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Lee Joon Gi is known to be one of the  prominent actors in

K-entertainment with his distinct looks and outstanding    talent both in acting and  singing. His popularity rose to stardom thanks to his remarkable performance as Gong Gil in the box office hit

“The King and the Clown”.

📺 тν ѕнσωѕ



Current Drama 2020] The Flower of Evil 악의 꽃 - Wed & Thurs @ 22 ...

  • Flower of Evil (tvN, 2020)
  • Hotel Del Luna (tvN, 2019) cameo
  • Secret Queen Makers (Naver TV Cast, 2018)
  • Lawless Lawyer (tvN, 2018)
  • Criminal Minds (tvN, 2017)
  • Seven First Kisses (Naver TV Cast, 2016)
  • Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (SBS, 2016)
  • Scholar Who Walks the Night (MBC, 2015)
  • Gunman in Joseon (KBS2, 2014)
  • Two Weeks (MBC, 2013)
  • Arang and the Magistrate (MBC, 2012)
  • Hero (MBC, 2009)
  • Iljimae (SBS, 2008)
  • Time Between Dog and Wolf (MBC, 2007)
  • 101st Proposal (SBS, 2006) cameo
  • My Girl (SBS, 2005)
  • Drama City Save Me (KBS, 2004)
  • Star's Echo (MBC/Fuji TV, 2004)
  • Nonstop 4 (MBC, 2003) cameo



📽️ мσνιєѕ



  • Resident Evil: Final Chapter (2017) as Commander Chu
  • Begin Again / Under the Sicily Sun (2015)
  • Virgin Snow (2007) as Kim Min
  • May 18 (2007) as Jin Woo
  • Fly Daddy Fly (2006) as Go Seung Suk
  • The King and the Clown (2005) as Gong Gil
  • Flying Boys (2004) as Dong Wan
  • The Hotel Venus (2004) as Boy


яєαℓιту /ναяιєту ѕнσωѕ



ep 150 Tumblr posts - Tumbral.com

  • Lee Joon-Gi's JG Island (2018)
  • KNOWING BROS (2018, tvN episode 150-151)
  • Candy In My Ear 2 (2017, tvn)
  • Running man (2016, SBS episode 314)
  • Lee Joon-Gi's JG World   (2013)  
  • Lee Joon-Gi's JG Style(2012, Mnet Japan)
  • World Special "LOVE" - Indonesia with Lee Joon-gi and Kim Ha-neul(2009,tvN)       
  • HAPPY CAMP (  2016 , KBS EPISODE 79)




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D I S C O G R A P H Y 💿


[2010] Voyage of Life


While serving in the military, Lee Joon Gi participated in the musical "Voyage of Life" with fellow actor Joo Ji Hoon. Voyage of Life to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Korean War.The musical was co-produced by the Ministry of National Defense and Korea Musical Theatre Association.











[2003] Eun Ji Won - Manchwi in Melody

[2003] Kang Sung Hoon - Precious Story 

[2004] Clazziquai Project - Sweety

[2006] Lee Soo Young - Grace

[2006] Lee Soo Young - Bimil



[2006] Lee Hyori - Anystar (#1 Anystar (feat. Lee Jun Ki)

[2009] Sori - Lip (#4 Saeggisonkarak (Lee Jun Ki Ver.)



Lee Jun Ki "Sawasdee Khrab" Photobook... - JG Thai Family/Lee Jun ...


[2013] Lee Joon Gi, Letter From Switzerland

[2009] Sawasdee Khrab (Thailand)

[2010] Hello~ Korean (Korean Language Learning Book)


🄰🄻🄱🅄🄼🅂Lee Jun Ki Discography 1 Albums, 4 Singles, 0 Lyrics, 9 Videos ...





Track listing


My Jun, My Style

My Jun My Style CD DVD (Taiwan Ver.), Everything Else on Carousell

1.       "One Word"

2.       "Don't Know Love"

3.       "Foolish Love" (Babo Sarang)

Nam Hyun-joon - One & Only

1.       Fly High" feat. Seo In-young


J Style

J Style - Wikipedia

1.       "J Style"

2.       "Soliloquy"

3.       "I'm Ready"

4.       "Selfless Dedicated Tree"

5.       "Fiery Eyes" (Japanese album)



 LEE JOON GI - DEUCER( DVD)(TYPE A) - Amazon.com Music


1.       "Together"

2.       "The Rain"

3.       "Born Again"

4.       "Sweet Memory"


CBC / Case by Case

Lyrics Case By Case by Lee Jun Ki (romaji) from album - CBC | JpopAsia


1.       "The Answer (Intro)"

2.       "Tonight"

3.       "Case By Case"

4.       "Closer"

5.       "Lost Frame"

My Dear

Lee Jun Ki Discography 1 Albums, 4 Singles, 0 Lyrics, 9 Videos ...


1.       Fever

2.       My Dear

3.       Fiery Eyes (New ver.)

4.     Foolish Love (New ver.)

5.       Selfless Dedicated Tree (New ver.)



Deucer by Lee Joon-Gi album lyrics | Musixmatch - Song Lyrics and ...


1.      Ma Lady

2.       U

3.       For A While

4.       Bring Da Beat (Feat. Yoo Seung-chan)

5.       Ma Lady (Inst.)

6.       For A While (Inst.)


Thank You

Lee Jun Ki Discography 1 Albums, 4 Singles, 0 Lyrics, 9 Videos ...


