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The King of Pigs 돼지의 왕 [2022]


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The King of Pigs

돼지의 왕



Broadcast station: tvN

Schedule: Mar 18, 2022 - Apr 23, 2022 

About the Show:  Two friends meet up and recall their experiences as victims of school bullying when they receive a message from a friend from 20 years ago and mysterious serial killings begin to occur.

Kyung Min lives with the trauma of the school violence he experienced twenty years ago and an unexpected case causes his suppressed emotions to reappear. Meanwhile, Detective Jong Suk receives a mysterious message sent from a friend from 20 years ago which reminds him of the school violence that took place back then. Chasing the mysterious message, he tries to put a stop to the murders.

Through these characters with tragic fates, the drama touches on the origin of school violence and the bullying that pervades modern society. (Source: AsianWiki)

Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Drama


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Production: -

Episodes: 12

Director: Kim Dae Jin (Less Than Evil, Kill Me Heal Me)
 Yoon Sang Ho (The Cursed) 

Official Website: 



Main Cast

Kim Dong Wook  >>  Hwang Kyung Min

Kim Sung Gyu  >>  Jung Jong Seok

Chae Jung An  >>  Kang Jin Ah


Supporting Cast

Hwang Man Ik  >>  Park Sung Jin

Han Soo Yeon  >>  Park Min Joo

Lee Tae Geom  >>  Seo Dong Jin

Oh Min Suk  >> Kang Min




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I honestly do not condone violence/revenge but it's hard not to feel/think these bullies deserve it when I'm being shown how much they had tortured and traumatised Hwang Kyung Min as well as Jung Jong Suk. After becoming an adult, neither one of them feel remorse or apologetic about it. Worst, they are still proud of what they had done. Thus, in this instances, I'm actually pro using violence against violence. 😓😅


@SilverMoonTea @Chocolate Something you guys might be interested to check out...?

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@mademoiselleI watched 2 episodes and wow it's gruesome and violent. The younger version story disturbed me so much. I have to say it's a bit satisfying when he finally killed his bully 😅 


Despite his situation, somehow he seems able to achieved success as CEO of taxi company. He seems have other boss called Park above him. 


The phenomenon that he encountered seeing his younger self and even controlled by him seems suit to this article :


Did he have DID in this case ? 


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@SilverMoonTea Are you still following this or dropped? The subs tend to come out slower so I haven't watched E5-6. Glad that I am not "sick in the head" to feel satisfying that he killed the bullies. 😅 I don't wish death on anyone but when subjected to Hwang Kyung Min's perspective, I can't not feel sorry for him and wanted justice.


As for the younger self... do you mean the boy in hoodie he's talking to? I don't think it was himself, but a boy/classmate in his class too. I think he may be the reason in the end Hwang Kyung Min dropped out of school and Jung Jong Suk transferred.


I think Kyung Min isn't financially poor. If I remember correctly there was mention of how much time his abusive father spent on his business and at his death bed, Kyung Min told him he took care of that (sold it, I think). He must have used it to invest in the companies.


I just read the sypnosis to the original The King of Pigs anime. Jong Suk isn't a police in the original. The sypnosis does explain how the title of the drama came along.


After his business goes bankrupt, 30 something Kyung-Min (Oh Jung-Se) kills his wife impulsively. Hiding his anger, he seeks out his former middle school classmate Jong-Suk (Yang Ik-June). Jong-Suk now works as a ghostwriter for an autobiography, but he dreams of writing his own novel. For the first time in 15 years they meet. Kyung-Min and Jong-Suk both hide their own current situations and begin to talk about their middle school days.


At their middle school, they were classified by their wealth and grades. Kyung-Min and Jong-Suk were at the bottom. They were called pigs. They were bullied by a ruling class called dogs. When they were called pigs they got angry, but couldn't do anything against the dogs. Then a king of pigs appears - Chul (Kim Hye-Na). Kyung-Min and Jong-Suk became to rely on Chul-Yi.


Now, leading Jong-Suk to their middle school grounds, Kyung-Min discloses the shocking truth to Jong-Suk of what happened 15 years ago.


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