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One Ordinary Day 어느 날 [2021]

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One Ordinary Day







Literal title: One Day (Previously That Night)

Hangul title: 어느 날

Online streaming site: Coupang Play | VIU

Director: Lee Myung Woo

Writer: Kwon Soon Kyu

Episodes: 8

Schedule: 27th November 2021

Other reference: Naver | NamuWiki | Production website |


Plot Summary

Kim Hyun-Soo (Kim Soo-Hyun) is an ordinary university student, but he is accused of murder by an overnight mistake. His life descends into a bottomless pit.


Shin Joong-Han (Cha Seung-Won) is a third rate lawyer. He barely managed to pass the bar exam. Shin Joong-Han has never been great in anything, but he is the only one who tries to help Kim Hyun-Soo. Since meeting Kim Hyun-Soo, Shin Joong-Han faces a cruel legal system. (source: AsianWiki)


"That Night/One Day" is a drama that delves into the criminal justice system from an extremely public perspective through the intense story of two men surrounding a woman's murder. It is a remake of "Criminal Justice," which aired on BBC in the UK.


'One Day' will begin filming in the first half of 2021 and will air in the second half of the year.


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[News] 2021.01.05 Kim Soo Hyun And Cha Seung Won Confirmed For Remake Of BBC Drama “Criminal Justice”



Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Seung Won are joining forces for a new project!


On January 5, it was announced that the two actors will be leading the upcoming drama “That Night” (literal title), a Korean remake of BBC’s “Criminal Justice.”


The drama is about two men who get involved in a murder case. Kim Soo Hyun will play Kim Hyun Soo, a normal college student whose life turns upside down when he unexpectedly becomes the key suspect of the murder case.


Cha Seung Won has been cast as Shin Joong Han, a lawyer who barely passed the bar exam and the only person who reaches out to help Kim Hyun Soo.


“That Night” is written by Kwon Soon Kyu of “Warrior Baek Dong Soo” and “The Royal Gambler,” and it will be directed by Lee Myung Woo of “The Fiery Priest,” “Punch,” and “Backstreet Rookie.” It will begin filming the first half of this year and premiere in the latter half of the year.


Source (1) via soompi



Reporting a new drama thread created...

Procedural lovers, here you go! @SnowBlob @abs-oluteM @40somethingahjumma

KSH fans that I know of @bairama @OsmanthusTea @TiNaDo @stroppyse



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Oooh... sounds interesting. I don't think I've ever seen the British version. Yesh! It's on Netflix. Must go check it out some time.


Kim Soo-hyun in a crime show. Yay! And another favourite Cha Seung-won! Loved him in Korean Odyssey.

Second half of 2021 -- must be pre-producing it. Yes, will definitely have to look at the British version in the meantime.


Thanks for tagging me @mademoiselle

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This looks good! And Ji Hwa's got make up here! 😆


I read from the earlier posts that this is a remake. But watching an earlier version is kinda like a "spoiler", although originals are supposed to be good/better sometimes. Hmmmm....


Just read this article too from AsiaTatler. Think some of the other salaries are perhaps old data - how can the difference be so great 😱


9 Highest-Paid K-Drama Stars: Kim Soo-Hyun, Hyun Bin, Song Hye-Kyo and More




By Teo Chen Ling April 07, 2021


Kim Soo-Hyun will make a whopping $600,000 for each episode of his new drama, That Night. Which other Korean celebrities are being paid bucketloads?


It appears that Hallyu superstar Kim Soo-Hyun, known as the King of Commercials in South Korea, just broke his own impressive record. Cementing his position as K-drama’s top earner, he is set to receive a staggering 500 million won (approximately $600,000) per episode for his new drama titled That Night, the Korean adaptation of British hit TV series Criminal Justice. It will air in the second half of this year.


When it comes to the highest-paid K-drama stars in 2020, he was already sitting comfortably right at the top of a very impressive list, thanks to his $240,000-per-episode pay cheque from his smash-hit drama, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.


