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Hello, The Sharpshooter 你好,神枪手 [2022]


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300px-Hello%2C_The_Sharpshooter.jpgChinese title: 你好,神枪手 / Ni Hao, Shen Qiang Shou
English title: Hello, The Sharpshooter

Genre: Sport, romance

Episodes: 40

Director: Liu Yi Zhi

Broadcast Period: February 2nd, 2022

Broadcast Network: TencentVideo / WeTV




Hu Yi Tian as Shen Qingyuan
Xing Fei as Tang Xin
Ma Si Chao as Du Lingfeng
Luo Qiu Yun as Shi Xiaoci
Niu Chao as Jiang Yitian
Lu Qi as Yang Dan
Zheng Yi Ming
Zhu Zi Jie
Jia Qing
Wang Dong as Zhou Zuguang
Shi Ming Ze
Sha Bao Liang



At the National Games, intern sports reporter Tang Xin was tasked to interview the champion of the 50 meter pistol event. She was surprised to find out its Shen Qingyuan, her shooting coach which she secretly liked four years ago. During the interview, Tang Xin was taken aback by Shen Qingyuan's cold attitude, and she begin stuttering, causing her to almost lose her job. Using news reporting and program production as excuses, Tang Xin finds reasons to get near Shen Qingyuan, and tries to solve the root of the problem. In the shooting team, she meets all kinds of contestants, each with their unique stories and life backgrounds. Finally, she managed to produce a shooting program which was well-received by the audience, and solves her workplace crisis. With psychologist Ding Fang's help, Tang Xin helps Shen Qingyuan resolve the knot in his heart, and make up with his former comrade Du Lingfeng. Carrying dreams and love in their heart, they stand on the shooting stage together, aiming higher toward glory.





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I tried the 1st eps ...hmm I can't say I was blown away though I like the FL. ML is not too bad but one of those tsundere type characters with supposed face blindness. But he seems to remember FL just fine later on though. :smug: What annoyed me was that he and his team mates asked the FL to leave the competition venue because apparently she affected his performance. That was rude and she's a live stream reporter - like why should she? I was angry on her behalf. But clearly they have some history together and were friends in high school, though I am not sure if they were romantically involved.


Also as a live stream reporter who is on probation and depending on the success of this assignment for a permanent position, I was surprised she would come to some sort of compromise to "hide" herself from his view. But it did get her into trouble with her superior as the live stream was interrupted.


I will give this a couple more episodes (still waiting for subs) before I decide if I like it enough to continue. 

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@Mouse @abs-oluteM @Mizv I watched this up to episode 6 and I have conflicting feelings. I'm not buying the chemistry as much, but I think part of this has to do with the pacing of the drama.


I like Xing Fei and her rom-coms are always fun to watch because of how lighthearted they are (even if the storyline isn't as good). I'm not a huge fan of Hu Yitian and have only watched him in one drama before (Handsome Sibling where he was outshined by his costar, Chen Zheyuan). I like Kido and Wendy (the second couple) and love their bickering scenes. For now, because I don't have much dramas on my plate, I'll continue watching. One question I have is, why are there 40 episodes?! :jiminbtssigh:


Harper Bazaar Photoshoot (there are individual photos, but I only uploaded the couple ones). 




Main Couple







Kido and Wendy




Sharpshooter Members



Xing Fei just being adorable as always!





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I skip the serious shooting practices…. I don’t really have the patience.  But it’s intriguing watching how FL presence has on ML…

the psychologist current relationship is currently mentally jeopardized by her success… interesting!

I think what I like about the drama, is the psychological labels each one has and how they play it out.   I want to know what happened between the leads past.  

feel so bad for YiTian anytime I notice his pants are above the ankles… Must be hard for wardrobe to find his pants size :lmao2:



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On 2/14/2022 at 10:17 PM, Tofu said:

@Mouse How far along are you with this? I'm up to episode 18, but I did skip a lot too. :laugh:

I am all caught up with available episodes. I’m losing steam though bec I’m enjoying other dramas more. As much as I love Yutian, I feel like he keeps landing these types of roles and it doesn’t give him the opportunity to grow as an actor. He’s behaving very much like his character Jiang Tien in A Love so Beautiful. His character in this one is falling a little flat. 

However, I’m still going to finish this one. :laugh:

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