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King the Land 킹더랜드 [2023]

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  • Drama: King the Land
  • Hangul: 킹더랜드
  • Director: Im Hyun Wook
  • Writer: Choi Rom
  • Network: JTBC
  • Streaming Site: TVING / Netflix
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: 17 June 2023
  • Website: Official website | NamuWiki | Naver | MDL |


Plot Summary


Gu Won (Lee Joon-Ho) is a son from a chaebol family. His family owns and runs the King Group. He is then thrown into an inheritance war over the King Group. Gu Won is a smart, elegant, and chic young man, but he is not very good with dating. He is unable to resist a fake smile.


Cheon Sa-Rang (Lim Yoon-A) has a bright personality, with a smiling face. She begins to work at the King Hotel, that was the backdrop for some of her happiest memories from her childhood. While working at the hotel, she faces various difficulties. She also grows as a person. Gu Won and Cheon Sa-Rang meet and a romantic relationship develops.


source: AsianWiki


  • Lee Joon-Ho - Gu Won
  • Lim Yoon-A - Cheon Sa-Rang
  • Go Won Hee - Oh Pyung Hwa
  • Kim Ga Eun - Kang Da Eul
  • Ahn Se Ha - Noh Sang Rik
  • Kim Jae Won - Lee Ro Woon



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Lee Junho And YoonA’s Upcoming Drama Confirms Supporting Cast And Broadcast Plans



2PM’s Lee Junho and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA’s upcoming JTBC drama “King the Land” (literal title) shared more updates on the drama’s supporting cast and broadcast schedule!


“King the Land” is about a chaebol heir named Goo Won (Lee Junho) who cannot stand fake smiles. He meets Cheon Sa Rang (YoonA) who is always equipped with a bright smile even when she does not want to due to the nature of her profession, and together, the two set out to find happy days in which they can sincerely smile brightly together. King the Land refers to a VVIP business lounge, which is a place of dreams for hoteliers.


Lee Junho will play Goo Won, the son of King Group who has a brilliant mind, innate grace, and captivating charm. Having no memory of his mother who suddenly disappeared, Goo Won enters King Hotel and meets employee Cheon Sa Rang who is the complete opposite of him and clashes with her at every turn. Already, viewers are highly anticipating Lee Junho’s next transformation.


YoonA will take on the role of King Hotel’s “Smile Queen” Cheon Sa Rang. With her lovely smile and flawless customer service, she ascended from her position at the lobby’s information desk to King the Land, which is a dream location for hoteliers. Cheon Sa Rang dreams of becoming a hotelier who makes people happy, but trouble starts brewing when King Hotel’s successor Goo Won makes an appearance. YoonA is drawing excitement for her role by already being greatly in sync with her character.


In addition to Lee Junho and YoonA, Go Won Hee will play Cheon Sa Rang’s friend and King Air’s flight attendant Oh Pyeong Hwa. Kim Ga Eun will play superwoman Kang Da Eul who is full of passion and the queen of making sales. As best friends and employees under the King Group, the actors raise anticipation for their upcoming chemistry.


Furthermore, Ahn Se Ha will take on the role of Goo Won’s secretary No Sang Sik. He became Goo Won’s secretary after entering King Group together at the same time with Goo Won. Rising star Kim Jae Won will take on the role of King Air’s handsome junior colleague Lee Ro Woon, portraying an exciting work and love life.


Regarding the upcoming drama, Lee Junho remarked, “I’m highly looking forward to greeting everyone with a new side of myself. I will work harder to prepare on set to be able to convey enjoyable energy, so please show lots of interest and love for ‘King the Land.'”


YoonA also commented, “I’m happy to be able to greet [viewers] after meeting such amazing actors, director, and scriptwriter. I am simultaneously nervous and excited ahead of our first start. I will work hard to deliver a refreshing and happy drama to viewers.”


“King the Land” will air via JTBC. The drama has kicked off filming with the aim of premiering in the first half of 2023. Stay tuned for more updates!



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YoonA And Lee Junho Amp Up Excitement For Their Upcoming Drama “King The Land” With New Year’s Greetings



Girls’ Generation’s YoonA and 2PM’s Lee Junho wished viewers a Happy New Year while ramping up excitement for their new drama “King the Land.”


“King the Land” will tell the story of Goo Won (Lee Junho) and Cheon Sa Rang (YoonA). Goo Won is the son of a chaebol family who runs the King Group. He is a smart and elegant young man who despises laughter and smiles. Cheon Sa Rang is nothing but smiles, a cheerful and bright woman who begins work at the King Hotel, a place that holds many fond memories from her childhood.


There is much anticipation from viewers about seeing Lee Junho and YoonA share the small screen together, and the two continue to add to this excitement by sending a New Year’s greeting to viewers all around the world.

In the newly released photo, the two sit side by side with handwritten New Year’s greetings. Lee Junho wrote, “2023, the year of the black rabbit. I hope that this year will start off well and that you may achieve everything you want and wish for. Please show lots of love for ‘King the Land.'”


Meanwhile, YoonA wrote to viewers, “Together with ‘King the Land’ in 2023. Please always be healthy and happy,” even drawing in a cute little smiley face at the end.




Check out a video of their New Year’s greeting below!


Viewers can look forward to Lee Junho and YoonA meeting in “King the Land,” a place that is a hotelier’s dream.


The premiere date of the drama is yet to be announced.



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New stills



Directed by: Lim Hyun-ook

Written by: Choi Rome

Creator: Chun Sung-il

Produced by: npio Entertainment, SLL 

Starring: Lee Jun Ho, Lim Yoon A


Logline: Graceful, charismatic, intelligent, and chic, the heir of King Group Gu-won has everything but memories of his mother. In an attempt to recover his memory, he returns to King Hotel. Known as King Hotel’s queen of smiles and hospitality, Cheon Sa-rang worked her way up from the front desk to now work at the glamorous “King the Land” space, where she meets Gu-won. Actor Lee Jun Ho plays Gu-won, and actress Lim Yoon A plays Cheon Sa-rang.

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17 minutes ago, mademoiselle said:

Will you guys check this out? The preview seems fun.

My plate is also too full now, haha... but I will check this one out for sure!! I love both leads.
Except that I will be traveling during that premiere week for a few weeks. So will pop in late and join you guys asap. 

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7 hours ago, Chocolate said:

Haha yes I will watch. The chaebol theme is my favourite although the earlier teaser I saw, the mL doesn’t show enough arrogance and dominance! 😂


I didn't know you like the chaebol trope. LOL!


@mademoiselle It depends on when this air. If it's on the weekend, it's most likely I'll watch it. If it's on the weekdays, there's no guarantee. :laugh:

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