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The Long Ballad / Princess Changge 长歌行 [2021]

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3rd Place Winner - JangHaven's 2021 Most Anticipated Drama







Title: 长歌行 / Chang Ge Xing
English title: The Long Ballad
Genre: Historical, romance
Episodes: 49

Original Writing: Chang Ge Xing (长歌行) by Xia Da
Director: Zhu Rui Bin (overall), Cheng Feng, Gu Zhi Wei
Screenwriter: Chang Jiang, Pei Yu Fei

Broadcast network: Tencent
Broadcast period: Mar/31/2021


Cast (Source: Dramawiki):

Dilireba as Li Chang Ge (voiced by Qiao Shi Yu)
Yu Zi Yan as Li Chang Ge (young)

Princess Yong Ning. Daughter of Crown Prince Li Jiancheng and the royalty of Uyghur tribe.


Wu Lei as Ashile Sun (voiced by Wai Wai)
Xu Wei Luo as Ashina Sun (young)
Adopted Son of Quētèqín, the Khagan. An Eastern Turkic Khaganate General, in charge of the Eagle Division. He is is known for his military prowess, having been undefeatable on the battlefield.

Liu Yu Ning as Hao Du
Li Ling Hua as Hao Du (young)
An assassin. Du Ruhui's subordinate and confidant. He is tasked to track Li Chang Ge; as well as collect intelligence and eliminate any possible source of threat to the kingdom. Li Yueyan's lover.

Zhao Lu Si as Li Yueyan (voiced by Lu Xi Ran)
Zhang Wan Er as Li Yueyan (young)
Li Shimin's daughter, Li Chang Ge's cousin. Hao Du's lover.


Fang Yi Lun as Wei Shuyu
Sheng Zhong Wei as Wei Shuyu (young)
Wei Zheng's son. Li Chang Ge and Li Leyan's childhood friend. He has a crush on Li Chang Ge, after being saved by her when she was young


More cast information (Source Dramawiki)


Yi Da Qian as Mu Jin, Ashina Sun's confidant. General of Turkic.
Jin Song as Khagan Yan Li, Ashina Sun's foster father.
Wa Er as Ashina She'er (voiced by Wang Kai), little Khagan of Turkic. Nephew of Khagan. Ashina Sun's enemy
Gao Lin Yu as Ashina She'er (young)
Zhang Hao Zhe as Ya Luo (voiced by Li Xin), Ashina Sun's subordinate. Brave warrior of the Yan Han Tribe.
Lu Yan Bei as Madame Jin Se, Princess Yi Cheng's attendant. Ashina She'er's advisor
Yang Ming Na as Princess Yi Cheng (voiced by Zhang Kai), princess of the fallen Sui Kingdom. Ashina She'er's mother
Deng Wen as Princess Yi Cheng (young)
Liu Tian Bao as Nu Er, member of the tribe
Jiang Xiao Lin as Su Yi'er, member of the tribe


Yan Xing Gate
Li Jian Yi as Qin Gu, Li Chang Ge's mentor. Previously advisor and confidant to Gongsun Heng
Feng Jun Jie as A Dou (voiced by Chen Jin Wen), Li Chang Ge's disciple. Previously a gangster who was taken in at Ping Xiang Zhai, later becomes a renowned general
Wu Chong Xuan as Xu Feng, Gongsun Heng's confidant. Later becomes a follower of Li Chang Ge
Liu Chu Xuan as Luo Shiba, Li Chang Ge's guard. Previously one of the members of Yan Yun Eighteen Troops


Li Tang Royal Empire
Geng Le as Li Shimin, Emperor of Tang Kingdom. Li Chang Ge's uncle, Li Yueyan's father
Tan Jian Chang as Wei Zhi (voiced by Yang Mo), Wei Shuyu's father. Li Jiancheng's advisor, Li Chang Ge's teacher
Cheng Tai Shen as Du Ruhui, Li Shimin's confidant. An important court official.
Wang Xiao Wei as Wang Junkuo (voiced by Yan Ming), governor
Cheng Cheng as Li Yuan (voiced by Tang Shui Yu), Prince Lu Jiang
Tian Jun Cheng as Li Jing, a general. Hongfu Nu's lover


Cao Xi Yue as Mimi Guli (voiced by Zhou Zhou), daughter of the one of the tribe leaders. She was offered as a slave to the Turkic, and became Madame Jin Se's subordinate and planted as a mole by Li Chang Ge's side
Zhang Zi Xi as Mimi Guli (young)


Liu Yun Pavilion
Sa Ding Ding as Madame Jing Dan, master of Liu Yun Pavilion.
Zhou Ke Di as A Bi, a slave whose kingdom was destroyed by the Turkic. Was taken in by Liu Yun Pavilion


