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[K-artist] Lee Jun Young 이준영

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Lee Jun Young (U Kiss) 




Lee Jun-young (Korean: 이준영; born January 22, 1997), also known as Jun, is a South Korean singer, rapper and actor. In June 2014, he debuted as a new member of U-KISS. In October 2017, he joined survival program The Unit, in which he finished in first place and became a member of the project group UNB.


Apart from his group's activities, he has participated in various television dramas, notably Avengers Social Club (2017), marking his career breakthrough, Goodbye to Goodbye (2018), Class of Lies (2019), Good Casting (2020), Please Don’t Date Him (2020), Imitation (2021) and Let Me Be Your Knight (2021).


Name: Jun

Hangul: 준

Birth Name: Lee Jun-Young (이준영)

Born: January 22, 1997

Birthplace: South Korea

Height: 185cm

Blood Type: AB

Personality :INFP

Instagram: real_2junyoung

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•More Painful Than Sadness | TBA | 
•Brave Citizen | TBA | Han Su Kang 
•Love and Leashes | 2022 | Jung Ji Hoo

Drama Series
•Na Rae, Kicking Out | TBA | Sun Woo 
•Let Me Be Your Knight | 2021 | Yoon Tae In
•D.P. | 2021 | Jung Hyun Min [Deserter] (Ep. 3) (Guest Role)
•Imitation | 2021 | Kwon Ryok
•Please Don't Date Him | 2020 | Jung Kook Hee 
•Backstreet Rookie | 2020 | [Underage customer] (Ep.2) (Guest Role) 

•Good Casting | 2020 | Gang Woo Won
•Class of Lies | 2019 | Yoo Beom Jin
•KBOYS | 2018 | [ikemen cafe clerk] (Ep.5) (Guest Role) 

•Goodbye to Goodbye | 2018 | Han Min Soo
•Avengers Social Club | 2017 |
Lee Soo Gyum
•A Special Meal of the Weirdo 'Nara' | 2017 | Clerk (Guest Role)

Source : Mydramalist 


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Discography / Musicology




2014: Career beginnings



On May 15, 2014, NH Media announced, via U-KISS's official Korean website, new member Jun to the public. On June 2, 2014 Jun made his debut with U-KISS and the group released its ninth mini album Mono Scandal along with the 19+ rated music video of the album's title track "Quit Playing."


2017–present : UNB



On October 28, 2017, Lee joined survival program The Unit. He made it to the final Top 9 and was voted number one. He promoted with UNB, which consisted of finalists from the show, from April 7, 2018 to January 27, 2019.


From April to May, Lee appeared as “Compass” on MBC's TV program King of Mask Singer. He performed a duet with Lee Sang-hoon of "It Was Like That Then" and a solo cover version of "Eraser".



On April 10, 2019 Lee released his first Japanese solo single "Phenomenal World," which explored the futurepop genre. He performed his first solo showcase in Tokyo on February 4. Prior to the release, he also held a series of concerts on April 6 in Osaka and April 8 in Tokyo.



Tower Records Japan ranked "Phenomenal World" as the #7 best-selling Japanese single by a Korean artist for the first half of 2019.On November 6, he released both a Korean and Japanese version of his solo single "My Way," for which he wrote the lyrics.


The single featured rapper Reddy and was produced by Sway D and was accompanied by two music videos.[14][15] After a digital download was released on October 30, the Japanese version ranked #2 on the dwango.jp K-POP Life weekly singles chart.


In 2020, he acted in the musical Swag Age: Shout out, Chosun! and received a new actor award at the fifth Korea Musical Awards. 


In 2021, he sang as fictional boyband member for Shax and Luna.




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Jun is originally a rapper but over the years, he's improved his vocals and have been singing more especially in the dramas he's in. Here's his most recent single (came out a year ago).


This was his first single as a solo artist.


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Jun has a really cute relationship with his manager, who's been with him for 6 or 7 years, ever since his debut with U-Kiss. Jun's manager is a bit pretentious but in the most innocent way. He just want Jun to do well and be happy. He goes out of his way for Jun and I think he's truly Jun's no. 1 supporter. 


Jun mentioned in an interview that he was not interested in Class of Lies but his manager thought it would be good for him to star in it. Jun decided to accept the role and it is one of his most iconic roles, he played a psychopath. 


Here are some videos of them on the show, The Manager.








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I normally not fond of light coloured hair, but Jun can pulled this style so well. He resemble prince from manga. For someone who start as rapper, he really can hit high notes so well. 




@TofuHis manager doing a good job. I think he's very stood out as pyschopath in Class of Lies. It was almost like Park Bo Gum iconic role that make him known to the world. He definitely should take more various roles in future. Eventhough he's doing a good job in idol dramas recently, I think idol dramas sadly have very limited exposure and only few exclusive fans who will like it. I have to be honest, I was not excited to try Imitation or Let Me Be Your Knight. 


Call @Alice Wonderlandto admire Jun together. 

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3 hours ago, abs-oluteM said:

I love his chemistry with Song Ha Yoon on PDDH. This noona is 10 years his senior

Our Joonie is a certified noona and ahjumma killer. I finished watching Avengers Club and actually he has more chemistry with Lee Yo Won, his stepmom there than the female student he hook up with on the drama. 


Sharing this video of Paralympic 2018 preparation, he looks so natural without much make up. See how pretty his hands are ! 


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Just now, stroppyse said:

@SilverMoonTea, this is from back in May! And, meant to be done in the month of June. Not sure if you're asking for a translation? However, it starts:


Day 1 The moment you became aware of Lee Jun Young.


No time right now, but could translate the other days for you later in the weekend.

Thanks so much, no rush at all. When have time let's do the challenge together daily 😂


D1 - The moment I'm aware of LJY is from Class of Lies. I thought who is this shiny and mysterious student with dark hair 😍 I was shocked though with his psychopath personality :pandagrim:



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29 minutes ago, Tofu said:

I love that our first drama with Jun are all different, because I'm pretty sure @stroppyse had a different one too. 


True. Actually, the first time that I saw Jun was in Avengers Social Club, probably because I don't watch that many youth dramas anyway, plus tend to stay away from anything hinting of idols.


As anyone who has heard me blather, I really love ASC. I think it's well plotted, well acted, and well directed. It's also one of the few dramas where I worked on a subtitle team for it because I liked the cast and it seemed to be a drama which was unlikely to get good, timely subs, mostly because it was about women with very little romance at all. I think the subs we worked on are still out there being used for this drama?


Anyway, I was totally impressed by the actor playing the stepson and didn't realize he was an idol until the drama was almost over. By then it was too late. I was hooked by his talent. :wow:

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@stroppyseYes the subtitle is by Avengers unnie dongsaeng team right I think ? @LaLatold me you guys were worked together on it. Just want to say thanks, I just finished that drama this week. It's quite addictive and Jun is doing good job there. Eventhought at that time he was new, but he can hold his act well with more veteran actresses. 



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