1.       Thank You

2.      Now

3.       We Wish You a Merry Christmas



Lee Joon Gi To Steer Memorable Fan Meetings In His "Delight" Asia Tour


1.       "Accepted"

2.       " For Us"

3.       "Can't Be Slow"



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𝕮𝖎𝖙𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓𝖘 ⚜️



2018 13th Soompi Annual Awards:Actor Of The Year (Criminal Minds)

2018 StarHub's Night of Stars Awards:Best Male Asian Star (Lawless Lawyer)

2017 2nd Asia Artist Awards:Television Category - Fabulous Award (Criminal Minds)

2016 SAF SBS Drama Awards:

  • Hallyu Star Award (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo)
  • Top 10 Stars Award (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo)
  • Best Couple Award with IU (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo)

2015 MBC Drama Awards:Top 10 Stars Award (Scholar Who Walks the Night)

2015 10th Seoul International Drama Awards:Outstanding Korean Actor (Gunman in Joseon)

2014 KBS Drama Awards: 

  • Excellence Award - Actor (Gunman in Joseon)
  • Best Couple Award with Nam Sang Mi (Gunman in Joseon)

2013 2nd Daejeon Drama Festival - APAN Star Awards:Top Excellence Actor (Two Weeks)

2013 8th Seoul International Drama Awards:Outstanding Korean Drama Actor (Arang and the Magistrate)

2012 MBC Drama Awards:Best Couple Award with Shin Min Ah (Arang and the Magistrate)

2009 MBC Drama Awards:Popularity Award (Hero)

2008 SBS Drama Awards:

  • Top Excellence Award - Actor (Iljimae)
  • Netizen Popularity Award (Iljimae)

2007 MBC Drama Awards:Excellence Award - Actor (Time Between Dog and Wolf)

2007 China Fashion Awards:South Korean Artist of the Year

2007 27th Hawaii International Film Festival:Rising Star Award

2007 10th Annual Shanghai International Film Festival:Overseas Star Award

2007 Andre Kim's:New and Superior Star Award

2007 43rd Baeksang Arts Awards:Popularity Award (Fly, Daddy, Fly)

2006 27th Blue Dragon Film Awards:

  • Best On-Screen Couple Award with Kam Woo Sung (The King and the Clown)
  • Popularity Award with Kang Sung Yun (The King and the Clown)

2006 5th Korea Film AwardsBest New Actor Award (The King and the Clown)

2006 43rd Daejong Film Festival:

  • Most Popular Actor Overseas Award (The King and the Clown)
  • Popularity Award (The King and the Clown)
  • Best New Actor Award (The King and the Clown)

2006 42nd Baeksang Arts Awards:

  • Best New Actor Award (The King and the Clown)
  • Popularity Award (The King and the Clown)
  • 'In style' Fashion Award

2006 Netizen's Choice Awards:Best New Actor Award (The King and the Clown)

2006 Max Movie:Best Actor Award (The King and the Clown)

2006 Mnet MKMF Awards:Music Video Award ("Grace Lee Soo Young")



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Lee Joon Gi is known to have a diverse interest in sports, particularly in Jiujitsu. He also choose to watch various movies and dramas from different countries   during his break. When he isn’t busy , he takes time to edit videos which he shares to his Instagram as a way to thank his fans for their continuous support to his projects .

“I personally film and edit them, but there’s not much to it. It comes from a heart of wanting to continue to show my daily life for fans who are curious and wait for me”.



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"My army experience matured me."


I am grateful for everything. When you are in the Army, you are grateful for small mercies. Since I had to do things that I have to rather than doing what I want to do, I became less clear about myself. But when I came back to normal life, I realized that I have lots of things.”


After a series of successful projects since his debut , Lee Joon Gi 's military enlistment announcement became a buzz as he was expected to appear in the drama 'Faith' and movie 'Grand Prix'. 


On May 3, 2010, 500 fans gathered at Nonsan training center to bid him goodbye as he to undergo basic military training before his two year mandatory active duty.


He was assigned in the Promotion team in Defense Ministry Duty Support Team. He acted as team leader , participant in various activities in the military thru musicals (Voyage of Life), radio DJ, MC, performer on various festivals hosted by military and serving active duty as a regular soldier. 


His excellent performance while in public service had gained him recognition in the field, with a remarkable one of four Major-general awards given out of 900 trainees. His artiste status definitely did not hinder him to complete his service as a soldier . He concluded his enlistment on February 16, 2012 as a captain where he was greeted once again by fans of hundreds.








  • Training Video




  • June 2010 - Autograph signing  


  • August 2010 - Voyage of Life
  • September 2010-Memorial Park Sailing for Life



  • October 2010- Army Ground Forces Day @ Gaeryong 


  • June 2011- Nanoomin Award by the Health Ministry 



  • September 2011- Lee Joon Gi and Park Hyo Shin visit LA as part of military service 
  • Super Junior Leetuk, Eunhyuk,Lee Joon Gi 




  • Lee Joon Gi Becomes a Sergeant, His Army Story 

    Please indicate the source of article & photos are taken from demaclub blog






    After his enlistment, Sergeant Lee Joon Gi’s diary photo of his busy schedule became a hot topic has become a sergeant indeed. After his discharge from army training camp, wearing the insignia of private 2nd class, from the moment of getting off the train to becoming a sergeant now, he has come a long way, Sergeant Lee Joon Gi…in good faith.. always taking an aggressive initiative, with an exemplary military appearance to complete his duties, is Sergeant Lee Joon Gi. What thoughts has he on becoming the most senior sergeant? Would you want to listen with me ?? *^^*




    Chungsung!! Reporting, Sergeant Lee Joon Gi received an order on 1st Dec to be promoted from corporal to sergeant, hereby report.