Liu Hai Kuan as Situ Langlang, only descendant of Yue Nu Sword
Li Guang Fu as Sun Simiao, famed physician and reverend known by the nickname "Medicine King"
Wang Rui Chang as Pu Sa
Xu Rong Zhen as Madame Jin (voiced by Li Shi Rong)
Lu Xing Yu as Gongsun Heng, feudal officer of Shuo Kingdom
Yang Zi Hua as Fang Xuanling (voiced by Zhao Shu Ren)
Fu Hong Sheng as Shi Xin Si Li (voiced by Feng Sheng)
Yang Jun Cheng as Uncle Lei
Zhang Yin Long as Uncle Lei (young)
Liu Jin Long as Li Jiancheng
Wei Bing Hua as Chang He (voiced by Qi Si Jia)
Wang Jing Yan as Madame Gongsun , Gongsun Heng's wife
Peng Bo as Yi Nan
Zhou Yun Shen as Li Yuanji
Li Tai Yan as Shen Kuo
Xing Wen Jie as Luo Yi
Li Long as Shang Ke She
Li Bao Min as Sima Tu
Yu Xiao Dong as Sima Jian
Zhu Li Qun as A Yi Er
Zhu Zhi Huang as Yi Bu Qin
Xu Chang Chao as Tu Lu Ke
Chen Jing Bo as Hai Lao
Lou Yan Hao as Ma Zi
Chen Heng as Chai Niang Zi
Xu Shen Dong as Lin Liu Niang
Ren Wan Jing as Xu Si Niang
Song Hai Ning as Zhang San Niang
Mei Ling Zhen as Hongfu Nu, Li Jing's lover
Chen Mu Lin as An Rou
Huang Zi Ying as Tian Jing
Jin Xi as Quan Niang
Yu Qing as Ya Xi
Long De as Hao He
Sun Yi Fan as Yang Cheng
Li Ang as Si Se Chu
Zhang Bin as Guo Yu
Zhu Xiang as Zhang Hui
Liu Feng Shuo as Cui Tong
Zhang Ping Juan as Empress Xiao
Yang Chun Rui as Namu Ze
Wang Wen Hu as Tuo Lu
Yun Xiang as Zhangsun Run
Yuan Zhi Ying as Zhangsun Jing
Liu Zi Rui as Wei Zhiyuan
Li Chang An as Zhang Liu Lang
Xu Wei as Dao Ba Nan
Yang Bin as Zhu Hongyun
Kong Qi Li as Li Chunfeng (voiced by Qian Wen Qing)
Huang Xin as Wang Li
Yang Di as A Dong
Chao Zhi Qian as Weichi Jing De
Hu Yi Lin as Su Su
Jia Shu Yi as San Niang
Huangyang Tian Tian as Zhen Zhu
He Yu Xiao as Li Chengqian
Dong Li Wu You as Sheng Xin
Qiao Hua as Gongsun Yuan, daughter of Gongsun Heng. Was raised by Qin Gu and is like siblings with A Dou
Guo Jin Hao as Xiao Mo
Fang Xiao Mo as Yang Zhengdao
He Chu Qing as Wu Niang
Zhou Ao Yun as Bu Zhen
Wu Si Chen as A Er Tai
Lin Chen Rui as Little Young Master
Yang Hao Chen as Youth
Wang Kai Yue as A Ning
Hu Zhi Yong as Ao Dan
Zhang Ai Yue as Su Yi Li
Li Shi Yan as Granny Chen
Liu Yong Gang as Officer Zhang
Wei Zhi Qiang as Officer Chen
Wang Kai as Soldier


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  • 5 months later...
1 minute ago, MayanEcho said:

@NiteWalker might be true, coz I think I've seen in FB that it's showing this month!  😍


ahahaha....im leaning more towards 'You're My Glory' to be honest lols

2 hours ago, Tofu said:

It would be great if it was released but also horrible for me because I'm still watching Ling Long and Douluo Continent. :laugh:


good lk lols hahahhaa

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  • 4 weeks later...
23 hours ago, Tofu said:

Dilireba recently started promoting this drama so hopefully that means it'll air soon? Right now, it is rumored to air at the end of March. 


not too sure...sometimes yes...sometimes no....i think they better not air it first....i have alot of drama to pick up first lols


On 2/11/2021 at 8:26 AM, Tofu said:

I really don't know why I keep picking up dramas that are 40+ episodes long. I forgot that Princess Changge is also long too. :scaredpanda2:


because you like it....infact 40+ is very short given their airing times are usually only around 40mins give or take...

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@MayanEcho - Wow! They are kind of going all out on this drama! Makes me a bit more excited to watch it now! 


34 minutes ago, NiteWalker said:

Zhou Shen seems to be everywhere nowadays lols

He is! I kind of like it too because I really enjoy the OSTs when he sings them. Haha!



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On 2/9/2021 at 7:35 PM, NiteWalker said:

Rumors that it will be air on Feb/14 @MayanEcho



On 3/8/2021 at 12:20 AM, Tofu said:

Right now, it is rumored to air at the end of March. 


Latest C-rumor mill buzz - to premiere on 3.24 (or thereabout). If true, awesome! Just about right to fill the "void" after TSnTB ends. Perhaps the final 9 eps will be dumped next Monday in view of this new and highly anticipated "competitor":idk: But I will be more than happy not having to wait another week for the last 3 eps lol. Though sad to bid farewell to 1101 CP so soon. Will definitely rewatch in a bingeathon someday soon :love:



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