer because he damages the car of an incredibly obnoxious narcissist. Prior to this, Ji Hun accepted a job from a boy looking for help for his grandfather. The grandfather is accused of scratching the car of the narcissist. The confrontation scene with the narcissist was so chaotic. Ji Hun went from covering the scratch up with a marker to breaking the entire bumper off. Haha! 


This lawyer/secretary duo. :lmao2: 





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Is this an original work ? I mean not adaptation or from webtoon or web novel to drama? Because the intro itself is like a anime and looks fun :laugh:


I don't know what happened to myself for picking up law drama these days. I thought I'll be dramaless cause I rarely watch law drama and it looks like most of the drama that just recently aired got law theme. I have included Law Cafe in my current watching list and with this and May it Please court still on pending, however I do enjoyed watching the first 2 episodes. I heard this drama will only last for 14 episodes. Just law and comedy ? Hmmm decision decision... Anyway, I do like the premiere and will keep watching to see whether I'll stay or leave it. However if they keep with the comedy and with how the show goes along a somewhat genius lawyer helping people in needs fighting against unfairness in the eye of law, I think I'm in. 


The way NGM played his character reminded me with the Good Manager, his previous works few years ago. He's just as the same unique as chief Kim and seems to be born with comedy :MewGiggle: His sincere will to help people even though he has to play out his words and cards however still within the law is really good. I'm looking forward to see what made him who used to be a prosecutor to be a lawyer who just charges his clients with 1,000 won. President Baek seemed to know about his past and I hope president Baek is a good rich man. 


Ma Ri at first gave impression as a rich granddaughter from rich family who seems can gain anything that she wants. I'm glad that despite that she's still humble enough to open her eyes and can see the reason while in the court against Ji Hun. Hopefully she'll become a good lawyer like him, although less with the eccentric and uniqueness. Just him far from normal is enough :pandaheadstomp:

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K-drama: The Real Has Come, See You in My 19th Life 



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I enjoyed the 1st episode. NGM is awesome as always and he's really such a chameleon of an actor. His last two roles are so completely different from this one. @LaLa I told @Tofu that I am not exactly a big fan of law dramas but this year I feel like I have watched so many . LOL ...I feel like I could be a lawyer after this . Fortunately,  isn't a typical law drama - because of the comedy factor, it is easier to digest (at least for me).  


I like Ji Hun , and we can see that he is truly a kind person. Like who would just charge 1000won and run a law firm? How does he even pay for rent and Manager Sa's salary? LOL...Sa and him have such a cute relationship. MaRi is terribly obnoxious but I am sure that we will see growth once she starts working for JiHun. We got to see abit of Choi DaeHoon's character - he's close to MR. And from character chart , he has a one sided love for her. 


Anyway , I will watch eps 2 shortly

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