    Q: Become a sergeant as from 1st Dec, from private 2nd class to sergeant…

    A: Though there is still much time before my discharge from military, to become the most senior increases one’s sense of responsibility greatly, looking back at my military life is mixed emotions but I feel good.

    After my enlistment, I was clueless at the beginning, I just followed my seniors in a busy spirit, during the corporal period, it was busy since it was a central position, but it was an extraordinary feeling being the most senior. Although I do not know how the life of a sergeant will be, I hope I can be the role model for the juniors until I discharge.


    Q: Give a description of the duties you are currently in charge of in media support (such as the programs in progress), and the future missions not far from discharge?

    A: In the troops, apart from the basic duties included, we do programs and military events support to promote a consensus between military and the people. Radio broadcast and consolatory train, TV program production, and through military-related events, to build up the image of ROK as an advanced country, to boost the morale of our armed forces soldiers who have performed their military obligations dutifully, I’m doing my very best at this.

    Until I discharge, I will perform various duties in good faith, and hope that I will have a memory of military life with no regrets after I discharge.






    Q: As the most senior sergeant, living in a dormitory where all the rest are juniors, what if there is a junior who thinks otherwise?

    A: Becoming a sergeant is the time to step down from the role of squad leader, the next squad leader is Corporal Choi Jin, who has done well with the interior duties. Media support team members do extensive external support, occasionally at those place, we see disheveled situation. Under such circumstances, a squad leader has to execute military discipline with precision. This is what I have been doing until now, I believe that Corporal Choi Jin will also do a good job in future. I look forward to the strengthening of individual’s sense of responsibility to ‘a better commanding of the organization’. At the same time, living as the most junior, digesting the killer schedule without complaint, is he who becomes a corporal, Corporal Park Hyo Shin. He suffered a lot of hardships during private 2nd and 1st class. Initially, he was a little slow in action, I had no choice but to speak some unpleasant words to him as a senior, I’m so sorry. But for now, his soldier spirit is stronger than anyone else and a greater sense of responsibility than anybody else, he is one of the trustworthy members. My peer, who has helped me much, Sergeant Kim Bo Suk, his existence is like a strong back up shield of a brother, leisurely working out the ranking system is Corporal Lee Dong Gun, an unique bright personality, making our dormitory a harmonious one are Corporal Yang Se Chan, Corporal Kim Hyung Soo and the rest of the team including Corporal Jung Jaeil, thank you all. All the juniors have their respective determination in society, a strong sense of responsibility, quick judgment, hence they do not need much help from others. All are adorable.





    Q: They said you are a scary senior, in fact, what’s the truth?

    A: I feel that the media support team is susceptible to a lot of misconceptions even on minor matters, it’s a sensitive unit. Hence, when it comes to basic duty like interior living, in addition to many external exposure, is enough to create sensitivity in external support and a little picky in its control, leading our progress. Initially, our members were depressed and dissatisfied, rather melancholic, there are regrettable matters too, the role of squad leader to me, is to feel the complaints, regretful emotions, leading them to the right path, to eradicate any discomfort, self-giving in every way & advance with a sense of responsibility. But in actual fact because it’s not my nature, my jovial and friendly personality makes it difficult. Now all our members take the initiative, with a positive attitude towards military life, I’m very thankful to them.


    Q: What’s the most memorable up to present sergeant life?

    A: On the enlisted day, to think the military life would be lonely, worried and added a psychological burden. Although my enlistment was sudden, many fans came, I was very touched and it has given me an impressive memory. Another deep impression is rolling on the ground in training with our media support members. Too busy to meet one another while they were in different sectors of the society, there was no complaints in their military service, they received training commands according to their ranks, each moment of it remains in my memory. In media support team, we always say has it not been military living, we will not have such moments, we will try our very best to enjoy to the last moment.





    Q: What is your plan before you discharge?

    A: Do my best to complete all basic missions because I have big dreams to accomplish after discharge, I want to have some preparation. To me, military life is like a self investment, even though it’s restricted in a box, we can take advantage of the valuable time, like language learning, guitar learning, as there are members who are active in different sectors, I want to learn and get help in many ways. If there’s not enough time during military living, it still can be done after discharge. There is a long time ahead.




    Q: Concluding the interview

    A: Thanks to all my fans who have cheered me unchangeably from the start of my enlistment till now. Fans who came a long way when I was doing nationwide support for troops, I’m grateful and sorry. I will repay all of you with good work and in good shape. I will do my best faithfully and safely till the end, please wait a little bit more.

    This is Sergeant Lee Joon Gi. Chungsung!!


    (Trans by cwng)



    Thank you for your support always!!

    I will fulfill the remaining days of military service dutifully & with my best efforts, comeback in triumph without regrets !!

    Everyone must stay healthy & happy~!!

    Miss u all!! Chungsung(allegiance)!!


    Sergeant병장 (byeongjang) Lee Joon Gi


    (Trans by cwng


  • KFN Documentary 




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Flower of Evil’: Lee Joongi tops buzzworthy chart for 3 straight weeks, living up to his reputation


Lee Joongi tops the Most Buzzworthy Drama Actors chart for three straight weeks.

On September 6, the behind-the-scenes stills were released of Lee Joongi in tvN’s Wed/Thu drama ‘Flower of Evil.’


The unveiled stills reveal both Lee Joongi’s dazzling visuals, which continue to shine even during breaks, and the serious look on his face as he instantly gets into character.

