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Happy 3rd Anniversary!


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August 22, 2023!


JangHaven has been around now for 3 years! We started JangHaven as a place where people could discuss kdramas, cdramas, twdramas, jdoramas, et al to our hearts' content in a non-confrontational and non-judgemental way. We hope that we've succeeded at least somewhat.


Before we move on to our anniversary celebrations, we'd like to take a moment to remember Bairama, Not only was she a member of our staff who made plenty of contributions to this site, she was a dear friend and sister to many of us. She was active on JangHaven and on JangHaven Discord, not to mention twitter, youtube, and instagram. She was a bright and creative soul, who gave so much of herself to her family and friends. Bai's passing affected us greatly, and we will always cherish our interactions with her and remember her fondly.  Below are links to her profile here on JH and a thread that was created in September of last year when we lost her.


Bairama's Profile

Goodbye to Bai




In celebration of our 3rd Anniversary, we have prepared a few events.


There are 2 new discussion threads:

The first is about Love Triangles, of course, which we feel is fitting with this being our 3rd Anniversary.

The second is about when dramas have better Bromance than Romance. We hope you will visit the threads and share your opinion!


There is a new quiz. Test your drama knowledge!

Drama Quiz


There is a group project to write a mini-drama. Get your inner creative juices to help us write the plot!

Group Story


We hope you'll have fun taking part in these events. Thank you all for being part of our community, and for showing us much love and support. 

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:brb:   A great place where we can all speak our minds and be accepted 



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Favorite Favorite Artist  Bae Doona, Moon Chae Won, Gong Hyo Jin, Cho Seung Woo, Jang Hyuk,, Jo In Sung,  Gong Yoo

Drama watching now: Plot Love,  Chimera ,The Psychologist, Always have,Always will , Show Windows: Queens House

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