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Rebirth for You 慕南枝 [2021]


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X7Dr31c.jpgChinese title: 慕南枝 Mu Nan Zhi
English title: Rebirth for You
Genre: Historical
Director: Zhi Lei
Episodes: 48
Broadcast Date: 17th Oct 2021



姜保宁 Jiang BaoNing by 鞠婧祎 Ju JingYi
李谦 LiQian by 曾舜晞 Zheng ShunXi
赵啸 ZhaoXiao by 汪卓成 Wang ShuoCheng
李冬至 Li DongZhi by 王奕婷 Wang YiTing
高妙容 Gao MiaoRong by 李奕臻 Li YiZhen
庆安 QingAn by 李昀锐 Li YunRui



Zhao LuSi

















Story of how Jiang Baoning uses her capability to balance the different forces in the imperial court, and together with her husband Li Qian, helps the young Emperor stabilize the court and create a peaceful golden era. 
(Source: DramaWiki)


*Adapted from novel of the same name by Zhi Zhi 


Official Site:

Baidu | Weibo

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9 hours ago, Tofu said:

@gween97 I don't know why Tencent isn't promoting it as a banner on the front page. Here's the link to watch it: https://wetv.vip/play/alokuka2k2vwz90/y0040hzij3l


I can't find it on iQIYI either. I think it might have global restrictions because the drama is produced by Tencent so they might have more streaming rights. 



Rebirth For You | kisskh u can watch it here too...


Just now, Yana said:

Rebirth For You | kisskh u can watch it here too...


for those already watched, how good the drama? :BulbaOWO:

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2 hours ago, Yana said:

for those already watched, how good the drama? 

I haven't watched it yet. I was a bit busy today. Now that Our Times is over, I don't have a drama slotted for the beginning of the week so I'll check this out tomorrow. 


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9 minutes ago, Tofu said:

They did! It aired a day early!



Yes, surprise, surprise. I'll hang on till next week Tuesday to watch it. At least, by then there would be 18 episodes out. It's gonna be a long wait till Nov 22, sigh, for the entire 40 episodes, now that's there no more flooding of eps.


@Yana someone I know watched a bit of E01 and said it's pretty good. I think with JZ there, it can't be that bad, honestly. Only thing is that when I watched it, it really reminded me of him in Time Flies.


@NiteWalker lazy to type the full length of the drama title.

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