Before the shoot begins, Lee Joongi rehearses lines with his co-stars, with the look of ‘Do Hyunsoo’ in his eyes. After that, he goes back to being the ‘On-Set Energizer,’ flashing a mischievous smile that makes everyone smile after him.

Furthermore, as soon as the shoot begins, he instantly becomes Do Hyunsoo, completely immersed in his performance. On set, he leaves people around him in awe in a different way from the way he does on the screen, dominating the atmosphere.




The behind-the-scenes stills alone demonstrate Lee Joongi’s unparalleled presence. Through ‘Flower of Evil,’ the actor has lived up to his name by presenting an entirely new side of him that he’s never shown us before. In Episode 11, in particular, his acting ranged from a top-notch action performance, where he goes all out, to an emotional performance that left viewers sobbing, drawing such enthusiastic responses as “Lee Joongi is a genre in and of himself.”


Lee Joongi’s superb performance has led to an increasing interest in not only the drama but the actor himself, reminding us of his undying popularity as an original hallyu star. In Korea, Lee Joongi topped the ‘Most Buzzworthy Drama Actors’ chart for three straight weeks, from the 2nd to 4th weeks of August, according to Good Data Corporation. Lee has also demonstrated his far-reaching influence overseas by ranking in the top positions in search keywords, on renowned platforms and portals, such as Weibo, TikTok, and Baidu.


Through ‘Flower of Evil,’ actor Lee Joongi has transformed each and every genre, from suspense to action and to melodrama, into a ‘Lee Joon Gi’ genre, and made viewers feel like getting a present from him for each episode that airs. In the upcoming episodes, fans around the world are looking forward to a performance from Lee Joongi that he has not shown them before.


source: allaboutjoongi


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𝐼𝓃 𝐹𝑜𝒸𝓊𝓈: 2013 𝒟𝓇𝒶𝓂𝒶  



𝔸𝕓𝕠𝕦𝕥 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕊𝕙𝕠𝕨

Considering as one of the hidden gems in kdramas, Two Weeks is about the story of a small-time gangster Jang Tae San who struggled to save his daughter but became embroiled with political conflicts. 


Lee Joon Gi was nominated for Excellence Award - Actor during the 2013 MBC Awards. Recognition of his acting performance was then given by APAN 's 2nd Star Awards with his Top Excellence Award.





Joongi doing his own stunts in Two Weeks


In this drama, Lee Joon Gi again showcased his skills as an action star, where most of the difficult stunts were done by him. He was even almost drown during filming.  He also admitted he got depression  after Two Weeks ended. 




Where to watch : Netlfix








Hankyung TV - “My goal as an actor? Be a useful actor all the way to the end”





[JG’s old interview translation – October 18, 2013, following the wrap of “Two Weeks”]


Lee Joongi : “My goal as an actor? Be a useful actor all the way to the end”  

(source – https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=004&aid=0002239605)

Lee Joongi is the kind of actor who speaks his mind honestly, without reserve. He talks about his acting and his future without a moment’s hesitation, and it’s truly impressive.

In MBC drama “TWO WEEKS,” which recently wrapped, Lee Joongi earned acclaim as Jang Tae-san. “Two Weeks” was also praised as a “literally crazy drama” for the actors’ dedication, writer So Hyun-kyung’s solid script, and the cinematic directing. It was also a drama where actor Lee Joongi, a skilled action performer, showed his completely new, paternal side, making viewers look forward to his next project.


◆ The thrill when he made his staff – who are like his own family – cry

Lee Joongi is well-known for treating his staff well. He calls his staff his own family, his backbone. He once said that he treats his drama staff well, not only because he finds it necessary (for work), but also because it is vital to Lee Joongi as a person.

“I think [I treat them well] probably because I find that necessary for me. I need to feel comfortable on set to make it my own playground. That way, I can perform more naturally. If the staff treat me well like I’m their own family member, I can do things better, thinking that I’m surrounded by my backbone. That way, I won’t idle around. I guess [I treat them well] because I need it for myself, or because Lee Joongi feels lonely as a person.”

“By interacting with the people around me every minute of the day, I learn a lot as Lee Joongi the person. After getting my own person needs met like that, once I have finished the project, I feel depressed and lonely. I try not to take a break because I have so much fun just being on the set. Some senior actors told me off, saying what kind of leading actor keeps goofing around instead of focusing on his own acting. Of course, they said it jokingly, but this time, I try to keep myself under control a little because I was afraid I would look like I couldn’t stay focused.(laughs)”

So, to Lee Joongi, his staff are very important. But when seeing them cry, actor Lee Joongi feels thrilled. In “Two Weeks,” Jang Tae-san cries out desperately when he needs Han Chi-guk’s (Chun Ho-jin) help. His performance as a father trying to save his daughter made the staff cry – who are like his own family.

“There is a scene where I cry before Han Chi-guk, saying I must save my daughter Soo-jin (Lee Chae-mi). The director cried, and the staff cried too. I felt ecstatic as an actor. There are times when the set suddenly goes silent. I would hear some sniffing here and there, and nobody would speak… It’s when I feel thrilled as an actor. In that scene, I was only thinking about Soo-jin. I got a lot of help (from her).”

“In fact, the most difficult thing is to make the staff cry. Because, after a sleepless night, everyone is tired. So when I successfully make the staff cry, I feel thrilled, and when they tell me that, I feel joy. Towards the end of the filming, you experience a lot of situations where you just can’t plan ahead. So we would just keep on filming after briefly planning our movements. [In that kind of situation] I was happy when the director said now he realized why people call “Lee Joongi” “Lee Joongi.” [*as in, Lee Joongi lives up to his name.]

