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2nd Anniversary - Drama Recommendations


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Favorite/Recommended Dramas



Please share some of your favorites with us. What are the dramas that you think everyone should watch! Or at least, the dramas that totally hooked you in once you started? So, please tell us the following:


1. Your recommended drama(s) from this past year

2. Your recommended drama(s) of all time


We know that the 2nd question was probably asked before, but it can always change. So, we want to know how you feel right now!

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Recommended Drama (airing now) 

😍 Immortal Samsara

😍 Ishiko to Haneo


Recommended Drama (past) 

💌 Lost

💌 Kono Koi Atamamesuka

💌 Before We Get Married 

💌 Miss Crow and Mr Lizard

💌 Let Me Be Your Knight 

💌 Master of My Own 


I have too many dramas to recommend, but above are what I'm hyping now & hyped up in the past , I saved a lot of pictures from the actor of that dramas 😅 I'm not recommending any dark crime dramas, let's just happily drowned in romance, be it sweet & mushy or dangerous & forbidden one 😆

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Recent (2022) dramas that I would recommend:

Let Me Be Your Knight - a drama about a kpop group that had me buying their CD even

My Liberation Notes - a slice of life drama that kept me more enthralled than I would have thought


Dramas of all time on my list:

Happiness - a zombie drama that is really more a character study about people under stress, plus a main couple who provide a satisfying friends to lovers story

Good Detective - a cop drama, an odd couple buddy drama, all with interesting, complex characters

Racket Boys - a coming to age drama about kids who play badminton that is far more compelling than it should be

Mystic Pop Up Bar - a fantasy set in the modern world where souls are helped to resolve their grudges

Healer - forever and ever on my list of faves to watch, with one of the most memorable OTP's in Healer and Young Shin, plus Ajumma Hacker!


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Happy 2-Year Anniversary, Janghaven! :Party01::Party02:

Dramas from this past year:

  • Through the Darkness (I highly recommend only if it is your kind of genre.)

Dramas of all time:

  • Six Flying Dragons
  •  Mr. Sunshine
  • Stranger / Forest of Secrets (Season 1)
  • My Unfamiliar Family
  • Reply 1988
  • Prison Playbook
  • Hospital Playlist
  • Navillera
  • Move to Heaven


4 hours ago, stroppyse said:

Actually, this has a special place in my heart as well. I loved the friendship between the children, but also the friendship amongst the parents.


Mine as well for exactly the same reasons.

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I feel quite seasoned now after having spent the last 2 years bingeing dramas. I try not to think of all the other things I could have been doing... 😂


All-time recommendation

  • Crash Landing On You
  • Secret Garden
  • Hot Stove League
  • Stranger
  • Beyond Evil


Dramas in the past year



  • Love like the Galaxy
  • Tracer
  • Insider
  • Squid Game

Quite Good

  • The Devil Judge
  • DP
  • Why Her (but only the first half 😆)
  • Lovers of the Red Sky
  • Grid
  • Chimera
  • Through The Darkness


(Older) Dramas that I didn't think I would like but was surprised

  • Mr Sunshine (and Kim Min-jung is now redeemed lol)
  • Sky Castle
  • My Mister
  • Misaeng
  • Prison Playbook
  • Dr Romantic series


I keep seeing good reviews for Reply 1988. But it sounds like a slice of life which is not my cup of tea. By any chance, is there any mystery or perhaps fighting between the characters? 😅


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16 minutes ago, Chocolate said:


I keep seeing good reviews for Reply 1988. But it sounds like a slice of life which is not my cup of tea.

Many people much preferred R1988. For me personally, I like R1997 better. Tried a couple times watching R1988, just cannot get into it and give up. I don’t know why. 

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Currently watching: Lies // Touch // Time // Lost // Moving

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@Chocolate Very nice recommendations . Ling Bu Yi for the win ahahaha

@ktcjdrama I actually never even finished one Reply series although I started them all. Just couldn't somehow.  But I love the HP series and Prison Playbook . 


This year ( I will just limit it to 2022 or my list will be unending) I feel these were my top completed dramas:

1. My Liberation Notes ( Mr Gu & Yeong Mi Jeong's struggles & romance tugged at my heartstrings)

2. Through The Darkness ( fantastic procedural & based on true story + Kim Nam Gil)

3. Bloody Heart ( this is how you do a good historical, Lee Joon , Jang Hyuk , Kang Hanna )

4. Extraordinary Attorney Woo ( eye-opening where ASD is concern + my baby Kang Tae Oh)

5. Forecasting Love & Weather ( surprisingly good + my favorite Park Min Young role to date)

6. 2521 (in spite of the ending - this was so much nostalgia)

7. Our Beloved Summer ( realistic romance - I include this since most episodes aired in 2022)



1.  The Autumn Ballad (first time watching Jeremy Tsui  :hearties: )
2. Reset (I wish kdramas take a leaf from this show on how to do a good time travel!)
2. Ordinary Greatness ( wonderful slice of police life that reminded me off the kdrama, Live)

( I am still watching LLTG ...so I didn't put this in ...ahahah)


A couple of guilty pleasure shows I think that is good for an easy watch - Business Proposal and Sh**ting Stars. 



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Mon-Tues: My Lovely Boxer Wed-Thurs: The Day Fri-Sat:  My Dearest (Part 2 in Oct!) C-drama: -  NF: A Time Called You 

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Let me give this a try... I watched fewer dramas the first half of 2022 due to higher work load and RL happenings.


K-drama (2022) must watch

- Our Beloved Summer

- The Red Sleeve Cuff

- 2521

- My Liberation Notes

- Extraordinary Lawyer WYW

- Yumi's Cells S1+S2

- From Now On, Showtime

- Crazy Love


C-drama (2022) must watch

- Reset 开端

- Because of Love 今生有你

- Under The Skin 猎罪图鉴



All time recommendation

- Missing: The Other Side

- Nobody Knows

- Hospital Playlist S1+S2

- Stranger S1

- 18 Again

- A Beautiful World

- Sky Castle

- Move to Heaven

- Navillera

- Go Ahead 以家人之名

- You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀

- Someday Or One Day 想見你



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Currently watching: Lies // Touch // Time // Lost // Moving

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