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Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 [2021]

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Chinese title:原来你是这样的顾先生 / Yuan Lai Ni Shi Zhe Yang De Gu Xian Sheng
English title: Hello Mr. Gu

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 30

Director: Ma Hongwen, Li Dian

Broadcasting Network: TencentVideo

Broadcast Period: March 30th, 2021



It follows a not-so-typical domineering CEO and a 'princess' in distress whose heartwarming story of love and healing begins due to a contract marriage.

Gu Nanzhou (Chen Jingke) and Zhou Jianqing (Yan Zhichao) are as different as can be. With very different personalities and lifestyles, they had an immediate dislike for each other. Alas, the two have no choice but to begin living together after getting into a contract marriage.

Gu Nanzhou is the heir of the Gu Group who suffers from a fear of crowds. Zhou Jianqing who was once born with a silver spoon remains bright and cheery despite falling into poverty. In the midst of adversity, their relationship gradually changes from rating foes to friends and lovers. (Credit)




Chen Jing Ke as Gu Nanzhou


Yan Zhi Chao as Zhou Jianqing




Guo Yun Qi as Zhou Zixuan




Zhu Dan Ni as Su Youxia




Xin Rui Qi as Jiang Jingxuan




Ding Jia Wen as Zhang Yin




Zhong Wei Lun as Jiang Xiaochuan


Airing Schedule





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13 hours ago, Tofu said:

Hahaha! It's not my fault! Chinese dramaland decided that they were just going to release everything this month. :laugh:



Omg, yesss!  I keep sending 'angry' messages to @Lynne about that. Hahaha.  It's like they want to keeel me!

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OSTs for the drama. =)





This drama will air Tuesday-Thursday. I updated one of the beginning posts with the airing schedule. Seems like there may not be a restriction on access, probably a globally release, but we will find out in a few hours. Haha!


 Here are the new posters:



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@NiteWalker - How did you like the first episode? I think I watched the first 10 or so minutes of the first episode. I thought it was ok, but I didn't watch long enough to get to the development of the storyline. I'm at the part where the boss of her company told her she would get a salary deduction if her work does not meet the standard of the male lead's. 



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lets see.... @Tofu


first impression pretty cute.....the girl isnt the type of girl you go mopping around when she fall from being a princess to a commoner, instead she work hard to try to get by herself and to support herself....


Mr Gu our so call lead male, is the alpha male in business and had his shrewd ideas in places however when it come to relationship or his feeling, he is kinda drawing on blank....i still remember his words 'I dont have time to date, can we just get married?'


he isnt opposing to the ideas of paying back the kindness the girl's grandpa shown to his family when he was alive and his dad wishes for him to help JianQing by marrying her as suggested by the assistant since both of them are single after all....whats the harm of them getting married?


his method of getting the girl to marry him is cute though....it was like he is treating the marriage as a deal and also as a ticket to ensure that JianQing doesnt need to survive by working so hard by herself again


i say its a pretty cute drama to watch on

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