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Who Rules The World 且试天下 [2022]


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Who Rules the World 且试天下



Title: 且试天下 / Qie Shi Tian Xia
English title: Who Rules the World
Genre: Wuxia
Episodes: 40

Novel Adaption: Qie Shi Tian Xia (且试天下) by Qing Leng Yue
Director: Yin Tao
Broadcast Network: Tencent
Broadcast Period: 2022



Yang Yang as Lan Fengxi / Hei Fengxi
Zhao Lu Si as Feng Xiyun / Bai Fengxi
Xuan Lu as Hua Chunran
Liu Rui Lin as Yu Wuyuan
Lai Yi as Huang Zhao
Zhang Feng Yi
Carman Lee
Zhang Tian Yang
Leng Ji Yuan
He Kai Lang
Huang Yi
Jiang Kai
Fan Yi Ning
Zhao Xin
Fu Bo Han
Cui Tian Yi
Zhou Yao
Zhao Zhuo Ting
Wang Xuan
Ai Mi
Wang Xin
Wang Hong Yi



Hei Fengxi is handsome and elegant while Bai Fengxi is majestic and unrestrained. They are opposites like black and white and unrivalled in skill. Caught in the warfare and chaos of the martial arts world, the flowers of love begin to bloom amidst the blood that has been sacrificed in the last ten years. (Source: ChineseInfoDrama)


Official Link

Weibo l Baidu l Douban


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43 minutes ago, Tothestars said:


Wow, visual + creativity :wow:


I always got confused between Yang Yang and Xing ZhaoLin, they both are resembles each other. But for me Yang Yang is more handsome and mature, because of the age gap of course.


i always had a hard times to remember Xing ZhaoLin name cause its a lil hard for me i dunno why when i can fairly almost remember others C-Artist names fairly well...


might be, because i always mix Zhang YuJian with Xing ZhaoLin lols

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When these photos were released last week, I saved some photos to update this thread but I never got around to it. Now that I have time, here are some of the things released so far for Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi. =)


















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