“Honestly, towards the end of the filming, there is no time for directing. So I feel grateful when the director shows his trust in his actors. Of course, I find it regrettable the current drama system does not let the director do his job properly, but that’s the reality. In that situation, I have to do everything that I can by relying on my gut instinct. So when I pull something off unconsciously, I feel so thrilled.”

◆ Acting master Kim So-yeon, passionate actor Park Ha-sun

Lee Joongi gets along well not only with his staff, but also with his co-stars. In their respective interviews following the finale, Park Ha-sun and Kim So-yeon can’t stop gushing over Lee Joongi they worked with. Hearing that, Lee Joongi can’t hide his happiness. 

“They are all great actresses, kind-hearted people; I also texted them saying I am grateful to them. Of course I am grateful to them for saying such things about me. We are like friendly rivals. They have such great personalities, and they are such great actors so I cannot praise them enough. I can go on for two or three hours just talking about how good they are.”

“As for Park Ha-sun, she must have felt enormous pressure playing a young mother. She is really such a passionate actor. At first, I thought, Park Ha-sun is an actor who’s cute and perky. I didn’t realize until later that she has such passion and drive. She is really very dedicated and charming as an actress. She felt even more regret about her work after the drama ended. She always thinks hard about her work, and I felt that she wanted to become a real actor.”

“As for Kim So-yeon, she is a positive person who treats younger actors with such respect and kindness that you would even forget she’s the seaonbae. And she is full of passion too. I grew up watching her act, and I kept calling her ‘vampire,’ jokingly telling her how long she’s planning to live. So-yeon would hate it because [my saying so] made her feel old. 
She looks younger than she is, but she debuted at such a young age. When I tell her, I grew up watching her act somewhere far from Seoul, she would sulk. (Laughs) So-yeon is an acting master. She’s such a great actor. Everyone worked hard, without showing any sign of tiredness, so I was able to work on set without getting tired.”

◆ The ending of “Two Weeks” – Men and women have different views?

The ending of “Two Weeks” stirred up some intense debate. Jang Tae-san leaves Seo In-hye and their daughter Soo-jin, whom he hasn’t seen in the past eight years, to go on a soul-searching trip. Some viewers applauded, some were disappointed. In fact, those who made “Two Weeks” gave it a lot of thought, too.

“It’s the difficult part. We were still filming on the day before the finale aired, and the writer couldn’t make up her mind about the last scene until then. We thought really long and hard about it. There were changes to the script. As an actor, I was happy when the writer told me, “I want your opinion on this because you are the one who’s lived as Tae-san.”
I was so touched by it. I think I was happy because it made me feel like the writer trusted me. I’m saying this half-jokingly, but I wonder what if Tae-san died. But the weird thing is, the male crew members said Jang Tae-san should die. It seems they wanted there to be some lingering feelings left by Jang Tae-san’s death. So I wondered what if Jang Tae-san died.”

“But when I asked the director, the director said, ‘[Tae-san’s death] would be so sad, and the viewers should be so shocked. Just like when we started this drama, I want the drama to end by offering healing to viewers by showing them a hopeful future. That’s why we ended it by making Tae-san leave. There could have been different endings, but Tae-san has spent the past eight years losing things. There is nothing left for him.
If he stayed with In-hye to take care of her, Tae-san would have become dependent on her. It wasn’t like farewell forever, but I think Tae-san needed some time for himself to discover a new chapter of his life and to find inner peace. It’s a bummer that we had to show all this in one single episode and didn’t have enough time to explain everything.”

Just as his male staff did, Lee Joongi also thought of Jang Tae-san’s death. But he said he is satisfied with the conclusion that, after those two grueling weeks of struggle to escape, Jang Tae-san finds a new goal in life through the love he found as a father, and takes a determined step forward towards a fresh start.

“But the ending is not all that bad. I loved it because it lingers on that way. Jang Tae-san, once irresponsible, now has a sense of responsibility towards his family. He’ll be able to see them again when he gets back. I think he’s left because he needed time to earn the trust of his family and find inner peace for himself.
It’s not a bad ending for a father who needs time to grow up as a human being. He would have looked irresponsible if he stayed on just because all the problems were solved. In-hye would be happy to continue her relationship with Im Seung-woo (Ryu Soo-young). In many ways, this is not that bad. I love open endings, too.”

◆ Will his next project be a romantic comedy for his fans?

Asked about his next project, Lee Joongi says he has a bias towards the spy genre. “In the spy genre, you can usually do both romance and action. You can also do a comedy, so it has everything rolled into one. But nowadays, there are so many spy genre dramas, so I don’t think my wish would come true.
I think any male actor has a bias towards the spy genre. I grew up watching such things, and it’s so attractive. Normally, writers make any actor, even an unattractive actor, look attractive.”

“I am happy when people ask me about my next project. They could just say, ‘Why don’t you take a break?’ but this way, they are telling me they have some expectation for me. I think that’s a compliment for me as an actor, and it also gives me strength. I am also looking forward to my next project. So much so I even had meetings with the directors I’ve worked with while taking a break after this drama wrapped.
I asked them about what the broadcasters have lined up. When some director showed me the lineup, I asked if I could take a look at the script first. My fans want to see a romantic side of me. I have done very strong characters and a lot of challenging stuff, so I also want to do a romance as a male actor. Of course, I’m thinking of doing a film, too.”

