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Guessing Games: Yes or No?

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20 hours ago, -StrongTower- said:


Do you like abs?

Depends on the number of packs!


8 hours ago, mademoisellesia said:



Are you having fun in the meeting?

It was fun in the last meeting I had. But some meetings just seem to drag on and on....

Love your new profile pic by the way :D


What is it that annoys you most ?

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9 minutes ago, abs-oluteM said:

What is it that annoys you most ?


Hmm, I actually rarely get annoyed. 😄 One of the possible irritant for me though would be saying yes when they meant no, and saying no when they meant yes. 😜


Are you happy it's almost September?

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Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero

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2 hours ago, mademoisellesia said:


@wallflowersforjane Will you share with us the food and food pics from the dinner you had last night?


Okay, but don’t blame me for food cravings. Guess I am really going to have to start an imgur account now.


1 hour ago, abs-oluteM said:

what is your comfort food & why ?


Comfort food is soup of any kind because it’s warm and homemade soups are part of every meal at home.


What do you hope to accomplish this month?

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