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Nothing But You 爱情而已 [2023]


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Nothing But You 爱情而已



Chinese TitleAi Qing Er Yi / 爱情而已
English Title: Nothing But You
Director: Chen Chang (Previous work: Dating in the Kitchen, Road to Rebirth, Lie to Love, When You Be Me)
Screenwriter: Zhang Ying Ji (Previous work: To Be a Better Man, Nothing But Thirty)
Genre: Sport Romance
Episodes: 40
Broadcasting Network: TencentVideo
Airing Date: March 27th, 2023



Liang Youan, a professional elite who has entered a bottleneck period in her life. Song Sanchuan is an athlete who is used to sitting on the bench who joins a grass tennis club by fate. One of them is a club manager who became a renunciation, and the other is a badminton-to-tennis athlete. The two of them and their teammates overcame difficulties and worked together to build an amazing professional club.


During this process, Liang Youan and Song Sanchuan gradually developed love, and they also faced conflicts from ideas and experiences. The club continues to develop. They surpass themselves and strengthen their trust in meeting challenges time and time again, and finally gain career growth and beautiful love. (Credit)



Official Websites 
Baidu | Weibo | Douban



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Wu Lei like this is such a baby compared to the characters he plays. :laugh:


The actor who plays the Emperor, also known as Ling Buyi's (Wu Lei's character) adopted father, in Love Like the Galaxy sent him a food truck.


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On 11/2/2022 at 10:39 PM, mademoiselle said:

If they are releasing this now, is that mean it'll air soon?

Tencent, the streaming platform for this drama, had an event this week so they released a lot of promotional posters/videos for their upcoming dramas. I think it's still on a 2023 release timeline. Hopefully, at the beginning of 2023!! 

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