Asked about any specific actors, writers, or directors he wishes to work with, Lee Joongi says, “I would be honored if anyone with lots of experience would approach me. It’s not like I can work with anyone I choose.” He went on to talk about the criteria for choosing his work:
“I usually take on a project when I take a look at a synopsis and the script is entertaining and makes me curious. It is important that I get such feelings about the script, because I can feel confident at work only when I am genuinely attracted to the [script]. I don’t make choices based on certain genres. It is important that I find [the script] entertaining.”

“Basically, every Korean drama should have romance in it, no matter what. I don’t particularly love a drama where all lawyers date, all doctors date, things like that. But I am the type of actor who would ask for at least one kiss scene when I am actually at work. I think that this one kiss scene with Ha-sun was also something I asked for. But even that scene was short.” 

“I am looking forward to my own romance (in drama). I do not have any particular project in mind, but… Wait, what if I just decide now? How about a romantic comedy? (Laughs) Of course, if it starts off strong, with all the heart flutters, but ends poorly, it won’t be any good. Even if I think, ‘I should do this next time,’ it won’t come true 100%. Maybe I will meet a project that comes to me like a destiny, if I keep looking, right? (laughs)”

Lee Joongi talks about doing a romantic comedy for the sake of his fans, showing his deep, profound love for his fans. “I have this sense of responsibility, thinking how much of myself I should show [my fans] in my next project, and it surprises me. Do I evoke some maternal love in them? Is it that they feel like giving me a hug, rather than think of me as boyfriend material?
I don’t know. I am also curious. Some fans tell me they get strength just seeing me full of passion. I think the ideal relationship between fans and actor is one where they care for each other, and we have that sort of thing going on between us.”

This winter, Lee Joongi is holding fan meetings in China and Japan after kicking off the tour in Seoul. He’s already done several fan meetings before. Lee Joongi says, “I hope my fans feel proud of me. I hope we feel proud of each other. My fans don’t attend fan meetings for free, and they probably like it no matter what I do, but I still want to do my best.
Because I want to repay the love of my fans and I hope we make precious memories during that time. That’s why I am working hard. Being happy together is more important than being perfect.
In fact, my fans are divided into two types: the ones who love fan meetings, and the ones who just want to see me in my works. So I have to balance those needs. As an actor, I become careful not to appear commercial. I do not wish to look like I’m making a profit from this.”

In “Two Weeks,” Jang Tae-san’s life goal was to save his daughter suffering from leukemia the moment he first met his daughter. Then, what is actor Lee Joongi’s goal? Since his debut in a 2003 advertisement, Lee Joongi has been around for 10 years as an actor. He describes his goal as follows:

“Being an actor, I think I am learning and filling the person of Lee Joongi (with what I learn from acting). It is something absolute, so I have to keep working hard. I want to become an actor who endures and sticks around all the way to the very end. There are a lot of great actors. I think having a sense of purpose is important.” 

“Being diligent, serious, pure and innocent – that is also an asset and I do not want to lose any of it. I want to become a useful actor, an actor who makes himself useful. That is why I can’t just relax and let my guard down. I think I keep trying to do action, physical performances because it broadens my range as a useful actor. I want to become an artist who stays with my fans and comforts them when they are tired.”




Interviewed by reporter Yang So-young, Hankyung TV


My Daily -  The reason why Lee Joongi searches for hateful comments to read



[interview] The reason why Lee Joongi searches for hateful comments to read
November 9, 2013 at 2:59 AM

1425529_666511153381769_1448020251_n.jpg“No matter who you are, everyone will receive hateful comments. There was a time when I used to receive an exceptionally large number of hateful comments, but now I treat these as useful comments for improvement.”

Actor Lee Joongi (age 31) is the only actor who communicates so much with his fans. He makes the effort to use social media tools such as Twitter to seek opinions from his fans for his next project, fan meeting and other events.  As Lee Joongi communicates through so many ways, there are also many occasions where he gets hurt personally by the hateful comments that he receives. However, in his interview with MyDaily after wrapping up MBC drama “Two Weeks”, Lee Joongi confessed that he even searches for hateful comments to read.

“The reason why I keep checking the public’s reaction is because I do not think that I am a very capable person. That’s why I want to receive more feedback, and if criticisms can help me improve, I think it is better to listen and work on correcting them early. Of course, I am only human, so I do get upset. But I wish to treat these as nourishment to help me grow.”


Lee Joongi’s mind now seems to be filled with many thoughts of becoming a better actor. When asked if there have been any moments that made him rethink about acting, he said that he always gains something new from every project he does.

“For each and every project I do, I always tell myself ‘Don’t resort to dirty tricks’, ‘I must show a more hardworking image’, ‘If I don’t do that I will be left behind’ etc.  I often try to push myself a little. Honestly, I will feel happy if I still get the kind of scripts that I want these days, because it makes me think that I am still an actor who is of some use.  Although I don’t know when that time will come, I want to be a useful actor until that day when I am no longer one. In order to do that, I do not wish to become idle. I think it is most dangerous when one starts to become arrogant.  There was a time in the past when I used to have no manners. I do not want to commit the same mistake a second time. “     

Note: This is not a full translation of the article. Paragraphs about his experience in "Two Weeks" were previously mentioned in other reports, so they have been excluded in this translation. 

Translated from Korean to English by @daegorr

Source: http://www.mydaily.co.kr/new_yk/html/read.php?newsid=201311070042321118&ext=na


TV Report Two weeks’ Lee Junki “As a 32-year-old romantic fool, acting as a dad was difficult” (Part 1)




Two weeks’ Lee Junki “As a 32-year-old romantic fool, acting as a dad was difficult” 
OCTOBER 26, 2013

Translator’s note: Lee Junki’s interviews are never ending! In part 1 of his interview with TVReport, Lee Junki talks about his close brush with death, the ridiculousness of Two Weeks, happenings on set, his “rivalry” with Park Hasun for their onscreen daughter, and is praised to the heavens by the reporter.


