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Songs of your childhood

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Sometimes, you look back at songs that you listen to when you were in your (perhaps in a nice way) ‘younger’ days. What are the songs of your childhood? You can post the video and share it to us. Maybe you might also want to talk about some memorable moments when you listen to them again while typing it here~ Let’s share songs together! 



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“A romantic who likes flowers.”



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I used to listen to tracks of nursery songs. Here's the first ever favourite:



It felt a bit funny that another nursery song I like would be in Outlander years after. 🙂



Lastly, who watched this when they were kids? It's the very first series that I had cut onions. The feels while he plays Annie Laurie. 💔



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Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero

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12 minutes ago, SilverMoonTea said:

This one the most famous , always there in wedding haha... She's so classic. I love her jade bangle.


Tag @NiteWalker


wow....yea she is classic lols.....another classic will be Emil Chou....he has a lot of old songs that i really love one that we always sing in Karaoke is 'Friends'



11 hours ago, Darkarcana said:

That one song that I thought of it’s this. I am always fascinated by the puppets!To me this still one of those classics :heart:


OMG the HAIR!!! hahahaha

10 hours ago, abs-oluteM said:

Ooo love Jacky Cheung...went to see his concerts a couple of times...but eh will I be revealing too much of my age if I post childhood songs @Darkarcana :hug:


i love him....though the hair!!! hahaha


no one sing like him

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this is one of the oldest songs i listen to ..... well before Teresa....its bring bk alot of memories...those who understand the lyrics knows very well what i meant....


its a song about a father whole collect and sell those empty bottles for money to support his child.....

how the child actually succeeded and how she sang this song...


"where there will be no land without the sky

where there will be no home without the land

where there will be no you without the home

where there will be no me without you"



i enjoy this version which was a remix from Richie Ren, Liu YuNing and LuoQi during their participation in 'Our Song S1' it bring back the memories when i listen to this particular song when i was a kid.....my mom made me sit thru the song actually back then.....



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Whitney Houston 




Titanic Movie :  My Heart Will Go on 



Beauty and the Beast







Celine Dion  Because You Loved Me 





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Favorite Favorite Artist  Bae Doona, Moon Chae Won, Gong Hyo Jin, Cho Seung Woo, Jang Hyuk,, Jo In Sung,  Gong Yoo

Drama watching now: Plot Love,  Chimera ,The Psychologist, Always have,Always will , Show Windows: Queens House

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