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May It Please The Court 변론을 시작하겠습니다 [2022]


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Depicts the story of Noh Chak Hee, a public defender who has to defend a murderer who murdered a loved one and after being in the public sector for three months, she falls into the biggest dilemma of her life.

Jung Ryeo Won will play the 33-year-old public defender Noh Chak Hee.


'No Chak-hee', a lawyer who was relegated from Ace, a famous law firm with the highest win rate, and ended up being a public defender. As if 'No' in the name given to 'live kindly', she keeps her distance from being good,and lived fiercely without any fuss in order to win. Then, she was mistakenly entangled in a case she took over before being promoted to a partner, and her qualifications were almost suspended for one year. She ended up becoming  exclusively responsible for public defending. Her goal is to become an icon in the public sector by taking on a case of a major player, and to make a comeback to a law firm as soon as possible. 


Lee Kyu-hyung, who has shone his presence across good and evil characters, takes on the role of 'Jwa Si-baek', a publicly appointed lawyer called 'Torai'. A person who is not likely to get a drop of blood even if he stabs the strong, but can give his own blood to the weak. Maybe that's why, after graduating from the Judicial Research and Training Institute as a senior, he was able to choose to work with any of the judges, prosecutors, and top 3 law firms, but he rejected all offers and offered to do pro bono work. However, there is something so mysterious about him that even the secretary who has worked with him for a long time does not know about his private life. 


After confronting each other once with a corporate whistleblowing lawsuit, after leaving the impression that they are 'dogs of a large law firm' and 'torei', respectively, Chak-hee, who became a public defender, shares an office with Si-baek. 

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Mon-Tues: -  Wed-Thurs: -  Fri-Sat:  -  Sat-Sun: Miss Night & Day Daily: SooJi and WooRi C-drama: - 

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Director: Kang Min-Ku

Writer: Jung Hye-Jin (novel), Kim Dan

Network: Disney+

Episodes: 12

Release Date: September 21, 2022


Jung Ryeo Won - Noh Chak Hee
Lee Kyu Hyung - Jwa Si Baek
Jung Jin Young - Jang Ki Do
Kim Hye Eun - Oh Ha Ran
Kim Sang Ho - Shin Chi Sik
Park So Jin - Jang Yeon
Go Gyu Pil - Do Young Soo
Hong Seo Joon - Oh Dae Hyeon
Lee Sang Hee - Yoo Gyeong Jin

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Mon-Tues: -  Wed-Thurs: -  Fri-Sat:  -  Sat-Sun: Miss Night & Day Daily: SooJi and WooRi C-drama: - 

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Disney Plus  sucks at doing promo for this show...

Anyway, JRW did an interview for Cosmopolitan after winning an acting award in the Bucheon International Film Festival. She mentions about her chemie with LKH here . Turn on cc for subs


New stills








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Mon-Tues: -  Wed-Thurs: -  Fri-Sat:  -  Sat-Sun: Miss Night & Day Daily: SooJi and WooRi C-drama: - 

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Yonhap News Written By Kim Do Won.




Seoul, September 21 (Yonhap) -- Actress Jung Ryeo Won played as a public prosecutor on the previous dramas "Witch Court" and "Diary of a Prosecutor" has taken on the role of a lawyer in the new Disney Plus original series.


At the press conference held on Wednesday at the Westin Joseon Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul for the new Disney Plus original series "May It Please the Court" Jung Ryeo Won claimed, "It felt new because I played a lawyer this time, although it's my third time filming a court drama."




This photo, provided by Disney Plus, shows actors Jung Jin Young, Jung Ryeo Won and Lee Kyu Hyung. (Yonhap)



"May it Please the Court" is a court mystery drama as Noh Chak Hee (Jung Ryeo Won) a self-indulgent lawyer does anything for a success and Jwa Si Baek (Lee Kyu Hyung) a unique lawyer goes through fire and water for things he is stuck on, work together to track down the truth hidden in the case. It's based on an essay of the same name.


Director Kang Min Goo introduced the drama, "I wanted to portray how public-appointed lawyers with a low possibility of winning the trial live for the common people in court." He added, "Although it's a court mystery genre, the drama includes comedy and human stories as well."