It has been 2 weeks since MBC Wed-Thurs drama “Two Weeks” has ended. Lee Junki is still unable to let go of Jang Taesan. Perhaps he was too immersed in the role, he now feels a big sense of emptiness and even feels depressed. “My emotions seem to have become impaired during these 2 weeks. Rather than feeling rejuvenated while resting at home, I feel neglected and discarded instead. I must’ve been living as Jang Taesan in the past few months and became too attached to ‘Two Weeks’.”


He said


“I’m finding energy through giving interviews. Interviews give me healing.  I feel apologetic instead because I’m being so excited and rambling away on my own.”


From the start till end of the interview, he kept thanking the reporters unlike other actors. He seemed to be giving the interview not because he had to do it, but because he personally wanted to do so. When he is asked one question, he will give a long reply without stopping. His enthusiasm to speak more in order to help reporters do their job is obvious.


Acting as a father was more difficult than doing action scenes


“Two Weeks” is a drama about Jang Taesan who goes on the run for 2 weeks to save his daughter. Lee Junki who played the lead role of Jang Taesan had to run, roll and got injured in all kinds of ordeals.  People even called this “Lee Junki’s hardship drama”.  But Lee Junki smiled and said “I wasn’t the only one who suffered. The staff were tired because they had to endure unfavourable conditions. This was also something interesting that I wanted to do.”


Even more so, Lee Junki is famous for not using a stunt double and doing all the tiring and dangerous actions himself. Instead, the staff were worried about him. Lee Junki revealed his reasons for that, “If I use a stunt double, the audience probably would not find it interesting. My pride also tells me that I should do it myself.  I have the desire to become a versatile actor who can do everything himself.” But there were scenes that would make even an expert action star think he was going to die. That would be the scene with the rapids. He described the scene vividly like how he had remembered it.



“There was a scene of me being swept away by the rapids. I could have died like this. It was a situation where even minimal safety equipment could not be used. The current was really very strong. Even though the scene could be done with a stunt double, I ended up doing it because I wanted to. I couldn’t breathe for almost 4 to 50 seconds once I went into the current. Before I began filming the scene, I thought how could someone die being swept away by the water, then I realised that one could really die doing so. The staff naturally thought that I acted very well, so I could not bring myself to tell them that I had thought I was going to die. Then I realised that if I got hurt because of my own ambition, I would end up inconveniencing everyone. As a lead actor, I ought to bear responsibility and take care of myself.”


Lee Junki’s similar enthusiasm can be seen on TV.  Thanks to that, Lee Junki received praise for rediscovering himself through “Two Weeks”. However, this kind of reaction was not expected from him.  



“I still cannot forget the day of the first broadcast. I wasn’t able to monitor the first episode because I was filming on the mountain the whole night. So I searched the internet and monitored the comments from journalists and forum replies. Reporters, drama addicts and fans gave me very good compliments. I still remember myself shouting hurray at the top of the mountain.”


Lee Junki had in fact pondered long and hard over whether to star in “Two Weeks”. He was worried about whether he would be able to act as a father despite not being married and not having much dating experience. He eventually made his decision because of the trust of scriptwriter So Hyun Kyung.



“I said I couldn’t do it when I received the script. When I saw the script for the first episode, I wondered if I could understand a 32-year-old with a daughter. Even if I do well, if I cannot live up to expectations, then I will have to take a break for a long time, because I thought this project will deal a big blow to me. Senior Son Hyung Joo acted incredibly well as a father in ‘The Chaser’, so how could I, a fool who hasn’t even dated, know how to play my part? But writer So Hyun Kyung kept calling me. So I met up with her and from the moment I stepped in, she kept explaining her work in detail. She said confidently and perfectly, ‘This is different from what Senior Son Hyung Joo could do. It would be great if you could just trust and follow me. This can mould and change Lee Junki.’ So I ended up thinking for a long time even after I got home. After two days, I called her to say that I agreed.”


Writer So Hyun Kyung did not hold back her praises and criticisms to Lee Junki. Thanks to that, Lee Junki was able to be more alert and immerse in his character.



“During the script reading, it was not easy to get past one page. I scolded myself for being an actor who couldn’t even read his script and I felt small. After the show aired, the scriptwriter would monitor every episode and send me text messages saying ‘Junki-sshi, it’s not enough, you are overdoing it’. Although she may seem demanding, it made me more determined. I realised I had someone who could help me find my balance. She also helped me to keep up with the director’s pace during filming.”


“Two Weeks” according to Lee Junki


The story of “Two Weeks” is very solid. I have no objections about this. Being a story set within the restricted time frame of 2 weeks, it has some scenes that will make people tilt their heads. As the story unfolds, Jang Taesan who cannot be killed gets smarter by the day and becomes a superman who is capable of doing anything. There were also moments where Jang Taesan was even smarter than top police prosecutor Park Jaekyung.  Lee Junki acknowledges those parts and emphasized those as “dramatic requisites (necessary elements for dramatic effect)”.



“Watching as a drama, Jang Taesan was that desperate. He needed to survive and free himself of the murder charge. From the perspective of the prosecutors, even though they could come up with ideas, they seemed to be gathering opinions from Taesan. The prosecutors listened to Taesan not because they were useless. Within this short period of time, there were many things that the prosecutors had to carefully approach and investigate. I wondered how good it would have been if the show went for realism and have Taesan agree to everything that the police wanted.”