Rest of the article here.


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Thanks @ktcjdrama and madam @mademoiselle if I didn't suddenly get tagged just now.. I would have forgotten all about this drama. And guess what... I'll already forget about this next week let alone second half of 2021 :jiminbtssigh: Please tag me again when the drama starts ~~ Thank you very muchhhhhh


Wow..this Ji Hwa actress is now acting in the same drama with two superstars after one with Shin Ha Kyun :cool:

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VIU EXCLUSIVE 🔥 Crime thriller, #OneOrdinaryDay starring #KimSooHyun & #ChaSeungWon is coming exclusively to Viu! The Korean remake of gripping British drama, #CriminalJustice is slated to make it's highly anticipated premiere this November.



🔥 Poster Drop #OneOrdinaryDay starring #KimSooHyun #ChaSeoungWon - coming to Viu this Nov.




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[News] Kim Soo Hyun And Cha Seung Won Team Up In Poster For Upcoming Crime Drama


Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Seung Won’s upcoming drama has released its first poster!


The two are leading Coupang Play’s first-ever drama series “That Night” (literal title), which is a Korean remake of BBC’s “Criminal Justice.” Kim Soo Hyun will play Kim Hyun Soo, a normal college student whose life turns upside down when he unexpectedly becomes the key suspect of a murder case. Cha Seung Won will play Shin Joong Han, a lawyer who barely passed the bar exam and is the only person who reaches out to help Kim Hyun Soo.


The poster features the first look at the two together. Kim Soo Hyun is stuck in a prison cell, looking exhausted. Cha Seung Won joins him in the cell and holds out his hand, and the two shake while Cha Seung Won looks determined. While Kim Soo Hyun holds his other hand in a tight fist, Cha Seung Won casually holds a business card, teasing the contrast between their situations.


The producers remarked, “‘That Night’ is a rare masterpiece that captures a problematic perspective and emphasizes a sharp directing cut that challenges the discrepancies of the criminal justice system. It’s a must-watch drama with a weighty message in this troubled times that prioritizes comfort and convenience over justice and righteousness.”


Kim Sung Han, the director of Coupang Play, also shared, “We have come to present Coupang Play’s first drama series. I’m happy to be able to present Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Seung Won’s masterpiece to our WOW members.”

“That Night” will premiere this November through Coupang Play.


source: soompi

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Kim Soo Hyun And Cha Seung Won Gear Up For Upcoming Criminal Drama At First Script Reading



Coupang Play released stills from the first script reading for their first original series “One Ordinary Day.”


“One Ordinary Day” is a Korean remake of the BBC show “Criminal Justice.” In the upcoming version, Kim Soo Hyun will star as Kim Hyun Soo, an ordinary college student that is designated as a suspect in a murder case overnight. Cha Seung Won will star as Shin Joong Han, a low-class lawyer with no interest in the truth. The series will be directed by Lee Myung Woo, who previously led projects such as “Punch,” “Whisper,” and “The Fiery Priest.”


On September 30, the two actors were joined by Kim Sung Kyu, Lee Seol, and more for the first script reading. Kim Soo Hyun led the team through intense scenes with his fervent glances and passionate tone of voice. His deep emotional connection with his character opened way to Cha Seung Won, grew a beard and tied up hair to match his character. He added to the energy of the room with his compelling acting that worked well with his physical transformations.


The other actors followed suit, with Kim Sung Kyu’s charisma coming through with his character Do Ji Tae, one that sits at the top of the food chain within the prison. Lee Seol’s boldness surfaced through her character Seo Soo Jin, a lawyer just starting her career.


The production team commented, “The team of director Lee Myung Woo and talented actors Kim Soo Hyun, Cha Seung Won, Kim Sung Kyu, Lee Seol, and more are passionately invested in ‘One Ordinary Day.’ Please look forward to the series, a well-made one that will expand the spectrum of criminal dramas while delivering a special message.”


“One Ordinary Day” will premiere in November through Coupang Play.



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