'click on this link for more details'




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@stroppyse If you end up picking up this drama, it's on Hulu! I never thought I would see an current airing drama on Hulu! I hardly use my Hulu subscription, but I guess I'll have to now! https://www.hulu.com/series/may-it-please-the-court-d703999d-e523-45a6-a9c6-63c96748fd23


Two episodes came out today -- is that accurate? Are they just airing two episodes on Wednesdays going forward? 


The drama is a bit darker than I originally thought, but there is still a good amount of bickering between both leads. At the end of episode two, they made it seem like Jwa Si Baek was the culprit, but does anyone believe that he's behind that pharmaceutical CEO murder? 



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9 minutes ago, abs-oluteM said:

@Tofu did they air two episodes at a go ? 

They did! They aired both episode 1 and 2 today. I looked and it seems like it only airs on Wednesdays. I'm curious if it'll continue to air two episodes a week or if it's just for the first week and it'll be one episode a week. 



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The title actually what does it mean? May It Please The Court... haha..., make the court happy? They should pick better title...


I'm actually also tired with legal drama like @mademoisellesaid. This one also didn't really offer a new plot. It's actually quite similar with 'Why Her' premise at the beginning. What makes the big difference, I love the lead chemistry ! They have major dispute and dislike each other at first, but looking at how caring he is, after she encountered the old pervert man, just melting my heart. LKH nailed it! So he can also do romance, not just being a psycho killer 😅 (Voice 4) 


As of JRW, this role quite similar to her previous work (Witch at Court, Prosecutor Diary), but I think she's best at this kind of role. So I actually enjoyed her portrayal here, as career driven lawyer that will do anything to win the case. 


I'm eager to know how her life will change, after she become public defender. I think the workload will be terrible, and the petty case might troubled her. And it's like on her own word, they can't choose the client whether it's a murderer or rapist, they still need to defend them. I think her work in Jangsan mostly to defend chaebol in corporate trouble, they actually also a murderer, just loaded with more money. Not sure why she think her work and SB's work are different. 


My favourite scene will be when SB saving NCH from JHS, actually girl is not damsel in distress, she headbutt him and can save herself 😂 But I still appreciate the classic cult of 'hero come and save the lady'. It seems SB already had knowledge that JHS maybe have history with molesting girl? It's a bit odd that he decided to follow them instantly after he saw him. I'd rather not to have SB as the murderer, probably he will get accused and NCH will need to save him this time. 


Btw is NCH a single mother? Didn't see her kid anywhere. 

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1 hour ago, SilverMoonTea said:

The title actually what does it mean? May It Please The Court... haha..., make the court happy? They should pick better title...

It's a greeting that lawyers/attorneys use at the beginning of a trial. Haha! I don't think it's something that's used often anymore. 


@SilverMoonTea The ending where it suggest that he may be the killer is definitely Voice 4 vibes, right?! :laugh:


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I don't understand the connection between the English title and the Korean title... Other than it's mouthful, the translation is also weird... But well there are lots of kdrama title which English version and the Korean didn't connect or make sense. Hahaha


I just read the short summary about our two leads from the first page and it was said that Chak Hee is a single mother? From the way we are introduced she's single yes but no sign of yet that she is a mother.. hmmm if only it didn't air in OTT and has it's own page for characters introduction it can be helpful.. especially after the last few minutes of episode 2 that seems to point out that Si Baek has a dual personality that we didn't expect? 


Truthfully I watched this blindly (means didn't checking any trailer preview or synopsis before) and just based on trust of the two leads. Their chemistry are really good. JRW nailed it and it looks fresh to see her as a lawyer because the last time I saw her, she was a prosecutor. After this, if she do take another law drama, will she become a judge to complete the collection? :MewGiggle:

It's good to see LKH again after Hi Bye Mama.. I started to notice him because of prison playbook but most of his works after that was quite dark for my taste that other than Hi Bye Mama, I haven't seen him for a while... When I thought he will have a bright and sincere character this time, episode 2 made me think different. Hmmm I wonder what happened to him in the past and if he indeed the culprit and the killer, is this another psychopath or something? 


Since this drama only 12 episodes, I think I'll put it under my current watching list, which currently quite empty. Hopefully it won't be too dark in the rest of episodes... And no sudden announcement of season 2 too at the end credits for the supposed ending (a jab at Psychiatrist Poong for anyone who's wondering). 

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