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You Are My Spring 너는 나의 봄 [2021]

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You Are My Spring






English Title: You Are My Spring

Director: Jung Ji Hyun

Writer: Lee Mi Na

Episodes: 16

Genre: Romance

Broadcast station: tvN

Online Streaming Site: Netflix

Production Company: Hwa & Dam Pictures
Schedule: 5 July, 2021 (Mon - Tues)

Websites: Official Website | Official Instagram | Naver | NamuWiki | Naver TV


Plot Summary

People with a childish state of mind now live as adults. They happen to live in a building where a murder takes place.


When she was a child, Kang Da-Jung (Seo Hyun-Jin) stayed at an inn in Gangneung for a short time, but she considers that inn as a home of her heart. Now, she works as a hotel concierge manager. She moves to the Gugu Building. There, she gets involved in a murder case and with her neighbor Joo Young-Do (Kim Dong-Wook). He lives downstairs from her.


Joo Young-Do works as a psychiatrist. He became a psychiatrist to help make suicidal people want to live again. He is smart and looks into people's wounded heart, but he also has a wounded heart. He has never been comforted by anyone.


Chae Joon (Yoon Park) is the CEO of an investment company. One day, he suddenly appears in front of Kang Da-Jung. He has feelings for her and expresses his feeling to her.


An Ga-Young (Nam Gyu-Ri) is an actress. She was used by her ex-boyfriend and ex-manager. Afterwards, she became afraid to love someone. (source: AsianWiki).



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9 minutes ago, abs-oluteM said:

@mademoiselle With a title like You Are My Spring , I expect them to have romance! ahahaah...I was under the impression this was a romance melodrama...but then I read about the murder. But heck romance in the midst of danger can be very exciting.

Can we trust the title? Look at "She Would Never Know"  and "Doom At Your Service" :laugh: True, romance in the midst of danger is super thrilling. I'm already imagining some hot kisses between the OTP. They both can deliver good kisses based on their past projects :wow: and they are adults and it's tvN. Woo wahhh!

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From the teasers , definitely there will be romance. KDW & SHJ looks very compatible. So does Yoon Park & Nam Gyu Ri.  
SHJ character description cracked me up - a smart woman but poor at choosing the right guy.  Many women can relate 



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