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Yay @ssteph I love threads like that. Thanks for opening.

One of my favourite romances of all time is Because This Is My First Life. I have recommended this drama to many folks - the drama may use a conventional trope of arranged co-habitation but it ended up being such a sweet and quirky show , and lots of life lessons here.

Don't be too hard on yourself if you don't think you're doing well enough



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Hi @ssteph here to show some support!
"If you're good at something, never do it for free" - Joker, The Dark Knight.
"You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain" - Harvey Dent, The Dark Knight.
"Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten" - Lilo & Stitch.
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"Everyone struggles for their whole life trying to have things. So they live their entire lives trying to prove themselves to everyone. But nobody truly knows what they are gaining by doing that." - Park Dong Hoon, My Mister (2018)



pic cr to the owner (@ahjummamshies)

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K-drama: The Real Has Come, See You in My 19th Life 



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Because of work, I hear excuses as to why tasks are not completed by deadlines (and extensions to deadlines) constantly so when I watched this in Dating in the Kitchen, it made me laughed. It's not really a favorite quote but a memorable one?


"If you say sorry, I have to pretend to be forgiving and think of you from your perspective. I can't do that. From now on, please do not insult me with my tolerance for you." -- Lu Jin



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"And, nothing I can do can change that I am sure that I also have prejudice/bias against some certain people. But, it has been my experience that I cannot always change such judgements just because I do my best. It is the person with the bias who must change not the other way around. If the person is a good and yet I have bias against that person, even if that person does something good, I may still look at that person as just pretending to be good. It is sort of similar to that. I don't think that is something that I can do anything about. It is impossible for everyone to like me. Even if things do change, it takes a really long time."

~ Koo Hye Sun (K-artist)

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There was a lion who was born with a squared head. This difference caused him to get stuck a lot. Stuck in his own principles. Stuck in the struggles of if he should compromise. Stuck in what if the whole world is right, and that his persistence is false

Don't worry that you are different from the others. Just like the squared head lion I gave you, you should proudly believe you are most special.

You are righteous, intelligent, straight-forward, upright and don't compromise easily. Cheng You Qing is the One and Only. It's just that no one understands you. This...is also probably why others think you are imperfect."
- Li Da Ren, In Time With You

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On 3/14/2021 at 2:51 PM, abs-oluteM said:

Weightlifting Fairy is a personal favourite . It was a very nice coming of age story . Had many memorable lines too. I think @Dhakra watches it almost every year!


I do. At least cuts of my favorite scenes if I can't watch it completely. Very common saying aswell, I like it. 


A quote I also liked from the drama "The Package"



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"I did not have chance to enjoy ordinary life in school like others. I sometimes feel sad about it, but I have no regrets because I know that acting is what I want to pursue the most. After much meandering, I realized that in order to gain something, I have to let go of other things. In the beginning, I used to cry and be hurt by that fact. But, through such process, I learned how to heal myself and control my mind."

~ Park Min Young (K-actress)

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“We are like books. We wait for someone to find us and open us to see what’s inside.”


“Opening a new book is like opening a room full of my favorite things.”


"I opened up an old book of mine again. It was good when I first read the book but when I read it for the second and third time, this book made me underline the sentences over and over again. I find new sentences in this book everyday. It’s a book that stayed with me the longest.” - Kang Dan Yi


- Romance is a Bonus Book

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