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​ ❄️🌿 ​Wintergarden ❄️🌿​ | Ahn Jeong-won & Jang Gyeo-ul


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Jang Gyeo-ul (Winter) x Ahn Jeong-won (Garden)

Played by Shin Hyun-been and Yoo Yeon-seok


For the 12 long episodes of Hospital Playlist Season 1, Wintergarden Detectives examined, analysed, speculated, hoped and prayed for the coming together of paediatric surgeon Ahn Jeong-won and third-year general surgery resident Jang Gyeo-ul.



Credit: @/bluemingdaisy on twitter


And what a journey it was.


When Gyeo-ul said she liked everything about Jeong-won, we were surprised. When Jeong-won slid the cream cakes over to her, our eyes widened.


When Gyeo-ul was rejected, our hearts broke with her. When Jeong-won was left by the curb-side, we commiserated with him.


When Gyeo-ul completed her first solo surgery, we were so proud of her. When Jeong-won sang Confessions Is Not Flashy, we melted into a puddle.


When they worked together, we quivered. When they laughed together, we cheered.



And then the last thirteen minutes of Episode 12 happened, and all around the world, Wintergarden fans squealed in delight as Jeong-won finally revealed the depth of his feelings for Gyeo-ul.


But wait, the journey isn't quite over yet.


What happens after Happily Ever After?



Can't get enough of Wintergarden?



Relieve The Magic of Season 1

  • All Wintergarden Moments Part 1 & Part 2 | Compiled by twitter user @/seokbeenie 

Official Videos





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36 minutes ago, -StrongTower- said:

Is season2 gonna start off whete s1 ended or there'd be a time lapse?

No one knows for sure yet... I think if they wanted to include the virus pandemic in the story (to make it more grounded in reality) there won't be much of a time skip. 

Personally I'm hoping for not too long of a time skip. I want to see things being resolved ON-SCREEN!!! Lol.

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Hello all... Thanks for the welcome @abs-oluteM and @wallflowersforjane


I'll do my bit. I suppose we should do this chronologically but since we already know the outcome... why pretend otherwise 😉 



Screen Shot 2020-05-30 at 5.55.05 pm


Screen Shot 2020-05-30 at 5.55.25 pm


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17 minutes ago, Lynne said:

@wallflowersforjane Wow! Lovely Title you create there!! 



Thank you! I was really happy that emoticons was allowed in the title.


Hello @40somethingahjumma @akikisetsu @Doesntmatter @Wintergardener, welcome! Please feel free to start posting any WG thoughts, analysis, fan-art, fan-fics you encounter. I am sure we still have them quite regularly as we re-watch the scenes, the series or just wonder what S2 will bring for Jeong-won and Gyeo-ul. Don't hesitate to promote your own as well. 😍

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Hi there.. thanks for the welcome @wallflowersforjane


Saw this on the bird app..

Just wanna share..


yulje's ghostie (@chaesonghwamnda) Tweeted:
Ep 12 did not only reveal merely that Jeongwon has feelings for Gyeoul; it was also revealed that he liked her right from the start.

Never forget that he was the first one to enter the room and cross the line (there was a whole door and room theory about wintergarden) https://t.co/8zzGol6Xw1 https://twitter.com/chaesonghwamnda/status/1297400076722036736?s=20

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Hi all!!!!!!!

I miss you  all so much.Glad to found you .

Thank you @abs-oluteM and snowlou for the link.

I really need you WGs cause the wait is long and second thoughts are coming.I dismiss them but they keep coming back.

Should I start worry that our ship is the first to ship when we have 2 more seasons to go?

lol someone has to be first I know.

Just curious to see what they have prepared for WG.Which means I want S2 to start from the end of episode 12.Gyeoul and viewers need to hear from Jeong Won when he started to rethink his decision to leave and when he was planning" to talk to that someone first".

hugs WGs



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@lifeisfullofdrama happy you’re here ! 

my dear @kiklaminho yay !!!!!  

TBH I also hv a slight concern that the writer will troll us with some angst 😄 . Two seasons will  need some plot . But they should know better then to break them up knowing that the WG fandom is huge ! 

Do you guys think there will be a time jump ? Or do you think they will go back in time to show JW’s point of view ? I think that was one of the things that viewers kept bringing up  . That it was not clear how he felt & that everything that led up to the kiss was sudden . Lol ! 

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