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Tea and Coffee Party

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Calling all of the Tea Lovers and Coffee Lovers out there!!!


Let's talk about your favorite blends of teas & coffees

Of course it include your fav Bubble Tea (since there is tea in Bubble Tea, isn't it?)

Also some tea or coffee flavored sweets as well

Pictures of your cup of tea or coffee of the day is encouraged




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@OsmanthusTea my new not so new friend, hi! lols... 


My fav teas :

TWG 1837 & Ehm Silver Moon, I think Silver Moon is the most memorable tea flavour I've ever tried my whole life. It's very fragrant. @abnoch


My fav cofee 

Maxim korean coffee. Those famous in k-drama with yellow color sticks. The sweetness is just perfect for me. 


Recently, I switched to teas more, cos coffee make my heartbeat a bit too fast. 


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Well, if from TWG my fav are:


Kwai Flower Superior

Semi-oxidised, large-leaf TWG Tea delicately blended with the pollen of Osmanthus Blossoms gives a bright, golden-yellow cup. Mild and subtle, it yields an incredibly aromatic fragrance of ripe Tuscan peaches.


Celebration Tea

Rare white tea leaves are intricately handcrafted into a bouquet with blossoms of Orange Lily and Osmanthus. Delicious and easy on the eyes.....




I love flower tea but not the ones blended with spices. Spices are great with meats but tea.....nope....




Of course Nescafe counts...haha....Even kopi o also fine.....😎


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Huuuge tea addict here! 🙂 


My favourite tea has to be Turkish (apple) tea.


This is basically very strong black tea (stronger than most types of coffee) + strong apple flavouring (in many cases - which I prefer - with small chunks of apple in it). Sometimes lemon/lime, pomegranate, hibiscus is added too. 

I never drink any tea with sugar but I drink the Turkish (apple or not) with 1 or 2 sugar cubes - it is too strong for me otherwise.


Super healthy choice, by the way! Rumoured to help with digestion problems and weight loss (both I struggle with).

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I don't think I have a favorite coffee. I usually buy a new brand every time I run out; however, I do not really like any of the coffee from Starbucks. Haha!


In terms of tea, right now I'm drinking a lot of Pukka's Supreme Matcha Green. I received a couple of boxes for my birthday a few months ago so I'm working on drinking them all. 😃

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8 minutes ago, Mouse said:

@abs-oluteM I didn't think bubble tea was considered high end since it's so common! 🤪

Noo bubble tea is definitely not high end . It’s high sugar 😝...But I’m an addict . Love  the soft pearls . 
I was teasing @SilverMoonTea @OsmanthusTea for their high end recommendations of TWG tea. 

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Talking about high end tea, the one I encountered in Purple Cane Tea Shop in Mid Valley KL was much more expensive. Their pure white cost almost RM 1000 for 100 gram and some on the shelves cost more.



I drink mostly green tea except matcha. Sencha and genmaicha are my fav Japanese teas although I prefer Chinese tea rather than Japanese tea. Japanese tea has a very “raw” and grassy tastes that made me feel like I am drinking fresh grass juice directly from the the meadow....😅 



#HighFive for Tea Addict fellow!!
I have never tried Turkish Tea before but it sounds very delicious. I do know that Turkish and MidEast teas are drank with plenty of sugar. Arabian even drink their with sugar cube in between their teeth.



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I am a coffee drinker but I am not picky, black, white, filter, 3-in-1, give me the caffeine! Depending on my mood / need for sugar, I will drink it different ways.


I am currently drinking Kanu Coffee. Disclaimer: I did not buy it for Gong Yoo but kind of disappointed he wasn't on the packaging. Mornings would have been a bit brighter! This coffee is decent, not sweet and much smoother than your other regular coffee sachets




Tea is not my cup of tea. Hurhur! But I love browsing the aisles and buying different flavours when the feeling strikes. Currently, ginger tea is my tea of choice to help with cramps.


@TiNaDo I love Turkish Apple Tea when I tried it there! It's so good when it's warm, so comforting!

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51 minutes ago, im0202 said:

@wallflowersforjane I have a box of Kanu coffee too! Bought a big one last year from Korea. I'm loving the Double shot Latte one. Beats all the Nescafe versions we have IMO.


Hahaha! @mademoisellesia was just saying on Discord how she bought it in Myeongdong and she doesn't even drink coffee! The power of Gong Yoo! Yes, I bought the double shot latte version too! I just bought some Japanese coffee from Donki and it's really not as good as Kanu. I am going to need to get more soon.


33 minutes ago, Lynne said:

Anyway.. coming to this lounge makes me crave for bubble tea... I’m gonna order one! 


This is a dangerous thread right? 


tenor.gif [Maybe it needs a warning @OsmanthusTea]

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