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The Princess and the Werewolf 郎君不如意 [2023]


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The Princess and the Werewolf / Lang Jun Bu Ru Yi 郎君不如意



Chinese Title: 郎君不如意 / Lang Jun Bu Ru Yi

English Title: The Princess and the Werewolf

Novel: Tai Zi Fei Sheng Zhi Ji 2: Gong Zhu Shang Jia Ji (太子妃升职记2:公主上嫁记) by Xian Cheng

Director: Cheng Feng

Screenwriter: Chu Chu, Li Zhao, Liu Qiu Ye, Luo Man Ying 

Genre: Romance, Historical 
Episodes: 30

Broadcasting Network: Youku
Airing Date: July 20th, 2023



To investigate the arson case in the palace, Zhang Peng Peng and Qi Sheng's daughter, princess Qi Pa of DaXia Kingdom accidentally gets into an ambush and is saved by Kui Mu Lang who goes by 2 different personas. (Credit)



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Chen Zheyuan as Kui Mu Lang/Li Xiong (voiced by Yu Chang Yu)



Wu Xuanyi as Qi Pa (voiced by He Wen Xiao)


Supporting Characters.



Shi Zi Xun as Liu Jun (voiced by Zhang Dong)



Wang Lu Qing as Hong Xiu (voiced by Qu Jin Fan (曲金繁)



Yang Chuan Bei as Bai Ke (voiced by Hu Lin)



Wu Wen Jie as Hu Die


Xi Er Li as Jing Muxuan (voiced by Sun Lu Lu)

Wang Mu Yao as Su He (voiced by Zhao Jing (赵静))

Dong Bo Liang as Ma Yingxiong

Lin Ai Jia as Hai Tang (voiced by Yan Meng Meng)

Li Yu as Chun Er

as Eunuch Ruo (voiced by Hu Chen Yu (胡晨雨))

as Su Daqiang (voiced by Zhao Ming Zhou)

as Xi Niang (voiced by Gu Fang Bing)

as Qi Changlao (voiced by Wang Qiu Ming)

as County Princess Xing Ping (voiced by Zhou Zhi (周之))


Guest appearance

Sheng Yi Lun as Qi Sheng

Hai Ling as Lv Li

Jiang Qi Lin as Prince Zhao


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1 hour ago, Tofu said:

@IpohBanana I know! You have to admit that there's currently not many good ones airing or rumored to air soon. I can't remember when I last watched a historical drama because I just can't get into the current ones. :letalQQ:



yah the current mainland dramas are nothing to shout about, really just for pure entertainment and when I do so, I hold off as much judgement as possible. If I get too critical, there wouldn't be anything to watch (though in Republican era, The Justice was quite good).

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@Chocolate @mademoiselle Betty (her English name) debuted in a Korean idol band (WJSN), but I think she recently left. The only Korean member I know from this band that I think you both would know is Bona, who was in 2521 and the FL in WDH's drama (Joseon Attorney). 


Betty only has two dramas that's aired, and oddly enough, I've seen both of them. Haha! Both of the roles were pretty similar in that she had this innocent/cute-ish personality. I don't think these two dramas really explored her acting range, so I don't really know what she's capable of. If her role in this drama has the same personality as her previous roles then I think it'll be ok -- nothing that's going to blow you away but also not bad that it's going to discourage you from watching. 

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