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The Zombie Detective ( 좀비탐정) [2020]

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The_Zombie_Detective-TP1.jpgI can't decide what intrigues me more...an amnesiac zombie who decides to become a detective or Choi Jin Hyuk wearing eyeliner 🤩. Having been a fan of the man since Emergency Couple , I have not always been 100% behind his drama choices. Nevertheless,  thanks to his brooding good looks, towering 186cm height and deep deep voice, I just can't seem to give him up. While initially skeptical of the plot upon hearing his casting in this drama...the second character teaser here, has won me over. The comedic tone has given me assurance that this will not be all horror and gore - a genre that I am usually too chicken to watch. 


The plot starts with Kim Moo Yoong ( CJH) in the 2nd year of his undead existence. Having no recollection of how he ended up this way, our drop-dead :classic_rolleyes: handsome zombie finds a way to stay among the common folks in a small village before moving to the big city to become a private eye. He is keen on regaining his past memories, and I suppose being a detective will help pay the bills as he investigates the reason for his zombie life . 


Park Joo Hyun is a new face for me. She takes on the role of Kong Sun Ji, who used to write for an investigative journalistic program. An assault on the witness of a case she was investigating leaves her shaken. She quits her job and ends up working at Kim Moo Young's detective agency. 

This promises to be a fun and quirky watch, if the latest teasers are anything to go by. And if all else fails , there is always Choi Jin Hyuk being a cute and clumsy zombie. That alone should be enough to check out a few episodes eh?

- synopsis by @abs-oluteM-

Source Asianwiki MyDramaList Soompi

VTVENTER_70000000378153_20200722_2020072Broadcast station: KBS  

Schedule:  Monday & Tuesday 21:30 , 30 minutes each / 2 episodes per day) beginning Sept 21,  2020 

Genre: comedy, fantasy, detective

1st Script Reading credit KBS




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Info on Cast      Trailers/ Teasers     BTS / OST


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Cast and Crew 

DirectorShim Jae-Hyun

Writer: Baek Eun-Jin 


Main Cast

choi-jin-hyuk-zombie-detective-0.jpgChoi Jin-Hyuk as Kim












Park Joo-Hyun as Kong Sun-Ji









Supporting Cast

Kwon Hwa-Woon - Cha Do-Hyun

Hwang Bo-Ra - Gong Sun-Young

An Se-Ha - Lee Tae-Kyun

Tae Hang-Ho - Lee Sung-Rok

Park Dong-Bin - Hwang Chun-Seob

Lee Joong-Ok - Wang Wey

Lim Se-Joo - Kim Bo-Ra

Bae Yoo-Ram - PD



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Mon-Tues: -  Wed-Thurs: -  Fri-Sat:  -  Sat-Sun: Miss Night & Day Daily: SooJi and WooRi C-drama: - 

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