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It's cold outside right now, but I still love eating a cold noodle dish called naengmyun (literally translates to "cold noodle").


Naengmyeon (cold noodles).jpg


This is the classic presentation of the dish, though the version I made today at home had apple slices and sliced kimchee in it as well. It's a refreshing break from the heavy Thanksgiving dinner of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, gravy, pies and more that we were eating all day yesterday!



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I always get so hungry when I visit this thread!


Now I'm craving a laksa, but where I live, there isn't really a place to get any. I need to go to a big city for a restaurant that will serve any kind of laksa, and I need to go to Southeast Asia for a good laksa. My first one I ever tried was at Changi Airport, and that was already so yummy, then found even better restaurants with even better ones.


So, a jjamppong is similar to a laksa except without the curry, I think. Yes, I'm definitely hungry.


Jjamppong (Korean Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup) - Korean Bapsang
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20 hours ago, Thong Thin said:



So small a portion, bet I need to have 2 bowls to fill my carving.

You mentioned Padang Brown, is it the Padang that opens during noon time ?


There's one authentic nyonya restaurant inside Straits Quay, can't recall the name, portions are small but taste good.


it wasnt enough for me.....but then my uncle start ordering alot of other things and i didnt dare to take a 2nd bowl.....


later i couldnt eat other things.....there alot of other good foods there however our main aim was 'Laksa' hahahaha


4 hours ago, stroppyse said:

Now I'm craving a laksa, but where I live, there isn't really a place to get any.


come visit me when this whole pandemic is really is more settle and travel ban is lifted, i take u around the town im in.....and i guarantee u good food all around, you dont need alot of days here.....3 days at least....of course u cant eat everything....however i ensure to take u around the best one :cool:

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15 minutes ago, NiteWalker said:


its made of vegetables and then they will make the cup like casing, where u can put those vegetables which is usually carrots, BangKuang (Jimaca)...


stir fried 

Yes, veg inside.

My mum's version has prawns, tofu, carrot,jimaca..stir fried.

The cup is made using egg, flour and rice flour  (rice flour makes the cup crunchy) all mixed into a batter.

The mold in the shape of a cup is deep in hot oil (to heat up), then dip into the batter. ( the making of the cup is fun but takes lots of time)




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Pre-Christmas Dinner


Top Left  : Chicken Pie

Top Right : Turkey salad

Bottom : Turkey with cranberry sauce c/w stuffings



Top Center : Seafood Pealla

Top Left : Salmon Colibiac with Calamasi  Beurre Blanc

Top Right :Chicken Tandoori

Bottom : Green Mussel, Prawns, Oyster



Top Left : Minced Lamb Keema with Green Peas

Bottom Left : Ayam Panggang Percik

Top Right : Otak-Otak

Top Bottom : Chilli Crab

















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                              Left : Avocado, Omellete on sourdough bread with Chai latte

                              Right : Salad, Omellete on sourdough bread  (the salad dressing taste so good) with Jasmine tea

                              Top : Lemon poppyseed bun




Location : Doudou bakery

                38 Jalan SS 4c/5, Taman Rasa Sayang,

                Petaling Jaya






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