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Awaken 낮과 밤 [2021]

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573016-BC-27-C6-4262-8-F94-90-AF730107-FHangul Title: 낮과 밤

English Title: Awaken 

Broadcast Station: TvN


Story: A series of mysterious incidents that are connected to an incident that took place in a village 28 years ago. Do Jung Woo is a capable and legendary team leader of a special task force at the National Police Agency. He has messy hair, a constant slouch, and sucks on a lollipop all day like a kid, but he has a mysterious secret behind his sly exterior. Gong Hye Won is a passionate police officer who does not let anything get in her way. Behind her pretty face is a hot temper that won’t cool down unless she says what she needs to say. She is one of the strongest and best fighters on her team, and can drink the others under the table, but she also has a surprisingly clumsy side. Jamie is a detective on loan from the FBI. She was adopted as a child with almost no memories of her life before, but she returns to Korea to solve the serial killer case that is related to those lost memories from 28 years ago


Basic Information | Trailers | OSTS

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“A romantic who likes flowers.”



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:PsyWhat: Basic Information :PsyWhat:


Release Date: 30 November 2020 -  19 Jan 2021 (16 Episodes)

Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 9PM KST

Director: Jo Soo Won (Doctor John, Pinocchio, Hyena)

Writer: Shin Yoo Dam (Go Ho's Starry Night, High-end Crush)


:PikaSwag: Characters :PikaSwag:


Namgoong Min - Do Jung Woo

Lee Chung Ah - Jamie Layton

Kim Seol Hyun - Gong Hye Won

Yoon Sun Woo - Moon Jae Woong

Lee Shin Young - Jang Ji Wan

Kim Won Hae - Hwang Byeong Chul


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“A romantic who likes flowers.”



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More stuff 




NGM stills



Stills & article translated from here https://sports.donga.com/article/all/20201103/103766413/1


vN's new Monday-Tuesday drama "Day and Night" (directed by Kim Jung-hyun/written by Shin Yoo-dam/ planned studio Dragon/produced by Kim Jong-hak Productions, Storybine Pictures), which is scheduled to premiere at 9 p.m. on Nov. 30, is a murder mystery drama that explores the secrets of a mysterious incident that took place 28 years ago in a village. In addition, Namgoong-min, Kim Seol-hyun, Lee Chung-ah and Yoon Sun-woo of the "MIDBO lineup" have already been cast, drawing keen attention from prospective viewers.

Among them, Nam Goong-min plays Do Jung-woo, the head of the special team of the National Police Agency, who writes the legend. Do Jung-woo has a mysterious secret behind his hair like a magpie's house, a bent posture, and a sly child carrying candy. In particular, the fact that it is the return of Namgoongmin, a "view rate king" recognized by the public, is drawing keen attention from prospective viewers.

Meanwhile, "Day and Night" will attract attention by releasing the first still of Namgung Min (played by Do Jung-woo) today (3rd). It is 180 degrees different from the dandy and gentle image shown in the previous film, heralding a drastic change in visuals. Namgoong-min in the first still cut catches the eye by showing off his masculinity in a black leather jacket. A shaggy beard, achromatic costumes, and a short haircut. In the ensuing still, he is wandering around the scene with a sly look on his face, drawing laughter.

On the other hand, when he leads the field with a radio, the strong charisma of the special team leader catches the eye. In the drama, Namgoong-min will portray a mysterious Do Jung-woo character who can't tell the inside of the case easily by looking through the scene with a sharp look. Expectations are high for Namgoong Min's acting transformation through "Day and Night," who gives off a different force in every steel released.

The production team of "Day and Night" said, "As time goes by, it makes us raise our thumbs up as 'Namgung Min as expected," adding, "Namgung Min is completely into Do Jung-woo's character." Behind the sly appearance, the mysterious character of Do Jung-woo, whose inside is unknown, is surprising the production team for every shoot. Through 'Day and Night', Namgoongmin's acting potential will explode once again, surprising viewers. Please look forward to Namgoongmin's passionate performance."


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@bluepebbles @SilverMoonTea ooohhh... i like him with mustache too. I was gonna say that but I thought hang on..maybe he ever had mustache-look before in his previous dramas? Not sure because I don't think I have seen all his dramas. 


So I have about 3 weeks to watch all the finished dramas I want to watch before starting this one (and the other one..):PikaSwag:

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I think I will watch this. It’s been a while since I last watched Namgoong Min. I am a fan since Can You Hear My Heart. And the genre is just the kind that I like. Hope that it will be good!

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Namgoong Min. Enough said.

That smirk when he sticks the lollipop in his mouth just about says everything that can be said regarding the character.


He's been on a bit of a roll with Doctor Prisoner and Hot Stove League. Let's see if he can pull a trifecta. 

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“Awaken” Director Praises Namgoong Min, AOA’s Seolhyun, And Lee Chung Ah For Their Charismatic Acting


“Awaken” Director Praises Namgoong Min, AOA’s Seolhyun, And Lee Chung Ah For Their Charismatic Acting


The director of upcoming tvN Monday-Tuesday drama “Awaken” showered the cast with praise!


“Awaken” is a murder mystery drama that will follow the connections between mysterious events unfolding in the present and the secrets behind an enigmatic incident that took place in a village 28 years ago. 


Referring to the title of the drama (the Korean title translates to “Night and Day”), director Kim Jung Hyun shared, “Although we feel the passing of time as the sun and moon change, I wonder what boundary of time divides what we refer to as night and day. Similarly, the question of whether the boundary between good and evil can be clearly drawn is what lead to the birth of the drama.” He asked viewers to focus on the characters and what decision they would make between good and evil.


Director Kim Jung Hyun also talked about the cast members. He commented, “Namgoong Min is an actor who turns an imaginary character within a drama into his own with a charismatic interpretation.” The director praised that Namgoong Min was the best at giving life to the script. He added, “I was impressed by how he acted while thinking about the entire drama from the perspective of a viewer.”


The director also said, “Seolhyun is the perfect actress to play the passionate police officer Gong Hye Won who is full of energy.” Director Kim Jung Hyun explained that Gong Hye Won was very similar to Seolhyun since they both possessed a great drive. He shared, “From the moment I first met actress Seolhyun, I requested her to act as if she really were Gong Hye Won. She exceeded my expectations with they way she immersed herself into her character.”



Furthermore, the director explained that he also wanted to cast an actress who could show a shocking new side to herself in the drama, which became Lee Chung Ah. He praised, “Rather than showing a side of her that the viewers are used to, she is taking on a coldhearted, logical, and rational character and doing it better than anyone else. Please look forward to Lee Chung Ah’s Jamie, who will also sometimes show a cute and silly charm.”


The drama will take on the unique topic of a murder made with an advance notice. Director Kim Jung Hyun revealed, “Viewers will find it interesting to guess how someone will die and who the culprit will be.” He continued, “Although it starts with an announced murder, unforeseen stories that are hidden behind the case will come to light as the drama progresses,” and he asked viewers to look forward to the realistic and frightening plot.




Finally, the director shared, “Rather than focusing on a simple crime case, the drama hides various stories that can’t be described with one genre.” He continued, “From the refreshing action to the mystery and the suspenseful thrill, please look out for what shining dark truth the drama ‘Awaken’ possesses.” source

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@Tofu is that really an age rating there???? The number 15? :shocked:

@im0202 same here..I also don't know the female lead.. I'm hoping there won't be any loveline hahahahahahah but I'm bias since I hardly like any pairing with big age gap in real life :PsyWhat:

Less than 2 weeks to go now~

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