He laughed and revealed that he and Kim So Yeon had bickered over having too many lines.



“So Yeon noona really had a lot of lines to say. So telling her to go to rest should apply to me too right? Although the scriptwriter wasn’t late in giving us the script, it takes time for the full script of an episode to be released, so we will be fiercely memorising at the last minute. We joked that if we study so hard like that, we would have graduated from the Seoul National University as a law graduate.” (laughs)


In the show, the scene of Jang Taesan recognising his daughter Seo Soojin at one glance was understandable but not quite realistic. Lee Junki revealed his thoughts on this, “Because he was told that he had a daughter, he was filled with so much concern and emotions, so he must have had a feeling upon seeing Soojin.” Lee Junki explained that the moment where Jang Taesan experienced his first feelings as a father were very difficult.



“While acting as a father, I discussed a lot with the director. There was a need to create a right sense of bonding, so expressions were very detailed. The different kinds of subtle feelings had to be expressed. I had to act by thinking how I would feel if my daughter was standing in front of me and the feeling of mutual attraction towards one’s own flesh and blood. Episodes 1 and 2 were really difficult, because those two episodes would explain what kind of character Jang Taesan was. From the time of the first script reading onwards, I received a lot of necessary stress that enabled me to concentrate and create the character Jang Taesan.”


However, Lee Junki’s acting was different from his worries and brought surprises each time. It was difficult to find awkwardness and unfamiliarity in Lee Junki as a father. He had exceeded expectations. Lee Junki’s most memorable scenes were those where he showed his love as a father. His earnest acting even put the staff to tears.



“It is very difficult when staff cry in silence during filming. But this happened 3 times in this production. There was this scene where I watched my blood flowing into Soojin during the bone marrow transplant. There was no acting direction at all other than ‘watch’. But there was this feeling that came unexpectedly and even the director was surprised. During this scene, the scene where Soojin wished me ‘Happy Birthday’, and the scene where I cried while begging Han Chigook, the camera director, director and FD cried. Even the lighting staff had eyes welled up with tears. It was great to have such genuine feelings while filming and they remain etched in my memory.”


Lee Junki really doted on child actor Lee Chaemi who acted as his daughter in the show. He would show his fatherly smile each time Lee Chaemi’s name was mentioned. Lee Junki was full of praise for her, “She is the real lead actor of our drama. Her feedback reactions were really helpful to me.” Lee Junki even worked hard and took action using gifts to win over Lee Chaemi’s heart. He and Park Hasun who acted as Lee Chaemi’s mother were rumoured to have quarrelled fiercely over Lee Chaemi.



“Hasun and Chaemi were always together every day. But all I did each day was think of her, and I thought I ought to buy something for her at least. It was not even a war, but I think I was the winner. Chaemi sent me a voice message saying ‘I miss Lee Junki daddy and Park Hasun mummy.’” Lee Junki even bought a huge teddy bear for Lee Chaemi.  “It was the final stage but Lee Chaemi wouldn’t open her heart to me. I thought a big present would be good, so I gave her a huge bear. Moreover, I kept thinking of her during filming so it was a pity to be separated from her. A special memory was necessary. Although I did tell her I will buy 100 pieces of fried octopus for her, but it was not a novel idea because Hasun had already bought it for her.” (laughs)


“Two Weeks” finished with an open ending. Although Taesan saved his daughter Soojin, he still left his family. During the past 8 years, he only lived as a father for 2 weeks. The ending hinted that he would return as a better father in the future. In fact, scriptwriter So Hyun Kyung had asked Lee Junki how he would like the last episode to end. Lee Junki could not forget that moment, because the difficult scriptwriter So Hyun Kyung whom he respected so much actually acknowledged him as “Jang Taesan”.



“The writer had asked me. From Lee Junki’s perspective, it would be good if I was compelling as Jang Taesan. That would be the biggest consolation to me. Although I said that it would be good if Jang Taesan died, the writer would feel so upset. Being overwhelmed with sadness, it would also bring great hurt to the audience and could become a burden. She asked how Junki would feel about an ending that brings hope about life and healing to the audience. I said I will abide to the writer’s wishes of course. Thanks to that, we had the most ideal conclusion for the show.”


In other words, Lee Junki acting was acknowledged by audiences, the staff, the director and even scriptwriter So Hyun Kyung. Those compliments can be deemed as rewards for his past 3 months of hardship.  Definitely, if it was not Lee Junki, the character Jang Taesan would not have been acted with such charm.


Translated from Korean to English by Gabby. Take out with credits. Translation may contain inaccuracies.

Source: ‘투윅스’ 이준기 “32세 연애바보의 아빠 연기, 어려웠죠” (인터뷰1)



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Welcome to the

Lee Joon Gi Appreciation Event!


Let's show some love for this gorgeous oppa who is as brilliant an actor as he is handsome! Share a favorite pic or perhaps a story that you've heard or even which drama that you particularly loved him in. And, there might be a surprise for you as well. :heart:



A scene from one of my favorite LJG dramas 'Arang and the Magistrate'. It's a Joseon era fantasy rom-com, much more low key than 'Flower of Evil'.




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Lee Joon Gi loves to interact with fans. And one among them is through fan meetings. This year , because of the corona, he was not able to do fan meet. However during his IG live, he was considering to have a contactless concert. 


JG always see to it that every fan meet is all about fun, fun , fun ! So he prepares a lot of shows like dance number or song playlists. Here are some of the clips where he had proven that he is a multi-talented artist:









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