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Hidden Love 偷偷藏不住 [2023]


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Hidden Love 偷偷藏不住



Chinese Title: Tou Tou Cang Bu Zhu / 偷偷藏不住
English Title: Hidden Love
Novel: Tou Tou Cang Bu Zhu by Zhu Yi (English Translation) (Manga)
Director: Li Qing Rong (Previous work: Mr. Bad, Go Go Squid)
Screenwriter: Ou Si Jia (Previous work: Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities)
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 25
Broadcasting Network: Youku
Airing Date: June 20th, 2023



The year she was thirteen, Sang Zhi (Zhao Lusi) liked a man. The man appeared cold and lazy, and spoke carelessly. He would often come over to her home, nestled in her brother’s room playing games the entire afternoon. When he occasionally sees her bringing fruits in, he would merely lift his eyelids indifferently and smile like a villain, “Kid, what’s the matter? You blush as soon as you see Gege.” This novel narrates the story of the young Sang Zhi and Duan Jia Xu (Chen Zhe Yuan). Sang Zhi gets to know Duan Jia Xu, who is seven years older than her, through her Ge Ge. During their several interactions, Sang Zhi starts to develop a crush on Duan Jia Xu. It happens from her young age till she is an adult. (Credit)


Official Websites:
Baidu | Weibo | Douban



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Zhao Lusi as Sang Zhi



Chen Zhe Yuan as Duan Jia Xu


Supporting Cast


Ma Bo Qian as Sang Yan

Zeng Li as Li Ping

Qiu Xin Zhi as Li Rong

Guan Zi Jing as Li Xun

Wang Yang as Jiang Siyun

Zhang Hao Lun as Chen Junwen

Zhang Jiong Min as Fu Zhengchu

Gao Yi Er as Fu Zhengchu (young)

Wei Xiao as Ning Wei

Xu Shi Xin as Jiang Ying

Qi Tian Qing (齐天晴) as Yu Xin

Wang Yi Lan as Wang Ruolan

Lu Dong Xu as Jiang Ming

Hu Yu Xuan as Qian Fei

Xu Shi Yue as Shi Xiaoyu

Gu Shu Qi as Duan Zhenru

Lin Jin Yu as Duan Zhenru (young)

Song Pei Ze as Chen Qiang

Wang Yi Tian as Little hooligan girl

Chang Hai Bo as Chen Mingxu

Ding Xiao Ming (丁晓明) as Lin Yifan

Ji Hao as Jia Yang

Zhang Bo (张波) as Zhang Sen

Ma Kai Wei (马恺溦) as Xiao Bai

Wang Qian Hui as Da Wang

Wang Wei Hua as Duan Zhicheng

Li Jia Wei as Xu Nuoshu

Chu Jia Yi as Mother Jiang

Wu Si Lin (吴思琳) as Xiao Xu

Zhang Xu Zhen (张续振) as Yuan Lang

Wang Sheng Yun (王晟云) as Wan Zhe

Guo Zi Xin as Zhang Hui

Su Hang (苏杭) as Wang Jun

Zhang Run Ning (张润宁) as Zeng Shiwen

Huang Ji Yuan (黄继渊) as He Pengxing

He Zi Qi as Fu Zhengchu's elder sister


Character Chart.


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3 minutes ago, mademoiselle said:

I saw the trailer the other day. I'm not sure it'll be good. Looks like a full on romance. I'm surprised @SilverMoonTea is looking into watching this LOL! Is it because of the oppa incentive? xD


@Tofu Let me know how it is. Tagging @Chocolate coz it's uri Lusi w/o Lei Lei. :laugh:

Somehow the pairing look pretty to me.  But yes it seems a full blown romance. I will just try and see how. I did watched this oppa before and he's easy in the eyes :lmao2:

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@mademoiselle On the airing calendar, pay attention to the first line. That line is for people who have paid subscription to Youku, but you can always watch the episodes from third party websites. The second line is if you do not want to watch it from third party websites. You can follow the non-member airing calendar, which is the one episode a day. 


I watched three episodes so far and I like it! It's a cute drama about a girl who falls in love with her brother's BFF. They first meet when she's 14 and he's 19 (in the drama they decreased the age gap to five instead of the seven that was in the novel). There's a time jump of three years and they meet again when she's 17 and he's 22. I don't think he is going to realize he likes her until she's in college. She, however, knows that she's developed a crush on him. 


Jia Xu is really attentive towards Sang Zhi, which reminds me of Si Yue and it's tugging at my heart. Zhou Si Yue is one of my favorite Chen Zheyuan character and I'm a fan of the Si Yue and Ding Xian couple. On the flip side, I'm a big fan of the Love Like the Galaxy couple with Zhao Lusi and Wu Lei too.These couples are two of my favorite couples in Chinese dramaland. This drama...why are you messing with my feelings like this?! :scaredpanda2::laugh:


One of my favorite so far about this drama is the relationship between Sang Yan and Sang Zhi. This sibling pair is hilarious! :lmao2:


@Maya @Yana @OsmanthusTea @mayicoryn Are you guys watching this drama too?

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